19 Best Kajabi Email Templates

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Kajabi has created 19 easy-to-use templates to streamline your site’s email campaign.

Each template demonstrates careful design with a specific purpose in mind, from event announcements and new product showcases to subscription confirmation emails.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi offers 19 email templates.
  • Kajabi email templates can be easily customized with a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Custom email templates can be created from scratch.
Kajabi Email Templates

19 Best Kajabi Email Templates

The email marketing functionality is one of our favorite features of Kajabi.

You can send unlimited emails on the Basic and Growth Plans, and the Pro Plan will allow you to send a total of up to 2,000,000 emails per month to up to 100,000 contacts.

Below, we look at these 19 customizable templates and how you can use them.

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Simple Letter

This simple letter style template is perfect for any lengthy emails. 

It is the ideal template to welcome new subscribers to your site or convey vital information to your students.

Showcase a Product Template

Introduce new products to potential customers with this exciting template. 

Add a photo or video of the product, a description, and link the button to the Product Page. 

Use this template to start moving products and excite your audience.

Announcement Template

Announce a new event, pre-recorded webinar, or live broadcast. This template features a timer that counts down to the actual event.

The button directs customers to the event registration page.

Remind users who have already signed up for an event by customizing the template.

Newsletter Template

Send newsletters to your client base about new products, content, or any news. 

This template gives you the freedom to add multiple images and branding.

Blog Post Template

Share your latest blog post and articles by adding relevant images and text excerpts. 

Channel your readers to the posting page by adding a customizable “Read More” button.

Share Knowledge

The Share Knowledge template is perfect for highlighting product features. 

It works well to emphasize the key points and benefits of your courses and webinars.

The “Get Started” button will funnel potential clients to the product or course registration page.

Share Knowledge 1


The beautiful Ballast template allows you to incorporate sharp images and videos with a minimalist design.


The Boardwell template is a visually striking template that is easy to use. 

Include various digital content in your newsletters from blog posts, interviews, and webinars.

Boardwell 1


Send a warm and welcoming email to a new subscriber. 

Convey your sincerest appreciation with the Bridge template.

Bridge 1


The Brush template pulls attention to the well-defined and emphatic header. 

Use it to make a bold statement or to announce your next big event.

Brush 1


Advertise your business’ mobile app with the customizable Climb template.

Climb 1


Send content updates and news with the cleverly designed Mocha Template.

Mocha 1


Myriad is a template that works well for a wide variety of purposes. 

Advertise new courses and promotional items. 

This colorful template will catch the attention of new customers.

Myriad 1


The Slice template is a cheerful thank you mailer that can be sent out automatically for new subscribers.

Slice 1


Squiggles is a simple template that keeps the user’s focus where it needs to be – on your content.



Catch your target audience’s attention with the Stem template. 

It’s a visual-based framework that incorporates videos and images.



The Strum template is perfect for sending out product or course promotions. The content is mostly image and video-based.



Timber is a newsletter email template with a woodsy outdoor feel. 

Use it to keep in regular contact with your subscribers.



Send out a referral to your subscribers with the Referral template. 

You can add custom links and add coupon codes if you’re an affiliate.

Make a Referral

Creating a Custom Kajabi Email Template

Type of Email Campaign

You can create up to 25 custom Kajabi email templates using their Email Visual Editor.

You’ll have to ability to add and customize text, images, buttons, logos, videos, countdown timers, social icons, announcements, dividers, and more.

  1. You can begin creating a custom Kajabi email template by navigating to the “Marketing” tab in your “Dashboard”;
  2. Hit “+ New Email Campaign.”;
  3. Select type of email campaign (broadcast or sequence);
  4. Select a starting template (choose a template that looks the closest to what you’re trying to create – this will save you time);
  5. Click the “Get Started” button and add a “Title”;
  6. You can select recipients at this stage, or directly go to the “2. Edit content” tab;
  7. Click “Edit content”;
  8. You now have the ability to remove sections you don’t need and customize the template to your needs.

Bottom Line

Kajabi has simplified the task of creating marketing emails and eliminated the tedium of the associated processes. 

That simplification frees you to focus on creating striking and attention-grabbing content, and this freedom means that Kajabi will help you spend less time on technical design and more time building your business.

If Kajabi’s email templates aren’t enough, there are ways to integrate Kajabi with tools such as Mailchimp that entirely focus on email marketing.


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