WebinarJam Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

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Our team of experts has comprehensively researched WebinarJam’s pricing plans and features.

In this guide, we describe each element in detail so you can choose the plan that’s most suitable for your business.

You will also see how easy it is to set up and use WebinarJam’s cloud-based system.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam Pricing Overview

WebinarJam charges its users annually and offers three subscription plans, starting at $499.

All plans include unlimited webinars and varying numbers of presenters and attendees.

  • WebinarJam’s Basic plan is $499 per year. It allows two presenters, 500 attendees, and a webinar duration of two hours. 
  • WebinarJam’s Professional plan is $699 per year. It allows four presenters, 2,000 attendees, and a webinar duration of three hours. 
  • WebinarJam’s Enterprise plan is $999 per year. It allows six presenters, 5,000 attendees, and a webinar duration of four hours. 

To test the system, WebinarJam offers a 14-day $1 trial. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WebinarJam Monthly Pricing

WebinarJam does not offer monthly pricing plan options. All its subscription plans are payable annually. 

The one-time annual billing option might be a better choice than some alternative providers’ monthly plans.

This billing plan helps simplify the procurement process instead of navigating or tracking recurring bill payments every month. 


WebinarJam Pricing Plans: Feature Overview

All WebinarJam’s pricing plans include impressive core features you need to host your webinars and marketing and sell your product.

WebinarJam realizes the importance of engaging with your clients and offers a variety of interactive elements so that you can run more rewarding webinars.

key features

Live Chat

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

You can answer your attendees’ questions during your live webinar with WebinarJam’s Live Chat feature. Before you go live, you can set whether you want the messages to be private, public, or both.

These options are convenient for users as you can choose to have everyone chatting and interacting throughout your webinar or not.

Another plus is you can write sticky messages that show at the top of the chatbox when you start or during the webinar.

Automated Recordings

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

When you activate the record option, WebinarJam will automatically record your live webinar. The chat comments will appear at the same time as they did in your live version.

All your surveys, polls, and offers will also pop up at the same time you showed them in your original presentation.

You can choose when to send the recording, i.e., shortly after to those registrants who missed your live webinar or at any time to the people who attended. You can also download the video file to use at any time.

Flexible Scheduling

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

You can decide when you want your webinars to run. You can start your broadcast immediately, or you can schedule it for later.

You can choose from single, multiple, or a recurring series of sessions. With the single option, you could schedule the same webinar to go out at different times to attract more people.

With Multiple Sessions, you can configure many times and dates, and your users can register for all of them with one sign up.

You can fix a recurring schedule, running several presentations. You just set the time and dates, for example, every Sunday at 2 pm.

You can choose unlimited, so there’s no stopping date, or you can choose limited by typing the number of sessions.

Attendee Spotlight

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

If your attendees would like to speak during your webinar, they can press the Speak (Raise a hand) button if you’ve enabled it. You can see if anyone’s raised a hand and quickly bring them into your webinar. You simply add them as a presenter instead of an attendee.

They can speak, share their screen, and broadcast their webcam, streaming images, or videos. This audience participation is an excellent opportunity for your customers to share their experiences and for you to have interactive discussions or to get testimonials.

Page Builder

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

Attractive registration pages are vital in your quest to get attendees to your webinar. WebinarJam has many professionally designed and customizable templates from which to choose.

You can add your logo, upload a video and images, change the colors, and edit the text. There’s an easy split testing option, too.

This option means you can choose two pages and track them both. You can then view all the statistics from the tests to see which one brings in more registrations.

Email and SMS System

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

Webinars need an audience, and the best way to get viewers and keep them is through email correspondence.

WebinarJam’s system allows you to send any number of automated emails and SMS messages before and after your webinar. You can send reminder emails notifying your registrants of your event’s time, and you can decide when to send these out.

You can send an SMS up until the last minute. After the webinar, you can send your personalized, relevant messages to your attendees based on their attendance, i.e., leaving the event early, staying for the duration, or missing it. 

Active Offers

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

During your webinar, you will, of course, want to make an offer or two to your audience. You decide the best time to display it, and WebinarJam helps you with the design.

Using the eye-catching templates, you can pre-configure your offer by adding descriptions, images, and a call-to-action button for attendees to click.

To boost sales, you can add a countdown timer and a number showing how many products are left. The offer is displayed in the sidebar while your webinar is streaming. You can also set live notifications to show up on the screen when someone makes a purchase.

Polls & Surveys

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

Polls and surveys are classic methods of boosting participation and getting information and feedback from your customers. With this feature, you can add them during your webinar and receive instant answers. Short, easy polls work best. You can configure them quickly ahead of time and automate the timing of when they appear. To build engagement, at the beginning of the webinar, you could ask your audience where they’re from. During the event, you could ask them how they’re doing. You can decide whether to show the results to your attendees.


Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

You may need to hand out homework, worksheets, white papers, or other documents to your audience during your webinar, and you can do this with the Handouts feature. Ahead of time, you can configure PDFs, Excel, and JPG files for sharing with your attendees. You can upload a file up to 80MB in size during your webinar directly from your hard drive. When you click the share button, your documents are automatically displayed on your respective attendees for them to download.

Drawing Board

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

This drawing tool enables users to add a personal touch to their slides. You can handwrite notes on slides, highlighting important points, and it’s perfect for creating mind maps. You can draw them while you’re explaining ideas as you would if you were in a classroom or office. Instead of chalk or markers, you can choose from a range of digital tools using shapes, straight lines, arrows, changing the font, colors, and thickness. 

Video Injections

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

This feature allows users to insert video clips or longer videos during the webinar. You could pre-record part of your presentation, using YouTube or a host with direct links to MP4 files (WebinarJam recommends Vimeo), and upload the video to your live audience. This video injection functionality is handy for teachers, business people, and marketers who repeat the same information during webinars. You can prepare several videos, and they work seamlessly without disturbing the flow of your event.

Paid Webinars

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

Many webinars are free and used to promote offers. However, teachers, coaches, and consultants who want to provide services through live webinars can charge. You can easily add a payment gateway accepting credit cards or PayPal to receive fees. WebinarJam takes you through the steps to set this up, and your customers will be redirected from the registration page to make the purchase and redirected back to complete registration.

Password Protected Rooms

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

If you want to hold corporate meetings or paid webinars and restrict access to the public, you can create a password for your attendees. You can choose a master password for everyone or unique passwords for each registrant. This option secures your event, stopping anyone else from viewing.


Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

This handy tool will show you how impactful your webinars are. You can see how many people visited your registration page, how many registered, and how many attendees you had. You will see figures on how many people left your webinar early and how many stayed until the end. You can find out who logged in late and who logged in on time, and whether they watched the replay recordings. The all-important revenue figure is also displayed. All of this information can help you modify and improve your webinars.

One-Click Registration

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

WebinarJam’s One-Click Registration makes registrations quick and easy for your users. Your customers just click on the registration link you sent them. There’s no need for them to fill in anything, and WebinarJam automatically extracts their information and registers them for your webinar. 

Automated Integrations

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

WebinarJam integrates seamlessly with many autoresponders and CRMs, including GetResponse, Kartra, Zapier, and Mailchimp. With this feature, you can add conditional logic – creating automated tags and targeted follow-up emails. The platform triggers IF/THEN rules tagging your registrants based on their behavior. For example, depending on whether they showed up to your event or not, you might want to add them to a different mailing list. Or you could assign another tag if they watched the entire presentation.

Slide Presentation

Featured in: Basic, Professional & Enterprise Plans.

With WebinarJam, you can import PowerPoint or Keynote slides as your presentation file. You can either preload or load your file during your webinar, and your presentation will run in high definition and perfect sync. You can use custom transitions like flipping, zooming, and rotating in between slides. You can also add in overlay annotations adding explanations or comments.

Panic Button

Featured in: Professional & Enterprise Plans.

WebinarJam acknowledges that technical problems sometimes arise. If you have issues with your connection/webcam or your attendees can’t hear you, you can simply push the Panic Button to reboot a new room. All presenters and attendees will automatically transfer within 15 seconds to the new live room where you can resume your broadcast from where you left off. All your presentation materials will also move to the new space, so you don’t need to set up anything again.

Always-on Room

Featured in: Professional & Enterprise Plans.

You can create a room that is open to you continuously. If you conduct recurring live sessions with the same audience, building your Always-on room will save you a lot of time. You can brand the URL with your own company’s name, and this link won’t ever change. You won’t need to configure anything – the room is always ready for you – just log in at any time and go live.

Control Center

Featured in: Enterprise Plan

While you concentrate on your presentation, your staff can manage everything from a separate room – the Control Center. Moderators can edit and delete comments in the chatbox and even ban attendees from the room. They can invite attendees to speak. They can also add or remove sticky messages. Your team can redirect your attendees to another URL and send last-minute reminders of your webinar. Publishing your offers and polls at the right time, creating new ones, and sharing files will help you when you have many people in your webinar room.


WebinarJam Pricing FAQ

How Much Does WebinarJam Cost?

WebinarJam has three payment plans, all of which bill annually. The Basic plan is $499, the Professional plan is $699, and the Enterprise plan is $999. All plans include unlimited webinars with different durations and different numbers of presenters and attendees. If you don’t want to pay upfront, WebinarJam currently offers a $1 14-day trial. And if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Does WebinarJam Offer a Free Plan?

WebinarJam does not currently offer a Free Plan, but you can test out the system with its $1 14-day trial.

Can You Charge for a WebinarJam Webinar?

Yes, you can charge for a WebinarJam webinar. All WebinarJam’s pricing plans include the Paid Webinar feature, which you can easily set up by plugging into a third-party payment gateway of your choice to accept credit cards or PayPal. Your customers will need to submit payment to complete their registration.

What Types of Payments Does WebinarJam Accept?

WebinarJam accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade to Another Plan Later?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade to another plan later. You just need to contact WebinarJam’s Support team.

Is the Real-Time Chat Feature Included for Free?

Yes, all WebinarJam’s payment plans include the real-time chat feature.

computer and laptop


Not only is WebinarJam great for hosting webinars, but it also excels at helping you sell your product or service with its advanced marketing tools.

Everything is intuitive – from setting up your presentation to interpreting the data from the robust tracking and analytics tools. Even if you’re new to webinar streaming, you’ll be impressed at how quickly you can set everything up.

The team at WebinarJam wants you to present your events seamlessly and provides you with everything to do that – even a life-saving Panic Button in case of an emergency. 

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