What Is New Zenler?

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New Zenler is a platform that provides you with all the required tools to create, market, and sell learning products online. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Plans start from $67/month and a limited free plan is also available
  • New Zenler lets you create courses, coaching products, communities, live webinars, and more
  • The platform is currently in beta mode and hasn’t fully launched yet

What Is New Zenler Used for?

New Zenler (also known simply as “Zenler”) is an all-in-one course creation platform that provides all the tools necessary to build learning products such as courses and communities. 

Additionally, the platform equips you with marketing and sales features such as funnels, email broadcasting, and a site builder.

Who Is New Zenler Best for?

Who Is New Zenler Best for?

New Zenler is aimed at anyone who wants to monetize their knowledge or skills and sell learning products online.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses that want to create courses or grow a community will benefit from using this platform’s features.

We also feel that New Zenler is a particularly good option for coaches. The platform has really focused on developing its “live” feature offering and provides a diverse number of streaming tools, perfect for anyone who wants to run live sessions with clients.

What Can New Zenler Do?

Create and Sell Learning Products

Create and Sell Learning Products

New Zenler’s top feature is its ability to create diverse and engaging courses. No matter which paid New Zenler plan you have, you can create unlimited numbers of them with unlimited students.

What Can New Zenler Do?

Build your curriculum and add elements such as videos, audio files, surveys, and multiple document types. There is also the option to add a live element to your course, allowing you to create hybrid products that contain both online learning and live coaching. 

Build Communities

Build Communities

New Zenler can also be used for building an audience. For this, you can take advantage of its community feature. With live chat and events, conversation feeds, and other engagement tools, there is plenty available to create an attentive audience.

Like the course feature, New Zenler lets you create unlimited communities.

Create Funnels and Web Pages

Create Funnels and Web Pages

To help you sell your newly created learning products, New Zenler also provides promotion tools.

You get a full-funnel building feature, with a number of available pre-built templates, an email broadcasting tool, and a site builder. 

One thing we really like is New Zenler’s ability to automatically handle sales tax. This makes selling your offers easier and allows you to reach a global customer base without any added complications.

Run Live Sessions and Webinars

Run Live Sessions and Webinars

This is where coaches will take a keen interest! 

There is an entire “live” feature on the platform offering a native calendar and booking tool. Then you have separate features for running live classes, live webinars, live interactive webinars, and straightforward live streaming.

If “going live” is your thing, this is one of the most comprehensive feature sets we’ve seen in this area so far.

What Does New Zenler Beta Mode Mean?

What Does New Zenler Beta Mode Mean?

As we have mentioned, Zew Zenler is in beta mode. This means that the platform has gone through the in-house alpha stage of testing and is now available for “real-world” testing with a large number of users.

Those who sign up to New Zenler now are considered “founding members” and can take advantage of reduced pricing. The downside is that users may experience bugs or platform changes due to its beta status.

Is New Zenler Worth It?

Build Communities

Since we started taking an interest in this platform, it has improved considerably, and new features have been added, so it would appear that New Zenler is working hard and listening to its existing user base.

Overall, New Zenler looks promising and may eventually rise to be a contender for Kajabi and others. Therefore, we say that it’s definitely worth signing up for its free plan and trying it out.

We do wish, however, that New Zenler would offer a free trial on its paid plans. Many of its features – including the entire live feature set – cannot be accessed unless you pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Zenler is a course-building, coaching, and learning product-creation platform, and it provides all the tools you need to build, market, and sell your digital products.

A good reason to use New Zenler is that it gives you everything you need to create, market, and sell learning products for a single subscription price. It also has an impressive live feature set, making it particularly useful for coaches.

If you want to create and sell learning products, you should consider using New Zenler. We recommend signing up for the platform’s free plan and seeing if you like its features before committing to a paid plan.


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