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One criticism people have about Kajabi is the price.

Kajabi offers a standard 14-day trial, but you can also get an extended 28-day, 30-day, or even 45-day free trial. Click here to view the current offer.

Hit the button below to find out the best Kajabi free trial option available right now.

We’ve spent hours researching all of the available options, and this article presents every single Kajabi free trial option.

It’s straightforward to take advantage of the extended trial by following the instructions below.

Kajabi Free Trial Options

Here are some of the best ways to get an extended Kajabi trial. 

Think It, Build It

Kajabi’s Think It, Build It challenge includes an extended 30 day free trial.

Updated: This is no longer available. Click here to find the best alternative.

28-Day Free Trial

Kajabi typically offers just a 14-day trial. However, there is a particular way you can get an extended 28-day trial. That’s right – you get two more full weeks to experiments with the platform before making a financial commitment. The 28-day trial has the same capabilities as the 14-day trial, and you get more time to start building your business.

As is the case with the 14-day trial, the 28-day trial will continue directly into your subscription when the trial period is over. That way, you experience no lapse in your coverage while switching over.  

Claim Kajabi 28-Day Free Trial in 5 Steps

    1. Take advantage of the amazing 28-day offer here.
    2. Sign up for Kajabi’s free trial
    3. Enter in your credit card and payment information
    4. Start building, marketing, and selling courses, all for free
    5. When the 28 days are over, decide if you want to continue with the plan

Updated: This is no longer available. Click here to find the best alternative.

28-Day Challenge

One method for obtaining a free 28-day trial of Kajabi is to sign up for the 28-day Kajabi Hero Challenge.

The Kajabi Hero Challenge is a 28-day long crash course made by Kajabi’s creator, designed to familiarize you with the platform. The goal of the Challenge is to walk you through every aspect of running an online business with Kajabi and go from creating your first product to making that important first sale—all within 28 days. 

The 28-day Hero Challenge is different from the free trial because the 28-day challenge also includes free training.

You get access to education documents and videos that teach you the fundamentals of selling and marketing online courses. Once you finish with the 28-Day Kajabi Hero Challenge, you will be well on your way to making your first $1,000 on the platform and becoming a Kajabi Hero. 

Get access to Kajabi 28-Day Challenge in 5 Steps:

    1. Sign up for the Challenge here
    2. Create an account and enter in your payment info
    3. Follow each week of lessons/instructions
    4. Make your first sale
    5. Continues with the platform after

If you do not decide to continue with the platform, you walk away without spending a single dime. 

Updated: This is no longer available. Click here to find the best alternative.

30-Day Free Trial

Updated: Kajabi just brought back one of their most popular offers – an extended 30-day free trial. Click here to take advantage of this amazing limited time offer.

Kajabi’s 30-day trial has been reduced to 28-day. The reason is that 28 days neatly falls into four weeks, a nice round figure, and a perfect timeframe for the 28-day Kajabi Hero.

The 28-day trial also has a condensed timeframe so you can get to selling your courses quicker.

Follow these Steps & Get Kajabi 30-Day Free Trial:

    1. Click here to take advantage of Kajabi’s new offer
    2. Sign up for the 28-day trial (notice it’s 28 days instead of 30)
    3. Experiment with the platform
    4. Decide to continue or cancel your plan after the trial

Updated: This is no longer available. Click here to find the best alternative.

How to Register for an Extended Kajabi Free Trial

Registering for the 28-Day Hero Challenge is probably the simplest way to get a great Kajabi free trial.

You get four weeks of access to the platform and have absolutely no contract or commitment to hold to.

If you are not satisfied with your experience after the trial, you can drop your subscription without paying a single cent.

Even if you don’t stick with the platform, you get all that training and knowledge for free. 

Here is How You Can Access Kajabi Extended Free Trial

  1. Select one of the offers above, or click here for Kajabi’s latest offer
  2. Create an account and enter your payment info
  3. Enjoy your 28-day extended trial

Updated: This is no longer available. Click here to find the best alternative.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you cancel your free trial before it ends, you won’t pay a cent. However, even if you continue with the platform, you can still get your money back if you change your mind later. 

If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of making your first payment, Kajabi will refund you your entire purchase. No strings attached and no conditions; you get every penny back. So if you change your mind later, there is no worry. 

How to Cancel Your Free Trial in Kajabi

Canceling your free Kajabi trial is the same as canceling a regular subscription. You can cancel anytime you want, directly from the Kajabi dashboard. 

Here is how to cancel your account:

    1. Open the Settings tabs from the dashboard
    2. Select Billing from the Account Settings section
    3. Scroll to Plan Details
    4. Click on Please cancel my account

Once you cancel your subscription, all future payments will be canceled. Your site will become inactive after the most recent billing cycle completes. 

If you want to take a break from Kajabi but don’t want to cancel your account, you can pause your account by ‘Parking’ it. Parking your account costs $29/month.  

How to Get a Kajabi Refund?

  1. Log in and click on Settings (bottom left of the screen)
  2. Under Account Settings, click on Billing
  3. Scroll down to Plan Details
  4. You’ll now see a red “Please cancel my account” link. Click on this link to cancel your free trial.
  5. That’s it. You can now explore Kajabi alternatives.

If you make a payment but are not satisfied with Kajabi, then you can cancel your account within 30 days and get your money back. Keep in mind that this refund only applies to the first month of payments. If you make a payment for your second month or further then cancel your account, you won’t get a refund for any of those later months. 

If you cancel your Kajabi subscription, your money should be automatically refunded in the format you used to pay it. If you experience problems with getting your refund, you can contact billing services at billing@kajabi.com.

Bottom Line

Free trials are a great way to get your hands on products to see if they are right for you. Now you can get a special 28-day extended free trial for Kajabi by signing up for an extended trial or signing up for the 28-Day Kajabi Hero Challenge. Whichever option you choose, you get access to a month’s worth of Kajabi, totally free of charge. 

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