How to Create & Manage Thinkific Quizzes

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If you’re a Thinkific course creator, then you’ll want your learners to retain the information you’re providing them.

Test your learners’ knowledge by creating quizzes for each course you upload to Thinkific.

Thinkific quizzes are essential because they can enhance retention and recall, providing your students with lasting value for each course. 

Thinkific quizzes are available on all plans. Keep reading to find out how you can create a quiz on your course.

Thinkific Quizzes

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Thinkific Quizzes Overview

Thinkific allows course creators to structure multiple choice questions for students to answer. You can also include several correct answers within a question.

For example, one correct choice allows students to pick one answer. Multiple choices allow students to pick more than one correct answer.  

Additionally, you can use the WYSIWYG text editor to include videos or embed images and audio files to make your quizzes more engaging.

Include a quiz lesson at the end of each chapter to test students on key factors of your course.

How To Create a Quiz on Thinkific?

As a course creator on Thinkific, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to develop quizzes. Take a look at this section below to find out how to create a Thinkific Quiz: 

  1. In Manage Learning Content select Courses
  2. Click on a specific course in the Course Overview to open the Course Builder.
  3. Click on the Curriculum tab and then click on the Add Lesson button under your chapter. 
  4. Select Quiz from the lesson types shown. 
  5. Add a title for your quiz.
  6. Select whether your first question will have one correct answer or one or more correct answers.
  7. Enter your question in the Question field. Use the WYSIWYG text editor here to add videos, images, or audio. 
  8. Under Choice 1, enter the first option the student will see
  9. Check or uncheck the box below Choice 1 to determine whether this is the correct answer
Thinkific: Adding Answer to Quiz

10.    Continue adding multiple choices for the answer.

Select the Add Choice button below the last answer if you want to create an additional choice. Delete an answer by clicking on the trash icon on the right-hand corner.

Thinkific: Adding One More Answer to Quiz

11.  This step is optional. Enter the correct details in the explanation field.

Use the explanation field to provide the student with information immediately after submitting their answer to the quiz question. Thinkific will show the explanation regardless of whether the student answered correctly or not. If the quiz requires a passing grade, then the explanations won’t be displayed.

Thinkific Quiz Explanation

12.   Continue to adding additional questions and answers.

In the upper right-hand corner of the question, use the duplicate button to recreate existing questions or click on the three-dot icon to delete questions.

Thinkific Quiz: Duplicate & Delete Questions

Adjust your Lesson Settings if you need to.Click on the Save button in the bottom right-hand corner to save your quiz and any changes you’ve made to it. 

key features

Thinkific Quiz Features

There are five features from the Thinkific Quizzes that you should be aware of before creating your quizzes. In this section, we’ll explain what these features entail. 


Passing Grade 

Do you want to ensure your students ace your quizzes? Then put a passing grade on your questions.

When you enable a passing grade, your students won’t be able to complete your course until they complete all your quizzes with a passing grade. 

Your students must answer a certain number of questions correctly before the quiz shows as complete.

Thinkific will also deactivate the explanation feature if you impose a passing grade on your quizzes. 


Randomized Question Bank 

With the Randomized Question Bank feature, you can add as many questions as you want to your quiz bank.

Simply select how many questions must appear when a student takes the quiz, and Thinkific will randomly create a quiz for each of your students. 

You can turn the Randomized Question Bank feature on or off in your quiz lessons by checking or unchecking it.

The importance of this feature is that if a student wants to retake the quiz, the system will generate new questions, so they rarely see the same ones.


Importing Quiz Questions

Did you create a quiz in an Excel (xlsx) file? Then use the import feature, so you don’t have to recreate your quiz.

To import a quiz, simply download a quiz template on the Thinkific platform and follow the instructions on the second tab. Then add your quiz details to the template. 

When filling out the details on the template, don’t move fields around and make sure the document is in Excel format.

During your import, Thinkific will remove formatting on your Excel sheets such as italics or font size. It will import only questions in the first worksheet tab.


Exporting Quiz Results

You can export quizzes that your students have completed, gaining important insights into your students’ learning process. The export will send you a CSV file via email that you can download, formatted for easy reading. 


Video Questions

You can create multimedia questions by using the Thinkific text editor to add videos to your questions. Adding videos to your questions makes your quizzes more engaging. Click on the insert video icon to add a video from your Thinkific video library. Or insert a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video.  

Third-Party Quiz Integrations for Thinkific

Explore more Thinkific quiz options by looking at the third-party integrations the platform provides. There are three third-party features to consider when creating your quizzes. Take a look at them below.



Brillium is a third-party feature that you must sign up for and purchase separately from Thinkific if you want to use it. Brillium is a special software and pricing plan that’s only available to Thinkific course creators. 

Brillum provides all the features you need to create assessments and to integrate your quiz data on Thinkific. When you integrate Brillium with Thinkific, you get Brillium API for more advanced integration features and storage for 5000 results. 



Typeform is another third-third party platform that you can connect to your Thinkific account.

The Typeform platform allows you to create user-friendly forms. With Typeform, you can turn your questions into personalized conversations.

Depending on your needs, there may be extra charges since this is a separate service from Thinkific. 

Use Typeform to get more engagements from your students to collect reviews and feedback on your quizzes. With feedback from students, you can learn how to improve your quizzes and courses.



Interact is a third-party app that may require additional fees. When you integrate Interact onto Thinkific, you can get triggers each time a quiz collects a new lead.

You’ll also get notifications when a new student enrolls for one of your quizzes.

With the Interact app, you can even search for Thinkific users using their ID or email address.

The Interact app is important if you want to keep tabs on canceled subscriptions or when a student completes a lesson. 


Thinkific Quizzes FAQ

What Kind of Quizzes Does Thinkific Support?

Thinkific supports multiple choice and multimedia questions. You can create questions using videos, images, or audio. Create multiple-choice questions with one or more answers. 

Explanations Do Not Display after a Question Is Answered. What to Do?

An Explanation won’t show if you’ve created a passing grade quiz. If you want explanations to show, then remove the passing grade feature from your questions. 

Can Retake Attempts Be Limited on Thinkific?

Thinkific currently doesn’t have an option on retake limits. Therefore, your students can retake a quiz as many times as they like. 

Can I Create a Quiz with Open-ended Questions?

To get the best results, you should create open-ended questions on Thinkific. Inform students to use the course content to answer their questions. 

Do I Need a Paid Plan to Create a Quiz on Thinkific?

No. You can create a quiz on the Thinkific free plan. However, if you opt for the Pro plan or a higher plan, you get more features like the Randomized Question Bank. 

What Are Advanced Quizzes in Thinkific?

Advanced quizzes are for students that need more advanced questions to make it more challenging for them. If you want to create advanced quizzes in Thinkific, you can add multimedia choices that include images, videos, or audio. Additionally, you can create a Brillium exam or assignment lessons. 

Bottom Line

Creating quizzes is an excellent way to help your students retain the information they’ve learned from your lessons. With Thinkific quizzes, you can ensure students advance to your other courses. 

If you’re a Thinkific course creator, then you’ll appreciate how user-friendly the platform is and how easy it is to create quizzes. You can even export your quizzes for better insights and readability. 

Use this guide to create your Thinkific quizzes for better student retention, recall, and satisfaction with your courses.


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