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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

All Kajabi offers and web pages can be white-labeled. Therefore, you are able to remove the Kajabi branding and add your own.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi allows you to white-label the platform on its Growth and Pro plans
  • Add your own branding in a few clicks

Can You White-Label Kajabi?

White-labeling Kajabi is possible, in the sense that you can remove the Kajabi branding from web pages and offers and add your own logo and brand colors instead.

However, the Kajabi platform itself cannot be white-labeled. In other words, you cannot add your logo to Kajabi and sell it as a SaaS.

The Benefits of White-Labeling Kajabi

Removing the Kajabi logo and adding your own branding is advantageous because it increases your visibility online. If you have an easily identifiable brand, customers and clients will better recognize you, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Strong branding also increases consumer trust, builds credibility, and allows you to remain consistent across all platforms that you use.

How to White-Label Kajabi (Step by Step)

To remove the “Powered by Kajabi” logo and add your own branding, all you need to do is follow a few quick steps.

How to White-Label Kajabi
  1. Log in to your Kajabi account. Click on Settings and select Site Details.
your Kajabi account
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Kajabi Branding. Toggle the “Powered by Kajabi” branding switch to the off position. This removes the Kajabi branding from all your web pages.
Powered by Kajabi
  1. Scroll back up the page until you see Branding. This is where you can add your brand logo, custom color palette, and site favicon.

Once you have added and selected everything you need, hit Save.

Now your logo and branding will appear on all your Kajabi web pages and offers and there will be no indication they have been created in or come from the Kajabi platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Kajabi web pages and offers can be white-labeled. Therefore, anything you create within the platform can be personalized with your own branding.

You cannot sell the Kajabi platform to clients, as it is unavailable as a SaaS. Instead, you can create web pages and offers using the Kajabi platform, remove the Kajabi branding, and add your own.

You must be subscribed to the Growth, or Pro plans to remove the “Powered by Kajabi” branding and add your own logo. This feature is not available on the Basic plan.

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