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A safe and smooth checkout and payment process are crucial for high conversion rates.

Kajabi offers seamless integration of Stripe and PayPal, as well as third-party payment gateway integration. Stripe and PayPal both charge competitive fees and are available in many countries.

At the same time, third-party payment gateway integrations are possible in many countries that are not currently supported by either of these two big players. 

Kajabi Payment Gateways

3 Payment Options & Gateways in Kajabi

1. Stripe

Stripe is an online payment system that integrates with your Kajabi site. It is reliable, safe to use, and takes care of banking integration, so you don’t have to. Depending on the country from which your clients are paying, Stripe does charge a nominal fee. Stripe is continuously increasing the number of countries which they support. To find out if your country can do business using Stripe, click here.

2. PayPal

PayPal has been around since the late 1990s and is the de facto standard when it comes to online payments. PayPal has made it possible for many online professionals and businesses to make a living. PayPal did this by successfully making credit cards and conventional banking methods usable online. PayPal is available in many countries and supports a wide variety of currencies. It offers competitive fees for buying, selling, or transferring money from your personal and business accounts.

3. Other Payment Options

Kajabi integrates seamlessly with either Stripe or PayPal. However, if these two platforms don’t support your country, you can add a third-party payment gateway. The Payments Gateway by Region will show the available gateways supported in your country.

After selecting the appropriate payment gateway, you must connect it to a checkout cart and payment processor. The most popular include:

  •       Shopify
  •       Samcart
  •       WooCommerce
  •       Magento

Now, we need to integrate the combination of payment gateway and checkout cart with your Kajabi site. This integration can make use of Webhook URLs or Zapier triggers

Bottom Line

The quality of checkout and payment integration on any online site determines, to a great extent, the user’s experience. Kajabi makes it possible to integrate two of the most popular payment gateways smoothly. Stripe and, especially, PayPal charge competitive fees and are available to users in many countries. 

Although most will be able to make use of Stripe and PayPal, users in unsupported countries face a challenge. However, Kajabi makes it possible to integrate your favorite payment gateway through Zapier and Webhook URLs.

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Samuel Fletcher
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