WebinarNinja Review

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Webinars can be a highly effective online communication method with clients, students, or followers. However, webinar providers operate in a competitive market, and so you must ensure you use quality content.

The WebinarNinja platform gives you the resources to create and host high-quality webinars. The question remains: is it enough to be competitive?

We tested thoroughly to help you gauge its value, so let this WebinarNinja review guide your choice. 

WebinarNinja Review

What is WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja aims specifically to help users create quality webinars. We liked that it caters to different types of webinars, whether you want to host it live or use recorded footage. 

In addition to webinar hosting, this platform handles services such as marketing and analytics. This consolidation of tools helps you measure performance and know how to improve your reach. You can manage registrations and communicate with your viewers. So, you don’t need multiple tools to use the power of webinars successfully. One platform does it all. 

Where does it work best? Share product information with clients, simplify onboarding of employees, or grow business email lists. It’s also a helpful tool for any type of training. 

WebinarNinja caters to different users by offering multiple plans:

WebinarNinja at a Glance

Use these quick overviews and ratings to get a feel for WebinarNinja in under a minute.

Affordability & Pricing


WebinarNinja is an asset on any budget, from as little as $49 per month with the Basic plan.

Even the Power plan has a modest price at only $249 monthly. This low rate makes WebinarNinja one of the cheapest webinar tools, and you can save even more by committing to an annual plan.

If you know you’ll use this platform for the next year, grab the 20% discount.

User Experience & Ease of Use


WebinarNinja is user-friendly from start to finish, although some users find the webinar hosting backend challenging to use. Otherwise, the dashboard makes it easy to navigate to any feature or set up a webinar.

The platform offers effortless ways to optimize each webinar. Whether you want to use follow-up emails, create a thank you page or even add an offer, even newbies won’t have a long learning curve. 

Streaming Quality


There’s no question that WebinarNinja provides a high-end product, but the streaming quality will depend on your internet connection. This is because WebinarNinja is a cloud-based solution.

The platform aims to help you deliver the best possible product to your attendees. Its recommendation is to use a hard-wired device for streaming, and before you go live, you can do quality checks. 

Customer Support & Training


Our experience with WebinarNinja’s customer support is that the team aims to do as much as possible for users.

You’ll find advice and answers in the form of guides and helpful video tutorials. There’s no contact number, but you can pick between chat and email support services, staffed by dedicated customer support specialists.

Our testing backs the user feedback, indicating they reply promptly and efficiently. 

Is There A Possibility To Try WebinarNinja?

One of the best things about WebinarNinja is trying it out first before you start paying. You can have a 14-day free trial, more than enough time to test and determine if it’s suitable for your purpose.

Try Out WebinarNinja Now!

Gain Access to all WebinarNinja features for 14-days free!

Here’s all you have to do: 

  1. Go to the WebinarNinja Plans page.
  2. Browse plans to find one suited to your budget and needs.
  3. Click the ‘Start Free Trial’ button.
  4. Fill in your account and billing information.
  5. Complete the process, and you’re ready to start with no charge during the first 14 days!

Important: Double-check that the correct plan option registers.

WebinarNinja Benefits & Features

WebinarNinja Review

We were impressed with the variety of features on the WebinarNinja platform, which help you comprehensively manage your webinar process. The WebinarNinja team has examined webinars closely, identified relevant topics, and created dynamic tools.

The overall experience is positive thanks to intuitive workflows, and a tutorial video quickly gets you started. Then you can use marketing, registration, and other tools to maximize your impact.

Here are some of the standout benefits and features. 


Webinar Experience

For both the host and the attendees, WebinarNinja ensures a positive experience. You’ll see there are four different webinar options, allowing you to customize to your needs: 

WebinarNinja Review

You and your audience will enjoy features like Q&As, polls, and easy Screen Sharing to make the session more interactive. Your attendees will be impressed with the professional look brought on by custom screen layouts.


Marketing Tools

Webinars are about connecting with a community. WebinarNinja makes it easy by integrating with your existing marketing tools such as MailChimp. You get support for your marketing campaign with automatic access to Webinar Finder, a webinar search engine.

You can also save marketing resources such as your logos on the platform, saving valuable time.

With analytics, you can measure outcomes, an essential part of any marketing campaign. For example, measure the quality of your webinar by knowing how many attendees stayed throughout.

You can also gauge your offer’s value by the percentage of attendees clicking on it so you know if you should change it. 

WebinarNinja Review

Registration & Communication

Your audience needs regular reminders, or they’ll forget you. With WebinarNinja, you can automate your reminder emails. You’ll see an increase in conversions and registration thanks to these characteristics:

You can set all of this can up in minutes, so the administration of your webinars is simplified. 

WebinarNinja Review

Who Can Use WebinarNinja?

Webinars are handy tools for different niches, and we found WebinarNinja’s features cater to many of these groups:

Is WebinarNinja Right For My Business?

Many business types should consider WebinarNinja. While there are many webinar resources out there, WebinarNinja impresses with its diversity.

The range of webinar types means it caters to many and various business needs. Almost any size company will find it useful. 

Because WebinarNinja provides marketing and analytics services, you won’t have additional expenses to effectively utilize webinars in your business.

These cost savings make it easier on your budget. With its ease of use, your learning curve will be short, and you’ll see results fairly quickly. 



When launching a new company, you need to build audience trust to grow your market share. With WebinarNinja’s tools, you can have interactive discussions with potential clients without renting a venue or even being close to your audience. 

Seeing you and speaking to you, even virtually, can spark respect in your brand much faster than printed media or a billboard. The user-friendly platform means you don’t need to waste capital on hiring an expert to assist. 


Service Providers

Whether providing clients with internet services or creating a new website for them, chances are you have to teach them how to use the resources you provide.

WebinarNinja can help you create a collection of informative content on your products or services. Because WebinarNinja saves the footage, future clients can use it on-demand, so you don’t waste time repeating the same information.


E-commerce Business Owners

In e-commerce, you can’t see your customers in person to showcase your products’ unique features. So, do it online and reach multiple interested parties at once.

With WebinarNinja, you can share recorded footage about the product while you stay online to answer questions. 


Established Businesses

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to show your expertise and acquire new customers. With WebinarNinja’s professional designs and customizable layouts, you can impress attendees visually.

At the same time, you can talk to them about your niche, proving that you deserve their attention. With statistics on hand, you can continually measure your impact and ROI to make informed decisions about the way forward. 

Businesses Focused on Growth

When you need to grow, leads are essential.

WebinarNinja’s built-in marketing module makes it easier for your audience to find you, so you’ll have more attendees. Then keep them interested with automated reminders.  


WebinarNinja Costs

Here’s another attractive feature of WebinarNinja: the cost. There’s no free plan, but starting at $49 per month, it’s affordable for most businesses and private users using webinars to generate income. You can opt for other plans with more features, paying up to $249 per month, or simply pay annually and enjoy a 20% discount!

Here are the details: 

$39 Per-Month If Paid Annually
$ 49 Monthly
  • 100 Live Attendees
  • ∞ Replay Attendees
  • 2 Presenters
  • 2 Hour Sessions
$79 Per-Month If Paid Annually
$ 95 Monthly
  • 300 Live Attendees
  • ∞ Replay Attendees
  • 4 Presenters
  • 4 Hour Sessions
$129 Per-Month If Paid Annually
$ 159 Monthly
  • 500 Live Attendees
  • ∞ Replay Attendees
  • 6 Presenters
  • 6 Hour Sessions
$199 Per-Month If Paid Annually
$ 249 Monthly
  • 1000 Live Attendees
  • ∞ Replay Attendees
  • 10 Presenters
  • 8 Hour Sessions

Is WebinarNinja Worth It? Pros & Cons

Overall we found WebinarNinja a refreshing platform to get to know because there are so many different resources in one place. We enjoyed the intuitive menu layouts that didn’t hamper workflow. 

Of course, no platform is perfect. While busy with a webinar, it’s sometimes tricky to switch between slides, live feed, and other features you want to use. Hopefully, they’ll streamline this in the future.

WebinarNinja Review

Pros of WebinarNinja

Cons of WebinarNinja

Final Thoughts

Webinars can play a more significant role in your business than you may think, and you’ll see WebinarNinja has all the features you need for success.

Since it combines a webinar creation tool, a marketing resource, and a platform to manage interactions with your audience, you get real value for money. 

In our WebinarNinja review process, we found that this is a smart option to try if you’re new at using this type of digital tool. It’s extremely user friendly.

Thanks to multiple plan options, you can spend according to your budget while enjoying professional templates’ benefits. And let’s not forget the bonus of 14 days of free usage!

Whatever message you need to share with your audience, WebinarNinja should be on your shortlist of digital tools to try.

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