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Subscribers to Kajabi can download any videos they have created.

Go to the Product containing the video and the relevant lesson, click Download Video from the dropdown menu on the Video Actions under the video player, and, in the new tab, select Download from the menu.

Key Takeaways:

  • Content creators can download their own content
  • Creators can make certain videos and aspects of their course downloadable for students
  • Students should only download videos which have been made available by the creator

How to Download Videos From Your Product

As an admin user of Kajabi, you can download the videos on your site to your hard drive.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and open the Products tab
  2. Find the Product which has the video you want to download
  3. Open the Lesson with the video in
  1. Click Download Video from the dropdown menu on the Video Actions under the video player
  1. A new tab will populate. In the bottom right-hand corner, select Download from the menu icon
  2. The video will be downloaded to your hard drive

How to Download Videos From Your Landing Page

If you want to download videos from your Landing Page as a Kajabi creator, follow these steps:
  1. Locate and open the Website tab.
  2. Find the Page which has the video you want to download
  1. Press Customize
  2. Click Edit while hovering over the Video Block
  3. Select Video Actions from the sidebar editor
  4. Click download video
  5. A new tab will populate. In the bottom right-hand corner, select Download from the menu icon
Download the video
  1. The video will be downloaded to your hard drive

Can Students Download Videos from Kajabi?

Yes, students can download video content from Kajabi if the creator allows it.

If the creator allows students to download their videos, they will be listed in the downloadable files on the course page or next to or underneath the video.

If a course provider doesn’t allow users to download their videos, on no account should third-party software be used to download them, as this could be a copyright violation or piracy.

How to Allow Students to Download Content

If you want your students to be able to access your course videos offline, you need to add them to your website as downloadable files.

To make your content downloadable for students, follow these steps:
  1. Open Products, select the Product, and then the Lesson to which you want to add the downloadable video
  2. Click on + Add Files under the Downloads section
Dropdown menu
  1. Drag or select the video you want to upload
  2. Click Upload and Save

How to Add a Download Video Button

Adding a Download Video button is a useful feature, as it makes it clear to students that they are allowed to download the course video and watch and share it outside of Kajabi.

This feature is only available in Kajabi’s Premier theme.

To add the Download Video button, follow these steps:

  1. Open Products from the Dashboard
  2. Find and open the Product
  3. Click Customize
  4. Hover over the Product Theme Image and click Customize
  5. Select Post from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the sidebar
  6. Click Post Sidebar and then Add Content
  7. Click Video Download
  8. Edit the colors and text of the button and click Save

Once you have completed the above steps, you will see the button appear on the right-hand side of the Post.

If you would prefer the button to be underneath the video player, you can move it by following these steps:

  1. Click Back to exit the Video Download button editor
  2. Drag the = icon next to Video Download above the Instructor block and hit Save

How Do I Protect My Kajabi Videos?

Online video content cannot be 100% secure. However, there are ways to deter people from using your content online without your consent.

  • Add Watermarks – Add your logo or face to the screen during the video. This is a simple way to show the viewers that you own the content without ruining the viewing experience.
  • Add Copyrights Notice – A link to your copyright information is a clear warning to those who want to pirate your content.
  • Send a DMCA notice – You can send a DMCA to anyone using your content to get it taken down.

Although not being able to secure your content fully can be a worry, most customers on Kajabi are honorable and want to enjoy your content as a student. Don’t let the fear of piracy stop you from sharing your knowledge on Kajabi.

Can I Offer Alternative Downloadable Content?

Yes. You can add downloadable files if you don’t want your customers to download your videos. You could offer summaries, worksheets, or anything else that may be useful for students participating in your course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Screen Record On Kajabi?

If you are a creator and want to include a video on Kajabi, including screen recordings, then yes, this is fine and can be a helpful guide for students.

If you are a student wanting to screen-record video lessons, then no. Screen recordings of lessons that have not been made downloadable by the course creator could have piracy issues.

Can You Download Kajabi Videos?

Yes, as a course creator, you can download the videos you upload onto your Kajabi account.

As a student, you should only download content that the course seller allows. You shouldn’t download anything using third-party sites as this will almost certainly be in breach of copyright and piracy law.

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