Thinkific Website Examples

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Thinkific is a great choice for your online course business. You can focus on the ins and outs of your course while Thinkific gets on with the technical side of your website.

Thinkific beautifully showcases your content. It is customizable and easy-to-use and specially designed with the intention of selling education and all aspects of learning.

You can easily upload videos, build quizzes and organize all learning content so it’s easy to navigate.

Your existing website can be updated with one of Thinkific’s themes – matching your own style and connecting all your courses.

Thinkific Website Examples

You can trust them – Thinkific has already proved its worth by generating more than $100 million selling courses.

We’ll show you why our expert team found that Thinkific is the best platform to meet anyone’s needs. And we’ll show you examples of well-established sites already powered by Thinkific.

16 Best Thinkific Examples

Thinkific has wide appeal no matter whether you’re someone who’s turned a lifelong hobby into a business, someone who’s expanding their business, a solo entrepreneur, or a small company. From existing educators and sellers to new entrants into the market, Thinkific can help virtually anyone empower themselves and gain total control over their online business.

Everyone can now create their own online school or brand. Thinkific really does think of everything and showcases courses and brands with specially designed themes. It’s up to you to then customize every element to match your own brand.

Whatever you’re selling, Thinkific can enable you to create and market your own online course, with ease. Your site will stand out from your competitors and you’ll easily be able to build new audiences.

Thinkific’s customers include teachers of guitar, ukulele, carpentry, knitting, and life coaching. Teachings on Hinduism, yoga, and dog training courses are also part of their niche. Although all these businesses are completely different to each other, they all benefit in the same way from Thinkific’s expertise. They all have the marketing tools, integrations, and payment methods to propel their business – selling courses, classes, products as well as building a client base.

Personal Creativity and Life Coaching

The Weekly Oasis brings a direct offer of support to people who want advice and help with their personal growth and creative lives.

On her site, personal growth pioneer and writer Jennifer Loudon includes a weekly audio and video and even makes a live monthly call to members. She has a library of resources from her own discoveries and creates a monthly writing practice to inspire her members.

Thinkific provides her site with beautiful images and text along with clear audios and videos, and Jennifer makes full use of Thinkific’s membership function.

Learn to Play Guitar Online

Drawing on his many years as a guitar teacher, Dave Tran, makes full use of Thinkific’s quality videos and full suite of business tools to market and sell products as well as his lessons.

On the site, students get to learn how to play and practice music they enjoy – whatever their level.

Modules can be added at his students’ own pace. His site also includes tutorials from famous guitarists such as Justin Bieber. This course website also contains creatively portrayed links to others that he recommends for online guitar tools.

Woodworking Projects – Big and Small

The Samurai Carpenter teaches his customers all they need to know about woodwork. The site is crammed with hints and tips about the craft. He has 28 online courses available and even offers many free instructional videos.

Jesse de Geest gets the most out of Thinkific’s many features – his YouTube site is connected to his membership site, he markets his work plans, carpentry products and his own line in T-shirts.

As well as all that, he has a fan-funding page along with a private members forum.

Thinkific Website Examples


After years of knitting as a hobby, Marie Green now passes on her expertise to knitters worldwide.

She produces 12 new patterns every year which, with Thinkific’s help, include tutorials, live webinars and tips and tricks. Her images of wools really stand out as they are beautifully showcased.Her members have access to her Knit Camp community and well-established blog.

Her blogs tackle everything to do with the craft from dropping a stitch to what to do with left-over yarn. As well as lessons in knitting and selling patterns, she is now selling her latest book on site.

Thinkific Website Examples

Teachings on Hinduism

Relax the mind with affirmations at your fingertips. To uplift and inspire us, the Himalayan Academy, created by monks, provides free and very reasonably priced online courses on the teachings of Hinduism.

There are clear guidelines to each chapter of each course and the site includes testimonials and introductions to each course. Thinkific has made it easy for the public to sign in and start learning through audio and video.

The Academy’s main site is also linked in so you can get all the information you need about the Academy before enrolling.

Thinkific Website Examples

Healthy Eating

Selling the key to a lifetime of health including a 30-day program for healthy living, Dan McDonald has taken the results of 14 years of researching raw food and put it all into a book with over 200 recipes.

As well as the recipe book, customers are able to download the 30-day program and exercises. His online classes range from juicing to food as medicine.

He’s taken full advantage of Thinkific’s features with clear, large images and rich text. His online store sells a huge range of products and there’s also access to a free club.

Thinkific Website Examples

Yoga and Meditation

Now you can practice yoga anytime, anywhere. Dani MacLean has dedicated herself to the study and teachings of yoga for many years and now offers online courses.

There are even short classes for students with busy schedules. Damonline provides many yoga courses in both Vinyasa and Yin yoga. From beginners to intermediate, each course focuses on specific poses.

A meditation course is also included on the site. After completing a free trial and signing on, Thinkific provides the site with clear details of each course and an easy sign-in facility and Zoom.

Personal Development School

Life Coaching

Run by Thais Gibson, the Personal Development school teaches students powerful subconscious breakthrough tools in overcoming mental obstacles. Students have access to all introduction modules, workbooks as well as to the school’s online community. There are also two group coaching events each week.

A very clear sign-in page lists each course which include live webinars, weekly discussions and an active Q&A form. The site makes great use of

Thinkifc’s quiz feature along with interactive workbooks, discounts and bundles. There’s also an outstanding Resources page showcasing the course content guide, and a vast range of webinars and e-books available.

Thinkific Website Examples

Assisting Medical Professionals

The DermEngine Academy was created for medical professionals to support their daily clinical workflow and so help them to maximize their time.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re simply looking for a refresher course, this site offers it all.

Through Thinkific’s platform, students create patients, use image analytics, provide clinical diagnoses and can capture and compare total body images.

This site currently provides all free Clinical and Non-Clinical courses with very clear visual and spoken step-by-step instructions. At the end of each course, students will be able to refer and share a patient case.

Thinkific Website Examples

Lasater Yoga

Having taught yoga for nearly thirty years, Judith Lasater teamed up with her daughter, Lizzie, who has a background in design and also has experience of yoga teacher training.

Judith guides Lizzie through the poses and they and their team also provide lessons on meditation and the philosophy behind yoga. Their online courses range from beginner’s classes to instructor training and even experiential anatomy.

Thinkific provides the facilities for live webinars, videos, audio, FAQs and testimonials for each course. There’s also the ability to apply for a continuing education credit.

Thinkific Website Examples

Learn to Sew

The Sew It Academy teaches students how to start altering and designing their own clothes. Its courses cover women’s wear, menswear and a combination of both.

There’s access to over thirty classes. As a beginner, you’re encouraged to follow the classes in order but students with experience of sewing are welcome to sign on for any of the courses. There’s even a course for children to get them interested in the craft.

Thinkific supports this very easy-to-navigate site with beautiful images, clear contents, quality videos, FAQs and a clear set-up of course plans.

Kesler Science

Science Lessons Prep for Teachers

Kesler Science takes the stress out of teaching science by offering access to middle school lesson plans, labs, educational games and texts. Teachers can use all its best-selling science resources via downloadable files, engagement activities and editable interactive PowerPoint presentations.

Very advanced student-led labs have been designed covering all aspects of science. This comprehensive site includes clear text, bright images, videos, webinars, interactive notebook templates and testimonials.

It also takes great advantage of Thinkific’s membership page which includes testimonials, FAQs all displayed with great layouts.

Thinkific Website Examples

How to Train Your Dog

Now you can learn to train your dog, live online.

Dunbar Academy teaches the basic principles of dog training – from showing who’s the boss to dealing with aggression in dogs. Doctor Dunbar offers a few free beginner lessons to help students start. Personalized answers to any training questions can be given to subscribers.

As well as all that, the Academy offers courses to learn how to start, promote and run your own dog training business.

Thinkific powers the site with live online classes, videos, classy images, clear text and an easy-to- understand affiliate program.

Thinkific Website Examples

Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods

DGtrainonline is a training site providing courses in safely transporting dangerous goods worldwide. For pilots all the way to ground handling agents, they teach about the risks and procedures to be followed in the event of an incident.

All courses can be learned at the student’s own pace.

Thinkific makes it easy to use as all lessons contain an audio function, FAQS and successful students can download their certificates.


Play the Ukulele

Learn to play the ukulele with weekly online and live jams. These two-hour sessions are available to beginner and intermediate learners.

Through the technology of Thinkific, students can also learn or just join in playing via Zoom. And there’s unlimited access to an e-library of sheet music. Members can also join a community group and can post videos there as well as chat with other members. Students can also track their progress as they learn.

The site also sells its own branded bag and music journal.

Thinkific Website Examples

Training That Captures ROI

The Reliability Center runs courses through Root Cause Analysis training on problem solving skills and techniques to investigate, analyze and prevent failure as well as generating ROI. They teach members how to mitigate risk, optimize cost and increase performance. Companies usually pay for their team to attend these courses and they’re now available to all online.

Thinkific provides the site with access to downloadable files, interactive sessions, a bundle option, and quiz. Final exam certificates are also offered to students.

Bottom Line

Our experts have spent hours researching 16 of Thinkific’s to show you what kind of businesses use them as a platform. We found each site very easy to navigate, leaving the owners free from technical problems to get on with the business of teaching.

We’re sure you’ll agree, Thinkific does indeed suit all needs, whatever your business. A wide range of businesses are attracted to the platform. From people wanting to share their creativity to others training in safely transporting dangerous goods.

That’s because the platform helps them easily create their websites and eliminates technical hurdles. Customers can see first-hand the impact teaching online with Thinkific has on their business.

From learning to sew to teaching science, all 16 sites contain beautiful images, rich, clear text with quality videos, audio and layouts. Thinkific clearly helps anyone, from solo entrepreneurs or teams of experts to build appealing courses students will love.

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