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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Order bumps and upsells are offers advertised to customers online. 

They are used on Kajabi to add value to a purchase. 

Not only are they a great way to enhance your sales, but they can also help to improve customer satisfaction. 

Order bump offers are made before the customer completes a purchase and appear on the checkout page of Kajabi.

Upsells will appear after the customer has made their purchase.

Key Takeaways:

  • An upsell is a promotion offered as soon as the customer checks out on Kajabi
  • An order bump is a promotion offered to the customer before they checkout. On Kajabi, it is displayed on the checkout page
  • Upsells and order bumps are ways to increase revenue

Differences Between an Upsell and an Order Bump on Kajabi

On Kajabi, an order bump is offered on the product checkout page.

An upsell is shown after your customer has made their initial purchase.

An order bump should be a low-priced offer, considered an add-on to the purchase they are making, or something that will benefit the existing purchase.

After the customer has checked out, an upsell can advertise another product. This is usually more expensive than an order bump.

What is an Upsell and a Downsell in Kajabi?

An upsell is the first offer your customer is presented with after they checkout.

If your customer declines your upsell offer, you can present a downsell offer instead. A downsell gives you another chance to offer your customer a product and make a further sale.

Downsell offers are discounted products or cheaper alternatives to the upsell.

Why Should I Use Kajabi Upsells and Downsells?

Upsells and downsells are easy to add and manage on Kajabi and an excellent way to increase revenue and improve your customer’s experience.

As upsells and downsells are presented after your customer has made a purchase from you, you know they are in a spending mood and possibly inclined to buy more. You also know what they have purchased and can customize the offer presented.

Kajabi Upsell Example

The product you sell will determine the kind of offer you can make with the upsell. What’s essential is that the upsell is relevant to the initial purchase. Here are some examples:

Exercise and Nutrition Website

Imagine you run an exercise and nutrition site on Kajabi, and your customer purchases an eight-week exercise program for weight loss. A natural upsell would be an eight-week nutrition program for weight loss. The two complement each other, and the customer can use them together.

Writing Courses

If your customer purchases a creative writing course, an idea for an upsell could be a how to get published course. Someone who has bought a writing course on Kajabi may be interested in publishing and selling their books, so this could be a valuable upsell.

Online Cooking Course

If a customer bought a learn to cook course from your Kajabi website, you could upsell a private 30-minute Q+A session where the customer can ask any cooking-related questions.

How to Create a Kajabi Upsell:

Create a Kajabi Upsell:
  1. Go to the Offers Dashboard and select the Main Offer you want to add the Upsell Offer to
  2. Select the Upsells tab and click Get Started
  3. Select the Upsell Offer from the dropdown menu
  4. Customize the details, including the Title, Description, Purchase Button text, and optional Video
  5. Click Add Upsell
  6. Change your Upsell to Active

How to Remove a Kajabi Upsell:

  1. Click on the Sales tab
  2. Open Offers
  3. Locate the Main Offer with the Upsell Offer you want to remove
  4. Find the Upsell tab on the Offer page
  5. Click the ‘…’ next to the Upsell
  6. Press Remove to delete it

What is an Order Bump on Kajabi? 

Order Bump

An order bump is an offer advertised before checkout. On Kajabi, it is on the checkout form.

They are a small add-on offered to customers to enhance their experience and increase revenue.

An order bump should be a low value extra. It shouldn’t require much thinking power from the customer and be relevant to the purchase.

Why Should I Use Kajabi Order Bumps?

Order bumps help improve a transaction’s value and maximize profit. 

You can customize order bumps to be relevant to the product the customer is purchasing. Adding, removing, and editing them is made easy in Kajabi.

Kajabi Order Bump Examples

An order bump should be a low-value product that enhances your selling product. Let’s look at how it could be used:

Productivity and Time Management Course

If you’re selling a productivity course, your client may benefit from a downloadable planner. This simple and cheap order bump idea will help to improve the client’s experience on your course and boost your revenue.

Baby Sleep Training Coach

Parents doing a sleep training course may be interested in joining an exclusive community of other parents having the same problems. Offering a community page or hub as an order bump is a low-cost way to improve your revenue and customer satisfaction.

Yoga Guide

A customer purchasing a beginner’s guide to yoga may also be interested in an introduction to meditation. Offering mini taster courses will show customers your other products. Taster courses can be brilliant for repeat customers. Many will return to purchase the entire meditation course.

How to Create a Kajabi Order Bump:

  1. Click on Sales
  2. Select the Main Offer to which you want to add the Order Bump Offer
  3. Press Edit Checkout
  4. Click on Order Bump and select the Order Bump Offer from the dropdown menu
  5. Customize the details
  6. Click save to add

How to Remove a Kajabi Order Bump:

  1. Find the Main Offer, open Edit Checkout, and select Order Bump
  2. Click the x next to the title of the Order Bump Offer you want to remove

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kajabi Have an Order Bump?

Yes, on Kajabi, you can create an order bump on the customer checkout page.

How Do Upsells Work on Kajabi?

Upsells appear after a customer has made a purchase from you. They are a great way to advertise other products that may be relevant to the purchase your customer has just made.

The upsell page appears after the checkout page and before the create an account page.

How Many Upsells Can You Have on Kajabi?

Kajabi allows ten upsells. However, we recommend using between 2-3.

Are Kajabi Upsells and Order Bumps Processed as One Transaction?

No, Kajabi processes them as separate transactions.

Bottom Line

Upsells, downsells, and order bumps are fantastic ways to give your customers the best experience on your website and generate extra sales. Make sure you utilize all the additional selling features Kajabi offers to make the most of your online business.

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