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There are multiple New Zenler website examples that convey the messages of each brand clearly.

We have picked out the best five to show you what a completed New Zenler website looks like and what functions it demonstrates.

We’ll dive deeper into each website and how New Zenler has contributed to the efficacy of each one. 

New Zenler Website Examples

Key Takeaways:

  • Website 1, Darice Klein, uses video playlists, which demonstrates the New Zenler unlimited videos function
  • Website 2, for Fourth Street Farm is a great representation of clear course page funnel visualization, which demonstrates New Zenler’s marketing funnels function
  • Website 3, for Carnelian Moon Publishing is an excellent example of a clearly organized service categories, which demonstrates New Zenler’s course category function
  • Website 4, Dad the Coach, shows a well-organized landing page that demonstrates New Zenler’s simple yet effective marketing funnels
  • Website 5, Day Dreams to Dream Days, is another stellar example of New Zenler’s marketing funnels feature

5 Best New Zenler Website Examples

New Zenler Example - Darice Klein

1. Darice Klein

The Darice Klein website is centered around yoga, meditation and wellness. The founder, Darice Klein, is a mentor and certified practitioner in both fields and offers live classes, guided meditation, and virtual mentoring sessions. 

New Zenler’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Opt-in form
  • Videos
  • Blog 
  • The versatility of the page editor 

The opt-in form presents itself right when you head into the site.

It already gives the users the feeling of getting something for their time (a meditation guide) and is excellent for Darice to collect user information such as emails.

The unlimited videos feature of New Zenler also comes into play. After clicking the “Flow With Me” tab, we can see that Darice uses the videos to create playlists, an excellent accompaniment to daily meditation. 

Although there are no blog posts yet, Darice has used New Zenler’s blog feature to her advantage, which can serve as a resource center for her clients later on.

The website is also very clearly organized and customized, which is a testament to New Zenler’s simple drag-and-drop design elements.

New Zenler Example - Farm

2. Fourth Street Farm

If you want to cultivate your garden, gain more knowledge, or need help in the area, Fourth Street Farm will come to your aid.

The website is in the gardening niche, but more specifically, backyard harvesting.

From setting up your bountiful garden to learning how to maintain and care for it, Fourth Street Farm has the resources for you.

New Zenler’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Blog
  • Help widget with pop-up
  • Service categories 

The blog feature is something that can increase SEO and funnel traffic to your site from another channel with keywords and links.

It also serves as a useful knowledge base where customers and clients can find answers to their questions. 

You can also see a helpful speech bubble widget on the bottom right-hand corner, which prompts a pop-up when clicked.

This is where Fourth Street Farm condenses its services and information onto one page that makes it easier to navigate.

New Zenler Example - Moon

3. Carnelian Moon Publishing 

Carnelian Moon Publishing’s website gets the message across very clearly. It is a site in the publishing niche that offers a full range of services to authors.

You can turn to them for services such as cover design, marketing expertise, and developing a web presence. 

New Zenler’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Marketing funnel 
  • Button design
  • Blog

The landing page is a straightforward marketing funnel, with messages welcoming visitors, a text block of encouragement, then more blocks stating what Carnelian Moon can do for them and the services it offers.

The simple drag-and-drop editor from New Zenler was used in abundance here as we can see and every block has a button with a call-to-action. 

Lastly, the site includes a blog with helpful resources for authors and a podcast to shine a spotlight on authors in the community. 

New Zenler Example - Dad The Coach

4. Dad the Coach

The Dad the Coach website takes simplicity to another level, which is the purpose of marketing funnels.

Dad the Coach is a website in the athletics and sporting niche that offers youth football (soccer) coaching services.

New Zenler’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Marketing funnel 
  • Downloadable content 
  • Videos

A bare-bones website isn’t always a bad thing.

Sometimes the simplicity of a site and no distractions will have a better conversion rate as potential clients and customers won’t get lost in the process.

This is all thanks to the marketing funnels of New Zenler.

Dad the Coach also offers downloadable content in the form of a PDF and a very clear video tutorial for a passing and pressing drill you can view on the site.

New Zenler Example - Day Dreams

5. Day Dreams to Dream Days 

Day Dreams to Dream Days is the brainchild of Rama, who makes it her life’s mission to help work-at-home mompreneurs, as she put it in her own words, to organize their lives to become more organized, less stressed, and happier in general. 

New Zenler’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Marketing funnel 
  • Design blocks 
  • Button styles  

The Day Dreams to Dream Days is another stellar example of New Zenler’s marketing funnel in action.

Each design block on the page lists out what the site and its services can provide for the users, what their purchase will include, a favorable introduction to Rama, and a very clear and large “Join Now” button.

Bottom Line

There are ways a New Zenler site can turn out, and the platform makes it possible to customize the look and tailor the features and functions so your website can best represent what you’re providing.

Whether it’s courses, services or both, the five example websites above can give you a good idea of what New Zenler can do for you.

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