Connecting Thinkific & WordPress: What Are The Benefits?

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The option for Thinkific WordPress integration is advantageous if you already have a WordPress website with a steady audience and traffic.

You can easily take advantage of your existing traffic and add online courses to your offering without building an entirely new website.

This integration lets you transfer WordPress content to your Thinkific site, enabling you to utilize both of these platforms’ powerful features.

Thinkific WordPress

Thinkific & WordPress Integration Possibilities

When you integrate Thinkific with WordPress, you can essentially do things: upload your WordPress posts to Thinkific or insert a Thinkific checkout link with a post.

The first thing you need to do is install the “Thinkific Uploader” plugin to your WordPress page. Once this process finishes, you need to update this plugin’s settings and add your Thinkific subdomain and an API key.

You can find this API key in the Advanced settings of your Thinkific site. 

Thinkific WordPress Settings

Thinkific’s integration with WordPress is handy if you offer small or free courses but don’t have the resources or desire to invest in plans with advanced features like custom domains. This way, a WordPress domain is ideal since it works as the perfect storefront if you want to market and promote your course.

Inserting Thinkific Checkout Link to WordPress

Thinkific WordPress Link

If you want to promote your Thinkific course on your WordPress site, you’ll find the integration especially handy. When you’re inside your WordPress post or page, you’ll find the option to insert the Thinkific checkout link. 

Once you press the button, it will link you directly to the Thinkific checkout of the product you intend to promote. The process is quite simple since you can select the Thinkific bundle or course you want to link to, add the product price, and insert the link. Do take note that the option will automatically select the default pricing. 

However, if you have additional pricing options, they’ll be highlighted in the dropdown menu. This feature is useful if you have higher-priced courses and want to reduce the barriers to purchase. Moreover, you can add these additional prices to offer different periods of access to a course.

Posting WordPress Content to Thinkific 

If you have any content on your WordPress site which you’d like to migrate over to your Thinkific course, you can do this. The Thinkific uploader integration makes this aspect seamless, ensuring you don’t have to copy and paste content from WordPress to Thinkific. All you need to do is edit your post and press the “Post to Thinkific” button. 

Thinkific WordPress Post to Thinkific

This will bring up the Thinkific Uploader page, allowing you to choose which Thinkific course and chapter should include the lesson.

You can also preview how the content will look. Do note that if you have any WordPress shortcodes or custom plugins, these might get distorted. You’ll need to make adjustments afterward. 

In this case, it’s better to keep your posted content minimal. Finally, you have the option to set this new lesson as a draft or as a part of a free trial. These options enable you to make any changes before making the post available for your students.

Thinkific WordPress Uploader

How Do I Integrate My Thinkific Course to My WordPress Site?

The WordPress and Thinkific integration doesn’t make it possible to directly play your Thinkific course on your WordPress website.

However, you can still add an active link and multiple call-to-action buttons, which will allow you to market your online course.

All you need to do to promote your course is create a checkout link by following the steps above.

Once you’ve done that, you can customize the pop-ups, call-to-action buttons, and page design to ensure the course is available to your WordPress site visitors.


Connecting WordPress and Thinkific opens up opportunities and expands the way you offer your courses. You can insert a Thinkific checkout link to WordPress or upload WordPress content to Thinkific. By providing these two main integration possibilities, Thinkific helps you seamlessly market your online course and promote it to new audiences, attracting more traffic. 

Even if you want to offer multiple pricing options, you’ll find this integration can accommodate that, too. By taking advantage of this integration, you can link your online course landing page from your established WordPress website and create an exceptional experience for your customers.

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