Fast Forward or Pause in WebinarJam: Is It Possible?

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Pressing pause or fast-forwarding videos allows viewers to take in the information better or skip irrelevant content. 

While you can’t do this during live WebinarJam webinars, some workarounds make it possible for webinar replays.

Key Takeaways:

Can You Fast Forward or Pause Live WebinarJam Events?

Fast Forward or Pause Live WebinarJam Events

Since live WebinarJam webinars are broadcast in real-time, there is no way for you to pause or fast-forward the content.

You can only interact with a live WebinarJam webinar by using the control panel on the right side of the screen. Here, you can comment or ask to speak. In this case, you could potentially ask the presenter to pause for a moment. 

However, unless you have a time machine, it’s impossible to fast-forward in any way!

How to Pause and Fast-Forward WebinarJam Webinar Replays

Pause and Fast-Forward WebinarJam Webinar

When watching webinar replays, you’ll often find that the fast-forward and pause functions have been disabled. This leaves you with no choice but to sit through the whole thing or abandon it entirely.

This can be frustrating, especially if most of the content is a sales pitch or not very interesting.

However, you can solve the problem easily by installing the Video Speed Controller Chrome browser extension.

All you have to do is add it to your browser.


Once installed, you are given hotkeys to control any video you find online—including WebinarJam webinar replays.

initially add the extension

Also, when you initially add the extension, no hotkey is assigned to the pause function, but you can easily fix this. 

Click to add a new hotkey, select the “Pause” function, and choose which key you want to assign it to. Don’t forget to hit “Save” before leaving the page.

Start watching the webinar

Start watching the webinar replay, and press any of the hotkeys. The command will briefly appear on the screen as it performs the desired function.

Now you can pause, fast-forward to your heart’s content, and even speed up the video to crazy-fast!

How Presenters Can Provide Fast Forward or Pause for Their Participants

Fast Forward or Pause for Their Participants

WebinarJam records your live webinar and makes an MP4 version once the event has ended.

This is extremely useful because you can upload it elsewhere online. Better still, this allows pre-recorded webinars to be paused and fast-forwarded to give your audience more control over the content.

To do this, grab the webinar replay link or download the file and upload it to a platform of your choice. 

Here’s a couple of options:

  • EverWebinar is the sister platform of WebinarJam and is specifically used for running pre-recorded webinars. You can enable pause and fast-forward as well as other interactive options. This option costs from $99 per month.
  • If you prefer a free solution, simply upload the video to YouTube where viewers can pause and fast-forward as much as they like.

Can You Fast Forward or Pause Video Injections during Live WebinarJam Events?

Fast Forward or Pause Video Injections during Live WebinarJam

WebinarJam has a cool feature that allows presenters to play pre-recorded videos during their live webinar. To do this, add the video’s URL and then hit the play button whenever you want to run it.

While this is happening, you have full control over the video—including the ability to pause or fast-forward to a specific section. This is useful if there are parts of the video you want to skip.

The only problem is that you control the video via the thumbnail in the control panel. It’s a bit small, so fast-forwarding to the right spot can be a challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pausing or fast-forwarding a WebinarJam webinar gives users more control over the content. Pausing allows for a quick break or to write something down, while fast-forwarding allows users to skip irrelevant content.


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