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After trying a whole range of webinar software, WebinarJam consistently comes out on top. Compared to other webinar tools, WebinarJam is more user friendly and reliable.

It’s a robust cloud-based streaming platform that supports broadcasting in real-time, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting.

This powerful webinar platform handles up to 5,000 attendees while providing an effortless and top-quality experience for my customers.

webinarjam review

How WebinarJam Works

WebinarJam comes with a comprehensive range of advanced features that make the processes of marketing and selling effortless. 

The platform delivers top-quality videos with tons of features like Live Chat, Active Offers, Always-On Room, Automated Webinars, Email & SMS system, Panic Button, among others.

This platform is perfect for anyone with an audience to reach, a product to sell, or a program to share.

From solo entrepreneurs to organizations communicating with thousands of customers or lecturers connecting with hundreds of students, WebinarJam is a scalable and accessible tool. Small and medium-sized businesses use it to considerable effect.

WebinarJam has four pricing options, all of them allowing users unlimited webinars.

  • On the Starter you can invite 100 attendees and have one host. ($39 monthly)
  • On the Basic plan, you can invite 500 people and have two hosts. ($79 monthly)
  • On the Professional plan, you can invite 2,000 people and have four hosts. ($229 monthly)
  • The Enterprise plan lets you invite 5,000 people, and you can have six hosts. ($379 monthly)

WebinarJam at a Glance

WebinarJam is a user friendly and affordable webinar platform that provides quality streaming and supports training for new users.

Affordability & Pricing 


WebinarJam offers four pricing tiers starting at $39 per month for 100 attendees and one presenter. WebinarJam does not offer monthly payment plans (all payments are done on annual basis). So, their pricing seems less flexible than some of their competitors I’ve also tried out.  There is a $1 free trial.

On the other hand, the pricing structure is simple and only requires one yearly payment. WebinarJam also offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. 

Recently, WebinarJam has also raised its prices significantly. To compare – not so long ago Basic plan cost $499 yearly, and now it costs $798. Of course, there are a lot of new features added and UX is improved, but the price jumped significantly regardless.

User Experience & Ease of Use 


I found this platform super easy to use and navigate.

It offers excellent customization options, facilitates interaction with webinar audiences through live chat, and features a handy panic button that I loved.

The complete SMS and email system is excellent for pre-and post-event messaging.

WebinarJam’s Active Offers also make this one of the best platforms for creating professional marketing webinars.

webinarjam attendees

Streaming Quality 


Our business had a very positive experience with the quality of streaming. WebinarJam uses cloud-based software, so the streaming quality depends on the quality of the speakers’ and attendees’ internet connection. 

We never experienced any streaming issues, but it is essential to keep the users’ internet connection quality in mind.

We also noted a streaming delay of 10-30 seconds, so it may be worthwhile to bear that in mind as well.

Customer Support & Training


WebinarJam offers training that explains how the platform and its features work and how to set up everything.

There is a ticketing system for customer support, and the response time is adequate but not urgent. If you need a solution to a problem immediately, it may not be possible. 

Fortunately, there is an official Facebook community. I found other fellow platform users there keen to help each other out.

webinarjam support

Is WebinarJam Worth The Cost? Pros & Cons

I am delighted with WebinarJam. Having experience with other webinar solutions, I appreciate what I have in the platform. It has never let me down and has allowed my business to convert hundreds of prospects to paid customers.

Nevertheless, nothing is perfect in this world. There were several factors that I found disappointing.

Pros of WebinarJam

  • Top-quality webinars, providing a reliable and seamless experience.
  • Tons of useful features such as Panic Button, Control Center, Always-On, and Active Offers
  • Various marketing and pricing options.
  • Tons of integrations including ones with EverWebinar and Facebook Live 
  • Lots of customization options, like personalized landing pages
  • Training videos to help you with the setup and use
  • Reliable customer support through a ticketing system

Cons of WebinarJam

  • If you want more than 500 attendees and streaming time longer than 2 hours, you will have to opt for more expensive plans.
  • Customer support is not always available if the problem needs a fix immediately.
  • Streaming delay of 10-30 seconds might be annoying, especially in the Q&A section.
  • Replay quality is not the best. 
  • There is no monthly payment option.

Cost-Effectiveness of WebinarJam

WebinarJam has a four-tier pricing system that only allows for yearly payments. The pricing has changed significantly over past few years. 

  • The Starter plan costs $468 yearly, offers 100 attendees and 1-hour streaming time.
  • The Basic plan costs $948 yearly, offers 500 attendees and 2-hour streaming time.
  • The Professional plan costs $2748 yearly, offers 2,000 attendees and 3-hour streaming time, and included the Always-On live room, as well as the Panic Button.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $4548 yearly, offers 5,000 attendees and 4-hour streaming time. Additional features included the Always-On live room, the Panic Button, and the Control Center.

Here we outline previous plans and costs for you to see the price difference:

  • The Basic plan previously cost $499 yearly, offered 500 attendees and 2-hour streaming time.
  • The Professional plan previously cost $699 yearly, offered 2,000 attendees and 3-hour streaming time, and included the Always-On live room, as well as the Panic Button.
  • The Enterprise plan previously cost $999 yearly, offered 5,000 attendees and 4-hour streaming time. Additional features included the Always-On live room, the Panic Button, and the Control Center.

The pricing is significantly higher now, but it is still one of the best offers in the market. 

webinarjam current pricing

WebinarJam Key Benefits

In my experience, WebinarJam is a superior webinar hosting platform. Its advanced features ensure that the webinar experience is effortless and top-quality for everyone. Using WebinarJam to create and market webinars is simple. 

I love that I can customize my landing pages and engage with my customers during our webinars. The cherry on the cake is the Active Offers, which I use very successfully in my business.

Active Offers

Active Offers are live offer displays that you can activate at strategic moments during your presentation.

When it’s time to make your offer, you simply show your audience a pre-configured, visually-captivating offer that prompts them to take immediate action.

webinarjam offers

Live Chat

This feature allows live interaction with your audience through live chat opportunities, live Q&A sessions, private comments, highlighted comments, and sticky announcements. In short, everything you need to keep your audience fully engaged.

webinarjam live chat

Panic Button

I find this one of the best features because you can just relax. When it looks like the technology is letting you down, you can simply press the panic button, and your entire webinar instantly transports into a new live room.

webinarjam panic button

What do We like About WebinarJam?

Customization Options

WebinarJam has many customization options, which is great because I want my branding to feature everywhere.

There are so many beautifully designed templates that I initially found it challenging to settle on one design when I sat down to create my registration page.

Once I decided, though, I had loads of fun dropping in my company logo and aligning the colors and fonts with our existing company branding.

webinarjam page builder

Tons of Marketing Features

For marketers, WebinarJam’s One-Click Registration technology is a godsend.

I simply send those I want to invite to my webinar a unique invitation link via MailChimp. When they click on the registration link, WebinarJam automatically extracts the information I need and registers them for the webinar.

Injecting a call to action during a webinar certainly helps get people to buy. Once one person buys, others start buying too! We keep increasing our sales.

webinarjam email

Professional Looking Webinars

I have been proud of my webinars. They have looked great. It was not difficult to come up with professional-looking webinars.

After all, I have all those beautiful, professionally-designed templates from which to choose. I’m sure that those stunning registration pages attracted many people who might not otherwise have registered for my webinars.

Besides, WebinarJam broadcasts in superb high definition, which helps to make everything look good.

Final Thoughts on WebinarJam

WebinarJam is a powerful marketing tool that has helped me to grow my business. 

The quality of the webinars is professional, and the technology is reliable. WebinarJam is easy to set up, and as a back-up, there are helpful training videos.

The various features like the personalized registration pages, complete SMS and email system, Live Chat, and Active Offers all aim towards making the marketing process simple and effective.

The Panic Button has saved our lives on occasion, instantly drawing the session into a new room. Just knowing it’s there puts my mind at ease when dealing with audiences who are short on time, as practically everyone is these days.

Compared to other similar products, WebinarJam delivers much more. This platform deserves an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5.

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