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If you’re wondering what kind of websites you can create with Teachable, here are some great examples to take inspiration and ideas from.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lots of different ways exist to showcase information and products on Teachable websites
  • Integrate with blogging and community apps to add more functionality to them
  • The most popular layout can be customized to suit differing needs

1. doTERRA


We kick off this list with what appears to be Teachable’s most popular website template. 

Featuring a large image for the hero section, there’s a clear page title and a call to action button. In the top right corner, you will see login and signup options.

It’s clean and simple and makes it very easy for the page visitor to navigate. 

After the hero section, there is space to add featured courses, information about the company, or embed promotional videos. 

The next few examples highlight how to use this template in different ways.

doTERRA – a network marketing company has used Teachable for its training website. Here, you will find lots of paid and free courses showcased on the main page, as well as a clear CTA to enroll.

2. Seek

2. Seek

Here’s another example of this popular template. Seek is a website that contains instructor-led courses aimed at helping people incorporate the gospel into their lives.

Seek is a website

After its hero section, it has added a video to explain what the company is about and then lists the courses further down the page.

3. Home Partners of America

3. Home Partners of America

Home Partners of America is for real estate agents looking to better understand the intricacies of selling property.

Home Partners of America

This is a very basic example of the template and showcases a single course after the hero section with no further information.

4. United Steelworkers

4. United Steelworkers

This example shows how Teachable can be used for business training. 

Since it’s specifically for the staff of United Steelworkers it has no need to showcase or advertise its content to external individuals. 

Therefore, its page is extremely basic and features nothing else beyond the hero section.

5. Historical Sewing

5. Historical Sewing

This site uses the template in yet another way. 

The site also contains links to other related and more detailed websites that contain a blog and design portfolio – things that Teachable does not have the functionality for.

Teachable does not have

Further down the page, you see three features courses but you can click to view all products which reveals around a dozen additional courses.

6. Potato Strong School

6. Potato Strong School

In this final example of this specific template, we see the inclusion of a promo button that viewers can click and watch.

viewers can click and watch

As you scroll down the page, rather than showcasing courses, you get a lot of text and images that detail what the program is about with the aim of convincing you to purchase it.

7. River Valley Goddess

7. River Valley Goddess

River Valley Goddess is a spiritual temple and retreat, and the website shares all details about it and its founder. The site makes good use of automatic video within the hero section, and most of the information can be found on the homepage. 

8. CG Boost

8. CG Boost

CGBoost is a site for those learning 3D digital modeling. The site features a dark color scheme and a video hero section. 

Within the site, you can find free challenges and paid courses, as well as a clear CTA to head to the site’s YouTube channel.

9. Let’s Truck

9. Let’s Truck

Let’s Truck is a newly created website with a simple but eye-catching layout. 

The site aims to provide information and help for long-distance truck drivers and currently offers a free course.

10. Herbs with Rosalee

Herbs with Rosalee

Rosalee’s website has a well-designed hero section that tells you exactly what the website is about. 

As you scroll down, you can view all the available courses neatly listed, including their prices.

11. Digital Scrapper

11. Digital Scrapper

Digital Scrapper is interesting because it includes a community and a blog (neither of which you can do on Teachable). 

That means the site owner has used third-party apps and integrated them with Teachable to give the website more functionality and added value.

12. Rob Cubbon

12. Rob Cubbon

Rob Cubbon teaches people how to make passive income through his courses, which are available on his website. 

Clicking on the “Contact/Help” section takes you to a more detailed website where he has added a blog and information about the books he has written.

13. Canadian Red Cross

13. Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross uses Teachable for all its online courses. The site is detailed and provides lots of information about each course. 

Additionally, French speakers can switch to a French-language version of the website.

14. GameDev

14. GameDev

GameDev is for video game developers to get together and learn. As such, the site has integrated with a community app and blogging tool. 

Dozens of courses are listed, and you can find out about them by watching the embedded YouTube video.

15. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

15. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

This is a good example of a one-page website. As you scroll down past the attractive hero section, you get information about the trust and what it does, an overview of the courses it offers, and an invite to subscribe to the newsletter.

16. Learning Fundamentals

16. Learning Fundamentals

This is a multi-page website that has a lot of different courses for sale. 

It’s also one of the few sites we could find that has an area dedicated to selling digital downloads. 

The site owner has also embedded a blog and added a lot of free resources for their readers.

17. MMM English

17. MMM English

MMM English is a sleek and modern-looking website with a fun layout. Rather than include everything on a single page, it has separate pages for paid lessons, courses, and free resources. 

It’s a great example of including all three Teachable products – courses, coaching, and digital downloads – on the same website.

18. Sorelle Amore

18. Sorelle Amore

Sorelle’s main focus is social media. Therefore, her website includes lots of embedded YouTube videos to showcase her work. 

Additionally, she has paid courses on offer, which are detailed on a separate page.

19. Lion’s Roar

19. Lion’s Roar

Lion’s Roar features lots of courses in the meditation and Buddhism niche. 

As well as a prominent login button, the page also showcases all the available courses. 

The courses have been organized under different category headings, making it easier to browse and find what you want.

20. 30 Days to Happiness

20. 30 Days to Happiness

30 Days to Happiness is a detailed website containing lots of information. It’s clear the site owner has integrated Teachable with blogging and podcasting apps. The site primarily sells a book as a digital download and also provides coaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good example of a Teachable website is one that is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. Whatever you sell, you need clear information on it to help the buyer make a decision and purchase.

When you create a product in Teachable, the platform creates a pre-built website page for you to use. This provides a great example that you can use for your own site and lessons the workload of having to create one from scratch.


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