ClickFunnels Webinars Explained

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ClickFunnels does indeed have a webinar function.

The platform allows users to automate webinar funnels that will lead potential customers from the registration page to the checkout page in just a few steps.

But how do these funnels work on the site? That’s what we will be answering today.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can set up a live or pre-recorded ClickFunnels webinar funnel;

  • ClickFunnels provides users with free automated and live webinar templates.

ClickFunnels Webinar

How Do Webinars on ClickFunnels Work?

You can set up ClickFunnels webinars in a few easy steps.

We can sum up the entire process in five stages: registration, thank you or special offer page, indoctrination, hosting, replay.

The registration page is where leads will sign up for your service. The process will then automatically take them to a thank you page and indoctrination pages. At this step, you can also throw in a special offer to get customers and clients excited for the event.

The hosting page, also known as the broadcast room, is where the webinar takes place.

There is also a replay page where customers can access the videos up to two days after. So just in case your customers missed the webinar, they can gain access to it here.

The setup of both automated and live webinar funnels is very similar.

The main difference is that live webinar broadcasts take place live, while you will pre-record automated webinars. 

How to Build a Live Webinar Funnel on ClickFunnels?

You can create a live webinar funnel from your dashboard, or you can navigate to the ClickFunnels menu and build a funnel from there. Once you have found and clicked “Create New Funnel” or “Build New Funnel,” follow the steps below to complete the process.

ClickFunnels Webinars Explained
  1. Select “Host Webinar”
  2. Choose “Live Webinar”
  3. Name the funnel and add a group tag if you want
  4. Click “Build Funnel”
ClickFunnels Webinars Explained

The next step is customizing the appearance of your webinar funnel with templates. You can do this by following the steps below.

  1. Choose a step in the webinar funnel
  2. Tap on “Webinar” 
  3. Pick a template and customize the page
  4. Repeat the above three points during every step of the setup

Then you need to set the time for your live event. To do that, follow the below steps.

  1. Go back to “Webinar Registration.”
  2. Select the gear icon
  3. Go to the “Webinar Event Time” section on the edit page and input the correct date and time.
  4. Finish by clicking “Update Page.”
ClickFunnels Webinars Explained

How to Build an Automated ClickFunnels Webinar?

An auto-webinar is pre-recorded and uploaded. This method is an easier way to host webinars without having to commit to a date and time. To set one up, follow the steps below.

  1. Select “Host Webinar”
  2. Choose “Webinar Replay”
  3. Name the funnel and add a group tag
  4. Click “Build Funnel”

Adding the templates is very similar to the steps above as well.

  1. Choose any step during the funnel setup
  2. Go to “Auto Webinar”
  3. Pick a template to your liking. 
  4. You can edit the page however you like and repeat these actions for every step.

The difference in the setup for automated webinars starts here. You will need to add your webinar video instead of setting a date and time.

  1. Head over to the Webinar Broadcast Room
  2. Choose “Edit Page”
  3. Click on the video icon on the top right corner and add your URL
Auto Webinar Funnel

5 Best Free Templates for Automated & Live Webinars

Foodie Webinar Funnel 

Foodie Webinar Funnel
  • Type of Webinar: Live
  • Access to the Template: here
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: Four 

You can set up the Foodie Webinar Funnel template in just four steps.

First, the registration page lets users see what they get with the webinar via videos and photos. This excellent feature also provides the site owner with the chance to showcase some of the highlights.

Second, the thank you and indoctrination pages give potential customers a taste of the event through videos. Finally, set out the webinar date and time in a funnel template that will help you boost conversions. 

Keep in mind that this theme does not support customized CSS, custom coding, or Javascript. 

Luminos Webinar Funnel

ClickFunnels Webinars Explained
  • Type of Webinar: Live
  • Access to the Template: here
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: Six

The Luminos Webinar Funnel employs orange and black as the main theme colors.

You start with a registration page with an eye-catching headline complete with video and photo displays of your product or service.

Next, the confirmation page displays the date and time for the webinar, leading to an indoctrination page with a video highlight of what’s to come.

The theme allows three pages to exhibit the top features for clients to understand what they can gain from this webinar.

This theme also does not support custom coding, CSS, or Javascript customization.

Rosie Webinar 

ClickFunnels Webinars Explained
  • Type of Webinar: Live
  • Access to the Template: here
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: Five

The Rosie Webinar Funnel allows site owners to market themselves and their webinars to users.

Potential clients get a clear view of the appealing and well-crafted setup pages.

Red and white are the primary colors of the registration page that very distinctly outlines what users get.

The thank-you and indoctrination pages are similar to the two templates above that allow for video integration.

The confirmation and replay pages on this funnel template give owners a chance to introduce themselves and their qualifications to leads for more clarity.

But, again, this theme also doesn’t support customized CSS, custom coding, or Javascript.

Conquer | The Auto Webinar Funnel

ClickFunnels Webinars Explained
  • Type of Webinar: Automated 
  • Access to the Template: here
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: Seven

Conquer your niche with the adequately-named theme of Conquer, an automated webinar funnel.

The theme allows for maximum exposure of the speakers and benefits of the webinar using colors of blue and white. The replay page comes before the indoctrination room in this template.

Like the Luminos theme, the Conquer webinar funnel template also allows three indoctrination pages to get your customers pumped. 

There are plenty of opportunities for video and photo insertion that will help your customers conquer their kingdom. However, there is also no support for Javascript, CSS, or custom coding customization. 

Breeze | Auto Webinar 

ClickFunnels Webinars Explained
  • Type of Webinar: Automated 
  • Access to the Template: here
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: Seven

Breeze is another automated webinar funnel template that allows site owners to pack a ton of information onto each page, which gives customers more transparency.

What sets this theme apart is a section dedicated to the speaker. You have ample room to introduce yourself and let the clients get to know you before the webinar.

The broadcast page, replay room, and indoctrination page are similar to the other funnels with video integration and push buttons.

The color chosen for the Breeze template is a nice turquoise that gives a feeling of serenity to the theme. 

The theme also does not support customized CSS, custom coding, or Javascript. 

*Although none of the themes support CSS and Javascript customization or custom coding, you can seek third-party or developer assistance to edit the code. 

ClickFunnels Webinars Explained

5 Best Tips for Automated & Live ClickFunnels Webinars 

It’s All About the Design

The slides need to be exciting and eye-catching.

Think about a plain white background and black text; try not to make your slide similar to the pages of any old book.

Using bold fonts and vivid colors is a great way to take a bland slide and help it stand out even without changing the layout or content.

Inserting your brand logo is a way to put your stamp on your product and gain more exposure.

Chances are, the next time your attendees see your logo, they will recognize it right away. 


Cater to the World

Remember that there is no telling where your audience members are from.

It’s essential to create engaging content that speakers to people worldwide.

Try to be inclusive when presenting your webinar, and a simple nod to someone’s home country can go a long way.

You can do this by learning a greeting in German if your topic is German food.


A Little Humor Goes a Long Way 

Regardless of your topic, bringing an air of lightheartedness to the webinar will make it more fun!

Of course, you must still come across as a professional and expert in your field. Still, there is nothing wrong with making a quick joke in case your phone accidentally rings during the session or if your internet cuts out.

Keep in mind that your videos are accessible up to 48 hours after the webinar, so you do not want to have a mishap on video and have it played repeatedly.


Audience Engagement 

Don’t forget to engage your audience!

Instead of lecturing on your area of expertise, encourage your attendees to participate in exercises and activities that test their knowledge.

You can do this with both live and automated webinars.

It’s easy in real-time, but automated webinars can benefit from questionnaires and quizzes – anything to improve engagement.


Be There or Be Square

Show up on time. It’s not only professional, but it’s also courteous.

It shows that you value each audience member’s time out of their day to hear you speak. Show up early.

You never know when your computer might decide to glitch or when your internet could decide to cut out.

Showing up in advance can also help minimize technical issues. 

ClickFunnels Webinar Resources

ClickFunnels makes sure you have everything you need to create a successful webinar funnel with the below resources:

You can find the materials on the official ClickFunnels blog and documentation section.

To get there, head over to the ClickFunnels homepage, navigate to the bottom of the page to find a “Help” section and then click on the relevant support links to find your answers.

Perfect Webinar Script

We found the perfect webinar script for people who want the highest chance of success. Expert Secrets on ClickFunnels goes into more detail about the psychology behind the script format, and we have condensed it for you here. 

The perfect webinar script applies to any product and setting. You could even sell on stage or do product launch videos and webinars using it.

Your entire webinar should be no more than around 90 minutes because you will lose your audience’s attention if it goes much longer. 

Spend 15 minutes on the introduction, where you hook them in quickly by incorporating the below points:

  • A big promise – why people signed up in the first place
  • Command their attention – no cell phones, please
  • Your credentials – why you are qualified to speak on the subject
  • Future pace – lead the viewers in an exercise, picturing what it would be like to reach their goals.

Next comes the content part, which is the bulk of your presentation and should last 50 to 60 minutes. Here, you deliver on your big promise from the beginning and provide the tools your audience needs to apply it. Remember, your purpose is not to do it for them but to teach them how to reach their goals.

End your webinar with the “Stack and Close.” Reiterate what your audience will get with your product or service by listing and repeating everything for effect. For example, “You get A, B, C, and D. You also get E, but don’t forget about A, B, C, and D.”

Perfect Webinar Script

Bottom Line

ClickFunnels webinars are excellent marketing strategies that allow users to get even more from your funnels.

As a result, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field and impart your experience to your audience members while maximizing your brand exposure.

ClickFunnels offers both live and automated webinars with pre-made templates for accessible design. 

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