Connecting Thinkific & WordPress: Integration Guide

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Thinkific and WordPress are powerful platforms that thrive in different areas. You can use the best aspects of each platform and connect them to increase your brand’s visibility and generate sales. 

Use Thinkific to create and sell your products and WordPress to build a website, create content, and market your products.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thinkific and WordPress don’t natively integrate, but there are solutions
  • You can add a Thinkific sales widget to a WordPress page
  • Build a sales page on WordPress and add a link to a Thinkific checkout 
  • Link to Thinkific in your WordPress header and vice versa

Can I Integrate Thinkific and WordPress?

Can I Integrate Thinkific and WordPress?

Thinkific and WordPress don’t natively integrate. In July 2022, the Thinkific Uploader WordPress plug-in was closed.

However, you can use the two platforms together in several ways. 

This includes the following:

  • Linking to your Thinkific course page in your WordPress website header menu.
  • Linking to your WordPress website or blog in your Thinkific website header menu.
  • Using WordPress pages and adding a Thinkific sales widget.
  • Building a sales page in WordPress and adding a link to a Thinkific checkout.
  • Allow WordPress users access to your Thinkific school with their WordPress login.
  • You can also use Zapier to connect the platforms.

Thinkific and WordPress Possibilities

Thinkific and WordPress were built for different reasons. Thinkific is an all-in-one platform to monetize your knowledge, and WordPress is a web content management system.

They do have some similar features, like the ability to create pages and a site. However, they also have features that the other doesn’t offer, and both thrive in different ways. 

Combining the two platforms can help you optimize your business and monetize your existing audience. 

The most common reasons to connect Thinkific with WordPress are the following:

  • You have an established WordPress website with a high volume of traffic and an existing audience and want to start creating and selling digital products. You could choose Thinkific to build and sell your products and list them on your WordPress website.
  • You use Thinkific to create and sell your products but want to create a blog. You could build your blog on WordPress and link to it on your Thinkific site.
  • You have products built on Thinkific but want a more customizable sales page. You can use WordPress or a WordPress plug-in to build higher-converting sales pages.
  • You have existing WordPress users that you want to grant access to your Thinkific products. You can allow single sign-on so your WordPress users can use their WordPress logins to access your Thinkific school.

How to Connect Thinkific and WordPress

We’ll look at five different ways to use Thinkific and WordPress together.

All the methods use Thinkific to create products and WordPress for building a website, creating content, and marketing.

Header Link

You can add a link to your WordPress site in your Thinkific header and your Thinkific site in your WordPress header.

Why Add a Header Link to WordPress from Thinkific and Thinkific to WordPress?

Adding a link to your header makes it easy for your audience to navigate between the two sites.

This allows you to utilize both platform’s best features. You could use Thinkific to build your courses and WordPress to host your blog or sales pages while still making your site easy to navigate and creating a cohesive experience for customers.

How to Add a Header Link

On WordPress, open the site editor and open “Navigation” from the List View. 

  • From here, you can add a link to your Thinkific site. You might want to title the link with something like “Courses” or “Digital Products.” When the customer clicks on this title from the header, they will be redirected to your Thinkific site.
    • On Thinkific, open your Site Builder and select any page. Click “Header” and “Add Link.” From here, you can enter the text for your WordPress site. This could be “Blog” or “Home Page.” 

    Select Custom URL and enter your WordPress site’s URL. You can then choose whether you want the site to open in the same or a new window and click “Save.”

Select Custom URL

Top Tips for Adding a Header Link

We recommend creating a consistent experience across both platforms. 

We prefer that users don’t know they’re switching between sites, as it can make them confused and reduce their experience with the brand. 

To help with consistency, we recommend the following:

  • Use the same style and design for both Thinkific and WordPress sites.
  • Add your WordPress domain to your Thinkific site. E.g., if your WordPress site is, you could use for your Thinkific site.

Add Thinkific Sales Widgets to Your WordPress Site

You can embed a Thinkific Sales Widget on your WordPress pages. 

Why Add a Thinkific Sales Widget Link to WordPress Pages?

If you run your site on WordPress but create your products on Thinkific, you can use the sales widget to help showcase and promote your products to your WordPress audience. 

You could add the sales widget to blog posts, your home page, or anywhere else on your website.

This can help your audience find your products and help you generate sales.

The Thinkific sales widget is fully customizable, and you can choose to either just include the button or add the product image, price, and button. You can also decide whether, when the sales widget is clicked, the user will be directed to the checkout or product page.

How to Create a Thinkific Sales Widget

How to Create a Thinkific Sales Widget

Click “Marketing and Sales” from your Thinkific dashboard and select “Sales Widgets.” 

Select the product you want to include in your sales widget, customize the widget, and when you’re happy with the look of the widget, click “Generate Code Snippet.” 

You can then add the code to the HTML editor of your WordPress site.

Use a Thinkific Checkout on a WordPress Sales Page

Build your sales page on WordPress and link your Thinkific checkout. 

Why Add a Thinkific Checkout to a WordPress Sales Page?

You can create product pages and sales pages on Thinkific. However, WordPress’s site builder is more advanced than Thinkific’s. It also has several sales page plug-ins, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and LeadPages. 

These plug-ins allow you to create superior sales pages so you can highlight your product’s benefits to potential customers and encourage them to visit the checkout.

When a customer clicks to checkout, they will be redirected to your Thinkific checkout to complete the purchase.

How to Add a Thinkific Checkout to WordPress Sales Page

Start by creating your sales page on WordPress or using a WordPress plug-in.

After you’ve created your product on Thinkific, open the product and click on the “Pricing” tab.

How to Add a Thinkific Checkout to WordPress Sales Page

You can then copy the link and add it to your WordPress sales page.

Integrate with Zapier

Integrate with Zapier

Zapier allows you to integrate Thinkific and WordPress using triggers and actions. 

This means that when something happens on either Thinkific or WordPress, it automatically causes an action on the other platform. 

Popular Zapier Integrations for Thinkific and WordPress

Some of the most popular Zapier triggers and actions are the following:

  • Create WordPress posts from new Thinkific enrollments.
  • Create WordPress users for new Thinkific enrollments.
  • Create new WordPress posts for every new Thinkific order.

Enable Single Sign-On

If you have a WordPress membership site, you can enable customers to use their login credentials for your WordPress site to access your Thinkific school. 

Why Enable Single Sign-On?

Allowing your WordPress members to use the same login details for Thinkific creates a seamless and cohesive experience between WordPress and Thinkific.

It also makes it easy for users to switch between the platforms as they can log in with one click. This increases their experience with your brand.

How to Add Enable Single Sign-On

How to Add Enable Single Sign-On

You need to create a custom single sign-on connection. You can do this by clicking “Orders and Accounts” and “Sign in/Sign Up Settings.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use Thinkific to build your courses and WordPress for your site and pages. You can do this in a variety of ways, including adding a link to your header or using a Thinkific sales widget on your WordPress site.

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to create and sell digital products, choose Thinkific. However, if you’re looking for a website builder, choose WordPress. WordPress also has plug-ins. You can use these to build digital products, but they’re not native WordPress features.

WordPress was originally built for blogging and is the superior choice. Thinkific doesn’t have a built-in blogging feature. There are workarounds, like using custom pages, but it can be complicated to do.

No, Thinkific is no longer a WordPress plug-in. In July 2022, the Thinkific Uploader plug-in was closed due to a security issue.


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