New Zenler Review

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New Zenler is a platform dedicated to course creation, marketing, and delivery with everything you need in between.

New Zenler gives you all the tools to create the course, make it your own with the page designer, and spread the word with its marketing and automation functions.

So let’s take a deep dive into the features of New Zenler, get to know the platform, and decide if it’s right for you. 

new zenler review

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What Is New Zenler?

New Zenler is one of the heavy-hitting platforms for online course creation, delivery, and marketing. However, there is such a thing as too many tools.

For this reason, New Zenler has set out to simplify things for the user by only providing what is necessary and effective. 

Users would start by creating the content for their courses then utilize features such as marketing funnels and automation functions to get the word out and gain traction.

New Zenler then provides quizzes and surveys to help you stay updated on user opinions and progress. 

The New Zenler platform is an excellent option for businesses and individuals looking to create valuable content for everyone.

It also provides an option for those who want to delve deeper on a particular topic with membership sites.

Lastly, you can create an online community for your audience to keep everyone engaged and connected.   

Screenshot 2022 03 03 at 10.17.54

New Zenler at a Glance

To understand the benefits of New Zenler, we’ll analyze the most important features to gain more insight. 

Affordability & Pricing (4.7/5)


Beyond its feature-limited free BETA plan, New Zenler offers the $67/month Pro and $197/month Premium plans (with annual discounts for $53/month and $1470/month).

This  deal only lasts for the pre-release beta period, and then the numbers jump up.

Before you commit to either plan, remember that New Zenler has a free plan to help you learn the lay of the land. 

zenler pricing plans upgrades

User Experience & Ease of Use (4.7/5)


As we highlighted before, New Zenler condensed the features into a few necessary but very effective ones.

New Zenler adopts an easy page builder with a drag-and-drop menu that will welcome even the most inexperienced user.

Even with more limited features, the ease of use for a platform is something we know many users look for, as do we. 

zenler course creation

Sales & Marketing (4.0/5)


As with any online business, sales and marketing remain two of the biggest challenges.

So we’ll be direct and say that New Zenler doesn’t offer every marketing tactic under the sun.

Still, it features high-converting sales funnels and automation features such as email automation with appropriate segmentation. 

new zenler starting dashboard

Design & Customizability (4.9/5)


As we’ve said, New Zenler incorporates a very straightforward page builder with a drag-and-drop menu – one of the easiest ways to customize and design anything.

There is no need for prior coding knowledge because you can drag components around and organize them as you see fit.

In addition, New Zenler offers over 1,000 design blocks you can edit to create a powerful and very visual landing page. 

zenler live site

Customer Support & Training (4.9/5)


New Zenler offers a treasure trove of information users can access from the support portal.

All the information is organized into categories making it easy to locate relevant articles that familiarize users with all platform features.

The chatbot can also help you find what you’re looking for even faster.

You can also open support tickets via the help desk to get real-person aid. 

New Zenler Support

Is New Zenler Worth It? Pros & Cons

From our experience with the platform, New Zenler is well worth it! Simplicity and ease were two considerations the platform took seriously.

Still, we will say New Zenler could improve some aspects. So, we’ll illustrate our points better with a quick pros and cons list.

pros and cons screen

Pros of New Zenler

  • Very easy to use

The platform adopts a drag-and-drop page builder to simplify editing and designing.

  • Offers learning tools

New Zenler provides quizzes and surveys, and assignments to help your audience.

  • A sense of community

As New Zenler lets you set up a community on your site, it further engages students.

  • Many built-in features

You get built-in marketing automation, affiliate programs, and membership sites.

  • Mobile-friendly

We love the platform’s optimization for mobile devices and easy viewing. 

Cons of New Zenler

  • No direct app

You must access the site via browser as there is currently no dedicated mobile app.

  • Learning curve

As you might expect, New Zenler has a slight learning curve for brand-new users. 

New Zenler Key Features

Here, we go into more depth on New Zenler’s offering. Although it’s a relatively new platform, New Zenler has some great features to offer that make it worth trying out, especially since it has a free plan.

key features

Course Creation

This is where the bulk of the magic happens. The course creation feature allows you to create your lessons and add content to support your courses.

We’re talking about videos, PPTs, PDFs, live videos, and downloadable content.

You can then supplement your content with additional features such as surveys and quizzes to monitor student progress. Available features that help you build your course include:

  • Bundle creation
  • Membership sites
  • Adding visual content to lessons
  • Set customized pricing
New Zenler Course Dashboard
Course creation dashboard


New Zenler’s feature set puts marketing front and center. You get email marketing with a long list of automated features, including signups, updates, and auto-messages (for example, to welcome new users).

The designs you choose from for the layout of your page already include optimization for high conversions.

New Zenler focuses marketing on sales funnels of any type. You can create the below types of funnels

  • Webinar
  • Auto-webinar
  • Survey 
  • Virtual summit

It may sound complicated, but you can do all this without prior design knowledge or marketing skills. 

new zenler funnel
Funnel creation in New Zenler

Email Automation

Email automation lets you “set it and forget it” yet stay engaged with your audience.

Choose to send out scheduled emails periodically with a feature that’s already built-in.

From sending drip emails to those new to your site or those who have completed a course, you can send segmented target emails whenever appropriate. 

New Zenler Email Broadcast
Setting up an email broadcast in New Zenler

Page Designer

The page designer in New Zenler deserves a round of applause for its simplicity.

You can let your creative side run free with page customization without the need for a single line of code on your part.

Instead, just click and drag various elements on the page to create a visual masterpiece to showcase the best parts of your service.

The ease of use also extends to pop-ups, which you can also design to fit in with the rest of your site. 

New Zenler Page Editor
New Zenler page editor dashboard


One of the best features offered by New Zenler is hands-down the community you can build for your users.

You can set it up within your site to foster a sense of community, offer more support, and encourage more engagement.

Open discussions, sharing options and questions to boost retention and value to the customer.

There is even a live chatroom option where members can participate in discussions in real-time. 

new zenler community
Adding a Community


The live features in New Zenler really drew us to this platform. The live feature encompasses:

  • Live classes
  • Live webinars
  • Live streams
  • Broadcast lives across platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. 

During these live sessions, you can also integrate:

  • Chat functions
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Breakout rooms
  • File sharing
New Zenler Live
Live class setup

New Zenler Costs Overview

New Zenler Features of Pricing Plans

New Zenler offers two plans, Pro and Premium. In addition, you have the option of paying monthly or committing annually for a discount.

  • Free plan
  • Pro plan – $67 if paid monthly, $647 if paid annually during the beta pre-launch period
  • Premium plan – $197 if paid monthly, $1447 if paid annually for the beta pre-launch period

The more cost-effective plan depends on the scale of your business. Pro offers most of the features you can get with Premium – but at a reduced amount. For example, you gain access to leads, monthly emails, and marketing funnels with both.

  • The Pro plan only gives you 25,000 leads, 100,000 monthly emails, and 100 marketing funnels.
  • Premium offers unlimited leads, 500,000 monthly emails, and unlimited marketing funnels.

Aside from the amount of what you get, one defining difference between the two plans is that Premium has a single sign-on/API, which you do not get in Pro.

Final Thoughts on New Zenler

Out of 5, we give New Zenler a rating of 4.5.

There is no debate about the platform’s user-friendliness, which catapulted it into a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

The prices for either plan are also within our expectations for the industry average.

They come with many helpful features already built-in for those without any experience.

New Zenler doesn’t come in at 5 out of 5 just yet as it is still in the pre-launch beta stage. 

Since New Zenler is constantly making improvements and adding new features, we decided to leave a little wiggle room for a higher rating in the future.


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