17 Thinkific Examples

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We’ve compiled a list of 21 Thinkific examples to help you better understand the platform’s capabilities and the type of websites you can create.

These examples cover both course, community, and landing page examples.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thinkific lets you build websites quickly using the drag-and-drop editor
  • Websites are a core Thinkific feature and therefore are available to all subscribers

1. Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is an author, coach, and podcaster who also runs an online academy. 

His main offering, the Greatness Academy, is an application-only program that aims to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

To build suspense and demand, the Greatness Academy uses Evergreen Start dates and isn’t always open for enrollment. This also ensures that the owner doesn’t get overwhelmed and maintains a high-quality customer experience.

As Lewis Howes’s website has a custom domain and the Thinkific branding removed, he must be subscribed to the Grow Plan or a more expensive offering.

His Thinkific landing page is an excellent example of how you can effectively incorporate many elements and products while maintaining a smooth customer experience.

2. Datadog Learning Center

Datadog Learning Center

DataDog is a software program that claims to unify and correlate data from disparate sources.

As the software is complex and requires technical details, they provide users with courses to get set up.

The 28 training courses are delivered through Thinkific.

The company’s website lists all courses and offers them for free. In addition to paid courses, you can also set your courses to free and allow anyone to complete them.

3. Lone Wolf Technologies

Lone Wolf Technologies

Lone Wolf Technologies is an advanced CRM platform used by real estate agents and brokers.

Similar to DataDog, if you’re selling a product that requires training and you don’t provide it, customers are likely to churn and stop subscribing.

A way to combat this is to deliver free training courses to all subscribers.

Lone Wolf Technologies organizes its training into three courses that take users from beginner to expert. 

This example is clean and simple; it displays the three courses they offer, the price (free), and how to get started. The intuitive design stops customers from becoming distracted by other products or services.

4. Domuso


Domuso is a fintech platform that streamlines rental payments for property managers and tenants. They do this by allowing tenants to pay their rentals through its mobile app.

To educate property managers and onboard them to the software, Domuso created its own training portal.

They have personalized each course for the property manager by providing training lessons for each of the main accounting systems.

This example is a single page that guides the customer to find the right training for them in a quick and easy way.

5. Rapid Resizer

Rapid Resizer

Rapid Resizer is an online business that offers stencils, online design patterns, and a course.

As they only offer one course, their website displays all the course’s module and lesson information in easy-to-digest drop-down menus.

Another Thinkific feature they’ve used is the course time estimator. This shows how many hours of content the course contains, which makes it easy for viewers to plan when to watch it.

6. Do Yoga with Me

Do Yoga with Me

Do Yoga with Me is a professional yoga training course that enables customers to become certified trainers.

They offer a range of courses to suit all experience levels and personal goals.

This example gives a concise overview of the company, its training, a pre-recorded webinar, and student testimonials.

Due to the high price tag of the courses ($2,000+), they use many additional landing page features to explain their products, which include the following:

  • FAQ sections
  • Course reviews 
  • Advertising upcoming cohorts
  • List of benefits

7. Community Institutes

Community Institutes

Community Institutes is an online human solutions, services, and training company that provides help and advice to organizations.

Two of the products Community Institutes advertises on its Thinkific landing page are a workshop and 14-week course.

This Thinkific example has three tabs, titled Online Courses, Consulting & Training, and Sign In. When users land on the site, they can easily navigate to the section that will meet their needs.

8. R+Co Edu.

R+Co Edu.

R+Co Edu. is a hair coloring and stylist company. They offer virtual and in-person events, as well as online course training.

They have an organized and bright landing page that represents the brand’s image and product offerings. 

Its homepage lets you either navigate and register for an event or scroll down and find a training or course.

Live events are a core feature that all Thinkific subscription plans can use.

9. DriveLine Baseball

DriveLine Baseball

DriveLine Baseball is an online course, shop, and community membership company specializing in improving baseball skills.

Its landing page is structured, so you must read all of the product and business descriptions and the benefits, coach testimonials, and reviews before purchasing access.

Thinkific’s website builder allows users to structure and arrange their page to best suit their business. This will enable you to split test and find the most profitable arrangement.

10. Hard Style Fit

Hard Style Fit

Hard Style Fit sells courses for how to get stronger and faster with kettlebell training. 

The company’s Thinkific landing page advertises its core product, the course, on its banner. Then as you scroll down, the site contains more detailed product information for potential customers to read.

The landing page contains multiple call-to-action buttons for customers to click to purchase a course. After you’ve purchased the course, you can sign in and access it using your account details.

11. Rick Hanson, Ph.D

Rick Hanson, Ph.D

Dr. Rick Hanson is a scientist focused on happiness and teaching people how to change their brains to create it.

He helps people do this by offering a range of online programs and courses for customers to purchase.

His Thinkific landing page lists 12 courses priced between $0-798. The course priced at $798 is, in fact, a two-course bundle. 

Thinkific has a course bundling feature that allows users to offer multiple courses to customers at a reduced price. He has bundled The Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Professional Course Bundle in this example.

12. Date Like a Grown Up

Date Like a Grown Up

Date Like a Grown Up is an online love school for those aged over 40 – it’s a course focused on finding the ideal man.

The course contains five modules with dozens of downloadable recordings and lessons for you to watch. As it uses Thinkific’s cohort feature, it takes advantage of the fact that you can deliver live coaching sessions and schedule them on specific dates.

The landing page is for just one course and contains all the lesson and module information for potential customers to read and purchase.

13. Hedgeye University

Hedgeye University

Hedgeye University was created by a former hedge fund manager to provide financial education and training to customers.

The main products they offer are subscription services for investment tools, training, live stock analysis, alters, and signals.

All its offerings are subscription based, which means the company builds up recurring revenue streams of income. You will need a Thinkific Start Plan or above to create a paid membership site.

The company has used Thinkific’s footer customizations to add its policy pages and a legal disclaimer regarding the use of the product.

14. Raging Bull

Raging Bull

The Raging Bull is an online learning company focused on educating investors. They do this by offering four courses that cover the basics of stock picking, how to profit from stocks, and other financial lessons.

One of its courses, The Stock Profit – Pro, contains 72 lessons, which are broken up into seven modules.

If you have longer courses, Thinkific lets you break up and organize your lessons into modules for students to consume them more easily.

15. DNAfit


DNAfit is a unique business: it teaches customers how to optimize their fitness, training, and nutrition based on their DNA results.

A customer that clicks on their Thinkific landing page can purchase its course and immediately get started.

The page contains the essential product information and links but no long-winded explanations.

If the customer purchasing your product has already been educated and doesn’t need extra information, then a simple landing page offers a no-distraction experience.

16. Learn WPT

Learn WPT

Learn WTP offers customers the chance to pre-order a poker course that helps them master no-limit hold’em poker.

On the company’s landing page, instead of advertising a course already made, they are taking payments and sign-ups for a course not yet completed.

Taking pre-orders allows companies to confirm the product demand and generate revenue before creating the course.

Moreover, as it’s priced at $5, it is accessible to a wide range of customers.

17. Hillsong Leadership Network

Hillsong Leadership Network

The Hillsong Leadership Network is an online education company that helps improve church pastors’ leadership and speaking skills.

They provide webinars, resources, a course, and a membership community to achieve this. 

This Thinkific landing page example demonstrates how you can use the platform to create and sell a range of products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Thinkific has a powerful drag-and-drop landing page builder to list and advertise your courses and membership communities.

Thinkific’s landing page features include a site builder, instant sales pages, connection to your existing websites, site themes, custom domains, a members-only website area, advanced CSS/HTML editing, and the ability to remove Thinkific branding.

Its Free Plan is the minimum subscription required to create a Thinkific website. However, to access the most advanced features, customers must be subscribed to the Grow Plan or above.


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