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Our expert team has rigorously searched for the best Thinkific discounts for you.

In this article, we’ll show you the Thinkific discounts that are currently available. They certainly are great deals -20% off your subscription when you pay yearly and a case-by-case discount of 50% for non-profit organizations.

Our no-nonsense guide will save you time and give you straightforward advice on signing up for a paid plan with a discount.

Thinkific Coupons

20% Thinkific Discount

Currently, there is a discount of 20% off any Thinkific paid plan if you pay it annually. This savings is available to current and new customers – so if you are already using Thinkific, you can still save 20% on any paid plan if you switch your monthly payments to annual billing.

For example, if you subscribe to the Pro Plan (Thinkific’s most popular plan), you pay $99.00 per month if billed monthly but only $79.00 per month if billed annually – that’s an annual saving of $240. With the Basic Plan, you can save $120 a year, and for the Premier Plan, you will save an incredible $1,200 a year.

Whether you are an existing customer already paying monthly or you are a new customer ready to subscribe, you will be able to take advantage of this great offer.

50% Thinkific Discount

A 50% discount off a Thinkific plan can make a massive difference to a non-profit entity. This offer applies to a lifetime subscription to either the Basic or Pro plans. The savings will help you share your message and extend your reach to a broader audience.  This platform may even help generate sustainable revenue for your organization.

Thinkific offers registered non-profits a 50% discount off two of their plans.

You must be a registered non-profit organization of specified types to be eligible for this discount off the Basic and Pro plans – you will need to enter your non-profit registration number when you apply.

Thinkific offers this deal to both new and existing customers.  This discount only applies to new plans, not to previous invoices.

Fill out the straightforward application form, and Thinkific promises to review and respond within 72 hours.

This program is an excellent chance for the nonprofit sector to avail itself of Thinkific’s online education platform.

How to Get a Thinkific Coupon

At the moment, Thinkific’s main widely-available discount is the annual billing discount. If you decide to wait a little longer before subscribing, we recommend that you bookmark this page as we will be updating it when any new discounts are released.

Thinkific’s simple discount structure covers all three of their paid plans. Once you know which plan is right for you, it’s easy to subscribe.

You can take advantage of Thinkific’s fantastic deal by following these instructions:

  1. Click on the link here
  2. Select annual billing
  3. Choose your plan and register. No credit card is required to register.


We hope this comprehensive and detailed guide has helped you consider your options before signing up for a Thinkific plan.

We found that although there is only one discount currently available to the general public and for-profit businesses, it is an attractive one. As we have shown you, you can see the big difference a savings of 20% will make to the monthly payments of each paid plan.

By committing to 12 months of service and annual billing, you get the opportunity for this considerable reduction in price.

Current users can also take advantage of this discount by merely switching to annual billing.

It is less hassle, too, with a single charge for the year to keep you up-and-running and able to concentrate on your business fully.

If you are still undecided, remember to bookmark this page for updates on when any new discounts become available in the future.

We strongly suggest you take advantage of this exceptional offer and subscribe to Thinkific now.

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