ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel

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Wondering how ClickFunnels and GoHighLevel ( compare?

Both platforms offer tools and strategies that circumvent the need to hire a tech team or invest in multiple apps.

They also both focus on identifying business leads and turning these into customers. 

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ClickFunnels is primarily for entrepreneurs who want to build sales funnels and convert leads.

GoHighLevel aims at marketing agencies that want to grow their businesses.

We are going to compare the two platforms and clarify their differences. 

ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel


ClickFunnels specializes in software that allows entrepreneurs to build “beautiful” sales funnels to convert visitors into leads and make them customers.

It provides a plethora of features and strategies without you needing technical or coding skills. It also negates the need to hire or rely on a tech team.

There are three advertised plans. The basic plan costs $97 per month, Platinum costs $297 per month, and an elite plan for extremely high achievers costs $2,497 per month. 


GoHighLevel, more commonly known as GoHighLevel because of its URL, is a leading white-label platform Software as a service (SaaS).

Aimed at marketing agencies, it enables users to customize the needs of marketing agencies (clients), improving lead quality and sales follow-up processes.

The starter plan costs $97 per month, the Agency Unlimited plan costs $297 per month, and the third white-label option adds $497 per month to the unlimited account. 

ClickFunnels vs. GoHighLevel at a Glance

ClickFunnels GoHighLevel
Free Trial Yes, 14 days. Yes, 14 days.
Pricing Range Basic Plan – $97 per month
Platinum Plan – $297 per month
Two Comma Club X – $2,497 per month
OFA Challenge – $997 for six months
Funnel Hacking Secrets – $997 for six months
Agency Starter – $97.00 per month
Agency Unlimited – $297.00 per month
Agency Unlimited with White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade – $794.00 per month (total)
Best For Entrepreneurs who see the value in building high-converting funnels with well-designed pages Agencies that manage clients’ websites, funnels, leads, calendars, and other customer services
Page Builder Drag-and-drop page and funnel builder/editor
Existing templates and ability to customize
Page and funnel builder with upsell and downsell pages
ClickFunnels Cookbook for building efficient sales funnels
Funnel builder that bundles websites, and their elements
Templates for landing pages and funnels
Website and landing page builder including upsell and downsell pages
Form and survey building function
Most Notable Features Tools and strategies on one dashboard
Automated e-mail and other features
Funnels for lead generation
Funnel builder focused on sales
Unique shopping cart
A white label platform with multiple tools
Multiple automated functionalities
Pages that capture leads
Funnel builder focused on marketing
Integrated calendar

Even though the target market of ClickFunnels and GoHighLevel is very different, the two platforms do have broad similarities. These include providing tools and strategies for building pages and funnels.

Pricing at the lower and mid-level is the same, and both offer a 14-day trial. 

Both platforms will suit business owners and operators. But ClickFunnels aims at individual entrepreneurs, and GoHighLevel aims at marketing agencies with clients. 

They both provide tools that enable the building of landing pages and funnels. The difference is that: 

  • ClickFunnels is all about funnels. That’s the platform’s specialty. 
  • GoHighLevel incorporates funnels as part of its many white-label offerings. 

Both are cognizant of the vital importance of good leads. 

  • ClickFunnels addresses this with lead generation funnels that enable you to identify and harvest leads for rapid conversion. 
  • GoHighLevel provides multiple opportunities for follow-up campaigns and communication channels once you have captured leads. 

ClickFunnels vs. GoHighLevel: Pricing Comparison

ClickFunnels and GoHighLevel both advertise three different-priced plans. However, they offer different levels of functionality, so you can’t compare them one-for-one. 

The ClickFunnels basic and GoHighLevel Agency Starter account both cost $97.00. The middle-ranged Platinum and Agency Unlimited plans both cost $297.00.

ClickFunnels also has a very pricey TwoCommaClub plan for entrepreneurs who have made more than $1,000,000 that costs $2,697.00. GoHighLevel’s highest plan introduces the white-label mobile app and a custom Zap upgrade, adding $497 to the Unlimited account price (total $794). 

Both options offer a 14-day trial and require a credit card for sign-up. ClickFunnels offers a two-month discount for annual payment in advance, while GoHighLevel doesn’t give a discount. 

ClickFunnels Pricing:

  • ClickFunnels basic ($97 per month or $80 per month if paid annually). Includes funnel sharing, chat support, and limited courses and training. Allows one sub-user, 20 funnels, 100 pages. Does not support follow-up funnels or weekly peer review hackathons.
  • Platinum ($297 per month or $247 per month if paid annually). Includes unlimited follow-up funnels, 9 domains, and live chat/e-mail support. Allows three sub-users, unlimited funnels, unlimited pages.
  • Two Comma Club ($2,697 per month plus special plans). Includes unlimited digital training materials, priority support, and access to funnel secrets. Allows ten sub-users, unlimited funnels, unlimited pages.

GoHighLevel Pricing:

  • Agency Starter ($97 per month). Includes just one account for you or your client agency, Twilio for 2-way texting, Mailgun for unlimited e-mails. Allows unlimited users, funnels, and pages. It does not support unlimited sub-accounts, branded desktop/mobile apps, custom Zapier Zap. 
  • Agency Unlimited ($297 per month). Includes the starter pack, unlimited sub-accounts for you and your clients, branded desktop app. Allows unlimited users, funnels, and pages. It does not support the customized mobile app or custom Zap. 
  • Agency Unlimited with White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade ($794 per month) Includes a customized white-label mobile app, custom Zap for your brand. Allows unlimited users, funnels, and pages.

In both instances, the middle-range plan is the most cost-effective. However, only the GoHighLevel top-priced plan incorporates all its white-label offerings.

Also, note that the GoHighLevel basic plan doesn’t work for agencies, which is the platform’s stated focus.

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ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel

ClickFunnels vs. GoHighLevel: A Comparison of Features and Tools

Both ClickFunnels and GoHighLevel offer top-quality features and tools that negate the need to hire tech teams or shop around for apps to help your business succeed.

ClickFunnels caters to entrepreneurs and go-getting businesses that focus on sales. GoHighLevel is a platform that caters to marketing agencies servicing clients. 

But before you decide which one will best suit your needs, consider our comparison of the features and tools each one offers. 

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ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel

Funnel Builder

Both platforms have excellent funnel-building tools and strategies, all of which are available in one place. They also both offer a range of ready-made funnel templates.

The GoHighLevel funnel builder is intuitive so that anyone can create effective funnels quickly and easily.  

But ClickFunnels is the specialist when it comes to funnels. Recognized as high-conversion tools, you can use these sales funnels in conjunction with lead capture, survey, and a host of other funnels.

Which Platform Offers the Better Solution for Building Funnels?

  • The ClickFunnels platform ranks higher because it specializes in high-converting sales funnels that are simple to create almost instantly.  
ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel

Page Builder

Both platforms have excellent tools for building the pages that comprise websites. In addition, both incorporate drag-and-drop and are equally effortless to use. 

The ClickFunnels page builder is super-easy to use, enabling you to build mobile-responsive pages in minutes. The page-type options are also varied, covering all user needs. 

The intuitive GoHighLevel platform allows users to create high-performing land pages. It also enables you to integrate surveys and capture forms with the page builder and embed them on your sites.  

Which Platform Offers the Better Solution for Building Pages?

  • The ClickFunnels platform squeaks ahead because it allows many more third-party integrations that improve performance. 
ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel

Sales & Marketing Features

On the surface, GoHighLevel specializes in marketing while ClickFunnels focuses on sales. But they both offer on-site tools and strategies for both. 

GoHighLevel consolidates everything you need from a single white-label platform to match your branding.

Its focus is on automated marketing, and the inbound/outbound outreach has five channels: SMS, e-mail, calls, messenger, and voicemail.  

ClickFunnels has many standout features, including e-mail marketing and automation on the mid-range plan. 

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

  • The GoHighLevel marketing platform wins because it does the work of 4-5 specialist tools, and its automation functionality is better, saving you money.  

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ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel

E-Commerce Features

E-commerce is what online marketing and sales are all about, and ClickFunnels excels in this realm.

The platform offers a huge range of pre-built funnel templates to enable e-commerce functionality.

It also offers a shopping cart and extensive training to help e-commerce ventures succeed. 

GoHighLevel does not offer e-commerce solutions as in an online shop that sells products.

However, you might say that the platform itself provides an e-commerce opportunity to sell white label products and services to clients. 

Which Platform Offers Better E-Commerce Features?

  • The ClickFunnels platform is undoubtedly better because its e-commerce conversion funnel is a winner. 

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ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel

Analytics Features

It is essential to have access to analytics with any platform. 

GoHighLevel has built-in tools to collect analytics and allows analytics integrations.

The dashboard maintains an overview of leads and how much money every business has generated during each phase. Having all the analytics and reports easily accessible in one place is a great feature. 

ClickFunnels has top-class analytics for testing the performance of sales funnels.

You can track page views, conversion rates, and user behavior. It also allows integrations for additional insight. 

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics?

  • GoHighLevel has the edge because of its more advanced analytics.
ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel

Customization Features

The ability to customize websites goes hand-in-hand with the ability to create effective platforms. Both ClickFunnels and GoHighLevel allow users to customize their features. 

ClickFunnels offers users the opportunity to customize many of its standout features. This includes customization of its sales funnels to optimize them for your marketing purposes. 

The white-label capabilities of GoHighLevel offer the ultimate in customization. However, the ultimate white label plan comes at a price, as mentioned above.  

Which Platform Offers Better Customization?

  • The GoHighLevel platform wins here because of its white-label capabilities.
ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel

Final Thoughts

  • Choose ClickFunnels if: you want to build high-converting sales funnels and sell digital and other products online.
  • Choose GoHighLevel if: you want to offer agencies leads, customers, CRM capabilities that they can integrate with their marketing campaigns. 

Both ClickFunnels and GoHighLevel are top-rate marketing platforms that incorporate page and funnel builders and invaluable sales tools. They have very similar funnel builders and features. But it’s tricky assessing which one is better. 

Despite the similarities and great performance offered by both, the overall approach of each is different. This is because the design of each is for a completely different audience. 

GoHighLevel excels in its automated functionality across the board, part of its intended attraction for marketing agencies. ClickFunnels excels in its conversion of sales ability. 

So, make your choice based on what your business needs. What’s more, if you want to cater to agencies and need improved funnel capability, you could even import ClickFunnels funnels into GoHighLevel! 

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