How to Create Courses on Thinkific?

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Congratulations on being a course creator who’s ready to share knowledge. Creating courses online can be challenging.

But, as a course creator, it’s a skill you need to cultivate. However, if you choose Thinkific to create courses, the job may be much easier than you think. 

Our team of experts has used Thinkific extensively, and we can confirm that it is an ideal platform for you to create a top-selling course.

So, wondering how to make a top-selling course with Thinkific? Here’s what you need to know. 

Thinkific Courses

How To Create Online Courses With Thinkific?

Now that you’ve laid the foundation for your online course, you can continue with the rest of the process. The following method is a lot more simple and you can execute it in almost no time. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can create an online course on Thinkific.

  • Step 1 – Go to Manage Learning Content
  • Step 2 – Choose Courses
  • Step 3 – Choose + New Course on the top right

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’re ready to create your course with Thinkific.

You can find the option to choose a template for your course, and you can explore various options ranging from mini-courses and flagship courses to pre-sell and much more.

The free version of the course creator comes with many interesting and useful features.

So while you’re creating your course, don’t just stick to the basic features. Play around with different features and see what you can do to make your course better.

Step #1: Create a Course with Thinkific (Obviously)

The first step to creating a top-selling course is to choose Thinkific as your platform of choice. With Thinkific, you can sign up and get started on your course right away. You can understand this step as laying the foundation for your house, and it requires your due attention.

Foundation for My Thinkific Course

  • Pick The Topic – Before you get started creating a course, you need to choose a compelling topic.
  • Is My Course Idea Valid? – Your course idea must be valid and in demand for the course to sell. 
  • Think Of An Outline – To provide a top-quality course, you must create a proper outline. A good outline can help you deliver knowledge in a steady flow, with comprehensible transitions between lessons.
  • Think Of How To Make Your Course Educational and Entertaining – You need to think about creating a course that makes the learning process enjoyable for your students.
How to Create Courses on Thinkific?

Step #2: Make Use Of The Top Features

Thinkific provides you with all the essential features you need to create a competitive and modern course. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of features. To help you make the most of the available features, here is a quick guide that highlights what you can do.

Rich Multimedia

Choose from a rich multimedia library to add to your courses and make them as illustrative as possible. Your courses will no longer be dry and based on words alone. Utilize the available multimedia to enhance the quality of your course content.

Why This Feature Will Be Useful:

Courses that are more illustrative and utilize rich multimedia are more enjoyable, and your students can easily understand concepts. The improved course content would mean better results for your students.

How to Create Courses on Thinkific?

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Powerful Website Builder

Thinkific comes with a very powerful website builder that features a drag-and-drop design. This easy-to-use website builder will make sure your students get the best impression of your site before they start interacting with your course.

Why This Feature Will Be Useful:

It is essential that not only your courses but your online storefront or school also impress your potential customers. With Thinkific, you can create the best courses and the most engaging sites to display your courses.

Promotions & Marketing

Once you’ve created your course, don’t worry about how to get the word out. Thinkific features unique promotions and marketing tools that will help increase your visibility.

Why This Feature Will Be Useful:

Without marketing your course properly, you’re not likely to get enough students to register for your online course. This tool will allow more people to be aware of your course, leading to an increased number of registrations.

Thinkific Coupon

Progress Tracking & Check-Ins

With Thinkific, you can keep a close eye on your students’ progress and never miss a report. You’ll receive regular updates on how far students have progressed on your course and help them accordingly.

Why This Feature Will Be Useful:

This feature will help ensure your students are keeping up with the desired pace. With it, you can single out students who may be having trouble keeping up with the course and provide them with assistance if they need it.

Thinkific Progress


Thinkific allows you to award certifications to your students after they have completed their quizzes, surveys, assignments, and other exams associated with the course. In short, give your students the appreciation that they deserve.

Why ThisFeature Will Be Useful:

Certificates help validate the knowledge that your students learn through your course. Furthermore, since not all online courses offer certificates, this feature will incentivize students to choose your course over other similar ones available on the internet.

Thinkific Certficate Template options

Step #3: Generating Income With My Thinkific Courses

There is a lot to making and running online courses with Thinkific. Creating them and filling them with useful content is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you’re through with those steps, you can finally get to marketing your course and making money out of it.

While marketing isn’t very hard, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you think you struggle with your marketing skills, don’t worry. We can guide you on how you can market your courses without taking a marketing course yourself. Here are a few tips on how you can maximize your income using your Thinkific courses.

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Choosing The Price

You need to maintain a balance and ensure your course price is neither too high nor low. Keeping the price too high will discourage many users from signing up. On the other hand, prices that are too low may give students the impression that your course lacks something and is not competitive enough. 

Ideally, you will research the market, find similar courses, and check their prices. Once you have a general idea of how much courses like yours sell for, set your price accordingly. As a rule, you will want to charge relatively close to the market rate unless you have some clear distinguishing factor. 

Marketing The Course

As mentioned above, marketing your course is crucial if you want more people to register for it. There are several marketing strategies that you can utilize to market your course over the internet. 

But before you do so, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of leads that your marketing strategies can generate. You can divide qualifying leads into three categories. The first is cold, the second warm, and the third hot. 

Thinkific Course Marketing Visual
  • Cold leads are those that have had no experience with your brand before and may not respond positively to an “out of the blue” approach.
  • Warm leads are those that are aware of the brand whom you can fairly view as potential customers.
  • Hot leads are familiar with the brand and are specifically looking for the course you offer.

Thinkific Courses FAQ

How To Make Your Thinkific Course Appealing?

Thinkific has a wide range of features that you can use to make your course more appealing. Add more multimedia and illustrations to your course. But remember not to make things too complex. Find the right balance between illustrative and simple, and you will find your course attracting a considerable amount of audience through its general appeal.

How To Bundle Thinkific Courses?

With Thinkific, bundling your courses is relatively easy. You can follow the steps below to create a course bundle.

  1. Go to the “Manage Learning Content” tab
  2. Select “Courses”
  3. Next, select the “Memberships and Bundles” tab
  4. Now, click “+ New Bundle” on the top right
  5. Give an appropriate name to your bundle and click “Create Bundle.”
  6. Click on “Add a Course” and start adding the desired courses to the bundle

How Do I Display My Thinkific Courses On My Website?

  • Linking From Your Navigation – You can add an external navigating link and brand your Thinkific site to make it look like your external website. 
  • Personalize Your Thinkific URL – Thinkific allows you to generate personalized URLs, so your Thinkific site looks like part of your website.
  • Linking Directly to Checkout – If you have a sales page for your courses, you can link the checkout directly to Thinkific checkout.

How To Set Up Thinkific Courses Where Students Have To Complete Each Section?

Courses, where students have to complete each section to move on to the next, are called prerequisite or drip courses. You can create a drip schedule for multiple courses. This requirement will force students to finish one course before they move to the next. 

How To Delete Courses On Thinkific?

Here is a guide on how to delete an existing course on Thinkific.

  1. Head to the “Manage Learning Content” tab
  2. Select “Courses”
  3. Select your desired “Course” and then click on the “Course Builder” and go to the “Settings” tab.
  4. Scroll down and select the “Delete this course” option.
  5. Confirm by selecting “Yes, delete this course.”

Final Words

Thinkific is your one-stop solution to online course creation. It allows you to create engaging and informative courses that are rich with multimedia in absolutely no time. By following a few simple steps, you can create, advertise, and sell top-selling courses. 

All you need to pay attention to is the foundation, structure, and marketing of your course. With the right amount of effort in the right places, you’ll soon have a top-selling course and students that want to learn more from you. Put your knowledge and teaching skills to use, and get creating with Thinkific right away.

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