Thinkific White Label: How to Remove the Branding

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When you create and sell online courses using Thinkific, the platform brands your website with its name.

It offers users the ability to remove its branding.

However, you will need a paid Grow plan subscription to use it as a white label solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can remove Thinkific’s branding from your website footer, course player, and email
  • The Grow plan is the minimum subscription required to remove some branding
  • To use a custom domain for your manually created Thinkific emails, you must have an Expand or Plus subscription plan

Thinkific’s White Label Solutions

What Is White Labeling?

White labeling gives a company or business the ability to purchase a product or service from another company and present it as its own brand.

In the context of Thinkific, you can present your website, course, and email, without customers knowing it’s hosted on the platform – everything will appear with your branding.

Why Use White Labeling?

There are many reasons why Thinkific users may want a white label solution, here are three of them:

  • Customer Confidence – Customers will have more confidence and trust if everything appears to be branded. Instead of seeing ‘powered by’ or ‘provided by’, seeing a brand name everywhere appears more professional.
  • No Tech Knowledge Required – By purchasing a service such as Thinkific and then white labeling it, users can focus on producing the best product for their customers instead of worrying about hosting, coding, and other tech-heavy tasks.
  • Distraction – The platform’s branding often appears as ‘Teach online with Thinkific.’ Therefore, if a customer clicks or follows their prompt, they will be redirected away from your site and content, which could affect your earnings.
Thinkific’s White Label

Thinkific’s White Label Features

Where Branding Appears on Thinkific

  • Website Footer –  As Thinkific’s branding appears in your website footer, customers will see it when navigating all pages
  • Course Player – When watching a course, the Thinkific branding appears at the bottom left of the screen
  • Email – The branding appears in two places, at the bottom of each email and in the domain of the automated notifications. When a customer receives an email from ‘,’ they may be confused about who sent it.

Can I Remove the Branding on Thinkific?

The good news is that if removing the branding is important to you, the platform offers a solution. However, the branding you can remove will depend on your subscription plan, as not all plans give you the complete white label solution.

What Thinkific Plan Do You Need to White Label?

Free planStart planGrow planExpand plan
Website Footer
Course Player
Email Footer
Email Automation Domain

Here’s a breakdown of what plan you need to remove each type of branding:

Free and Start Plans

If you subscribe to the Free or Start plans, then you will be unable to remove any branding, which includes the website, course, email footer, and email automation domain.

Grow Plan

The Grow plan is the minimum required to remove Thinkific branding. When subscribed to this plan, you can remove the branding from the website footer, course player, and email footer.

However, you won’t be able to send automated email notifications from a custom domain.

The Grow plan costs $199 per month, which can be reduced to $149 per month when paid annually.

Expand Plan

The Expand plan gives customers a complete white label solution.

In addition to the features of the Grow plan, it allows you to use your own custom domain when sending automated email notifications.

This plan is the platform’s most expensive (of those where the price is publicly disclosed), costing $499 per month, or $374 per month when paid annually.

How to Remove Thinkific Branding

Removing the Thinkific branding is very simple. We’ll explain how it can be removed from the following places:

  • Website Footer
  • Course Player
  • Email Footer

Here’s How:

  1. After you’ve logged into your account, click on Settings, which is on the left-hand side of the dashboard
  2. Scroll down to Remove Thinkific branding
  3. Check the Remove Thinkific branding box
  4. Click Save
Thinkific’s White Label

How to Send Email Notifications from a Custom Address

By default, automated notifications, such as welcome and reminder emails are sent from ‘@notify.thinkific’ email addresses.

So, when a customer opens the email, they will see that it comes from Thinkific’s servers.

To send an email from your domain, you must be an Expand or Plus plan subscriber.

The platform’s justification for this is that to do so, they have to set up a new customized email server for each custom email address. Therefore, due to the cost, they only offer it to their highest-paying customers.

Before getting started, make sure of the following:

  • You have an Expand or Plus subscription
  • You own the domain you want to use
  • The domain contains a subdomain (e.g.
  • A subdomain that is different from your Thinkific custom domain

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Contact Thinkific’s support via email using the desired subdomain that you’d like to use
  2. They’ll provide the records to update your domain provider (TXT, MX, CNAME) 
  3. After you’ve completed the process with your domain provider, contact support after 24-48hrs
  4. Thinkific will then complete the setup and confirm it works – then you’re ready to use it

Limitations of Using a Custom Domain

Although having a custom domain is necessary to have a full white label setup, it does come with some limitations:

  • You can’t track whether an email has been opened or has bounced
  • It can be a confusing and frustrating task if you’re not tech-savvy
  • It can take up to 5 business days and multiple interactions with support to get set up
  • If a customer has responded, it will go to the address in your site settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Thinkific is a white label solution for businesses. It allows you to remove the branding from the website, course player, and email. However, to start accessing some of these features, you’ll need to be subscribed to its Grow plan as a minimum, which starts at $149 per month.

To remove Thinkific branding: login to your account > go to Settings > Remove Thinkific branding > Save. This will remove the branding from your site, course player, and email footer. However, it will not give you a custom domain for your automated notifications.

When a student is watching a course, the Thinkific branding will appear on the bottom left-hand side of the page. To remove the course-specific branding, you’ll need to be a Grow or Expand plan member.


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