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The point of the Kajabi Hero program is to incentivize the use of the platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anyone that subscribes to Kajabi is a Kajabi Hero;
  • Prizes are awarded for reaching certain revenue milestones by selling products through Kajabi;
  • The first milestone is $1K and the final milestone is $1 million;
  • Prizes vary from a t-shirt to Apple AirPods, or a jacket depending on the milestone reached;
  • The Kajabi Hero Challenge is a 4-week crash course designed to help users build a road map to a successful business.
Kajabi Hero

do you want to succeed in the new creator economy?

Transform your knowledge into a profitable business with our help.

What Is a Kajabi Hero?

Technically, any Kajabi user is a Kajabi Hero! Or at least, any Kajabi user has the potential to be one.

Kajabi Heroes are users of the platform that have reached certain revenue milestones selling products through their online business.

Users can enroll in the program once they make their first $1K selling digital products using the Kajabi platform.

The more revenue your online business generates, the higher level Hero you become.

Kajabi Heroes receive prizes and gifts as a thank you for all their hard work.

Best of all, the Kajabi Hero program is completely free and you do not need to pay anything to access the free rewards.

The Kajabi Hero program is an excellent rewards program meant to incentivize entrepreneurs to build their businesses using the Kajabi platform and tools.

Kajabi offers its Heroes an attractive system of reward levels and prizes to encourage people to create digital products and to take the next step to build their online course brand. 

What Do Kajabi Heroes Get?


Those who have made $1K using the Kajabi platform are well on their way to Hero status.

The $1K milestone marks the first level of the Kajabi Hero program. $1K Heroes will receive:

  • $1K Achievement Pin
  • #KajabiHero T-Shirt
  • #KajabiHero Lanyard

$1K’ers get some nice swag to show off their Kajabi gains and get a taste of what is to come. 

1k Kajabi Hero


The next level of the Hero program is hitting $10K in revenue.

Those in the $10K club have demonstrated they have what it takes to make their online business grow.

At this level, the next step is to plan your next big move. Prizes awarded at the $10K level include:

  • $10K Achievement Pin
  • #KajabiHero Journal

The Hero Journal is meant to help business owners expand their plans going into the future. 

10k Kajabi Hero


The $50K Hero is the next level in the rewards program.

By $50K in revenue, your digital business has built enough momentum to rocket you to new heights.

Achieving the $50K Heroes get access to:

  • $50K Achievement Pin
  • #KajabiHero Moscow Mule Mug

By $50K, things are really heating up for your website, enough to rocket you to the next Hero level…

50k Kajabi Hero


By $100K in revenue, you are playing with the big boys.

You have shown that your business has what it takes to be a top contender in the digital product marketplace.

If you have made it to this level, give yourself a pat on the back., you need the recognition. $100K rewards include:

  • $100K Achievement Pin 
  • Choice between #KajabiHero Corkcicle Water Bottle, #KajabiHero Towel, or #KajabiHero Jacket 
100k Kajabi Hero


At the $250K mark, you have distinguished yourself as among the elite.

All those days managing email and making sure each product is perfect have really paid off.

After a quarter million in sales, Kajabi Heros get:

  • $250K Achievement Pin
  • Embroidered #KajabiHero Backpack

At this point, you have everything you need to get your online business into the circle of the best.

250k Kajabi Hero


The $500K Kajabi Hero is a force to be reckoned with.

Kajabi Heroes that have hit the half-million mark are the absolute best that Kajabi has to offer and have shown they know how to build online course listings. $500K Heroes get access to:

  • Bronze $500L Achievement Pin
  • #KajabiHero Airpods

Now that you hit $500K, how far can you go? Can you make it all the way?

500k Kajabi Hero

$1 Million

The $1 million level is the best and highest current level in the Kajabi Hero program.

Those who hit the $1 Million are the biggest Kajabi Heroes and have proven themselves to be the ultimate business owner.

Here’s what you get when you make it all the way to the $1 million level:

  • $1 Million Achievement Pin
  • #KajabiHero Down Jacket
  • A handwritten personal note from the CEO
1m Kajabi Hero

What Is a Kajabi Hero Challenge?

Kajabi understands how hard it can be to get your online brand up and running in today’s competitive market.

Kajabi’s Hero Challenge is their effort to help their clients stand out in the digital sphere.

This intensive program covers the basics of creating, marketing and selling your online product and promises to help you net your first sale within 28 days. 

The Kajabi Hero Challenge teaches you fundamentals about the online course industry.

You will learn how to define your niche, create your products, find leads, and create an unique branding that stands out. 

The Hero Challenge is a proven strategy to help members become Kajabi Heroes—members who have made over $1,000 selling digital products with the platform. 

Kajabi Heroes

Week 1 – Build Your Opt-in Pipeline

The first week of the challenge is all about building the basis of your brand, including defining your niche and creating your first opt-in pipelines.

You will also learn how to monetize your expenses and how to capture your first leads.

By the end of the first week, you should have a working understanding of the structure of your business and have a functioning email list.

Week 2 – Create Your Online Course

Week 2 of the challenge is all about creating your first online course.

Courses will form the backbone of your business and week 2 is all about how to create courses that are engaging, professionally produced and integrated with the platform.

You will go through the basics of course creation and how to make and upload video tutorials.

By the end of week 2, you will have your first working digital product and be ready to start making sales. 

Week 3 – Market & Sell Your Course

Week 3 is all about taking that course you spent last week making and marketing it.

In week 3, you will learn all about pricing your products, creating promotional offers, making landing pages, customizing sales copy and how to set up an email marketing campaign.

By the end of week 3, you will have a complete marketing plan for your courses.

Week 4 – Build Your Website

Week 4 is centered around putting the finishing touches on your website and covering some fundamentals of content creation.

You will learn how to create premium content, ideas for blog post topics, and how to use social media to grow your contact list.

You will also learn more about the Kajabi website builder and how to create an enticing and engaging page that will attract and retain visitors.

By the end of week 4, you will have completed the challenge and be on the right track to becoming a Kajabi Hero.

Kajabi Heroes


Kajabi is a powerful all-in-one business platform with tools for creating, marketing, and selling digital products.

Using Kajabi, you have everything you need to create your course, build your website, manage your email list, find the right aesthetic, for your product.

Kajabi is the perfect atmosphere to help your course business grow to be the best it can be.

The Kajabi Hero program is dedicated to those Kajabi users who go the extra mile and achieve success with their course website.

Now you too can get started on your path to becoming a Kajabi Hero.

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