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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Kajabi mobile app is available on iOS and Android.

App content works seamlessly well with your content and requires no additional setup.

Changes you make to the content update on your customers’ phones immediately!

Follow the links below to access the app for your device:

Apple App StoreKajabi app for iPhones and iPads
Google PlayKajabi app for Android devices

Do you want your course content to be as effective on mobile devices as on desktop operating systems?

Then it’s time to consider the Kajabi mobile app.

Kajabi Mobile App

How Does the Kajabi App Work?

The good news is, the Kajabi app is free to all Kajabi users. The core principles that drive the Kajabi app include the following: 

  • One-touch access: The Kajabi App works by putting your content only one click away. Additionally, there is no need to remember logins and passwords! Instead, customers download the app and sign in once using their “magic link.” After that, they never need to type in URLs or passwords.
  • Push notifications: One of the favorite Kajabi app features is push notifications. Customers receive alerts on their phone home screens. These alerts keep your course relevant in the customer’s minds and keep them informed of new content. 
  • Exceptional user interface: Often, the design of desktop interfaces is not effective on mobile devices. Kajabi’s mobile-specific app interface is unique and more engaging. 

How Does the Kajabi App Look: All About the Interface

At a glance, the app interface seems to work better and run more smoothly.

This improved function is mainly because its interface is designed from the ground up and specifically for mobile devices.

In some other apps, the interface is merely a condensed version of a desktop site.

Unfortunately, that is usually where the snags start kicking in. 

With Kajabi, there are none of those issues. 

Kajabi App: Admin POV

Kajabi Mobile App

One feature that makes the app so popular is that course creators can use it to reach their students and customers.

As a course creator or business owner, you want a UX (user experience) and a UI (user interface) that’s simple, engaging, and relevant.

As a prospective course creator, the Kajabi app offers you the option to customize your course with the integrated website builder.

No additional skills or plug-ins are necessary to design a valuable and user-friendly interface. 

Some of the features you can access to give your customers a better interface include the following:

  • Pick themes to accentuate your content
  • Provide your customers with easy one-touch access 
  • Updates made in desktop mode appear on the app instantly
  • Easily implement security protocols
Kajabi Mobile App Customization

Kajabi App: Student POV

Kajabi Mobile App Customer Perspective

It is every student’s dream to have an app that puts course content at their fingertips, no matter where they are!

Kajabi understands this and has made this dream a reality.

As a result, your students and customers can easily access a user-friendly interface designed explicitly for mobile devices. 

Engaging and simplified designs are only a few swipes away, and there’s no struggling to access a condensed version.

It’s easy to browse through course content, and students stay updated with any changes or additions to their content. One-touch access means your students won’t have to remember URLs, passwords, and login details.

Any significant changes to their content will immediately appear on their screens, allowing them to stay up-to-date on all relevant information.

In addition, the interface looks and feels better and easier to use, making it the perfect app for students-on-the-go who take their studying seriously!

Kajabi App Customer Reviews

On average, the Kajabi app reflects a 4.4 rating on Google Play and a 4.6 rating on Apple’s App Store.

Users report easy access to groups, and the absence of annoying adverts is a much-appreciated bonus. The layout is simple and easy to follow, with quality videos and clear pictures. 

There have been reports of connectivity issues but, judging from Kajabi customer service feedback, these were related to Android app default settings. Overall, users seem to be satisfied with the app.

The biggest draw here is the ability to access content anywhere at any time!

Kajabi Mobile App

Kajabi App FAQ

Read on for the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the Kajabi App.

Can I Post New Content to My Courses in the Kajabi App?

Yes! You can easily update the design and course content after publishing it.

  • Go to Dashboard and open the Sales tab
  • Select Offers
  • Locate the offer to publish
  • Click the status dropdown on the right of the offer
  • Select Published or Draft
  • Your offers are now in the Published tab on your Offers List

Can I Send Students Push Notifications through the Kajabi App?

Push notifications are built into the Kajabi app, so sending push notifications is super easy! 

  • Open the products tab in Dashboard
  • Select Product
  • Click the More Accounts button
  • Select Announcements from the dropdown
  • Click + New Announcements
  • Edit the Title and Details of your announcement and set up an Announcement notification
  • Click Post Announcement, and its sent as a push notification

Is the Community Feature Available in the App?

As with all the other features offered by Kajabi, users can access the Community on the app. This feature makes it easy for students and customers to keep up to date with Community activities. To open the Community feature on your app, follow these three steps:

  • Open Products on your Dashboard
  • Select your Community Product
  • Click Go to Your Community

How to Preview Your Products on the Mobile App?

  • Create a test contact: On the Dashboard, click Add People. Add an alternate e-mail address to your existing admin login. Grant the new contact an offer. 
  • Log in to the app: Using the alternate e-mail account, log into the app. Next, log into the alternate account and complete the e-mail verification process. You can now see the account from the perspective of your students. 

Can You Download Files from Kajabi App to an iOS Device?

Yes, you can! iOS devices easily allow you to download PDFs, Word, Powerpoint, Zip, and many more formats in a few simple steps! To learn more, look at these steps below: 

  • Click content from inside the downloads section of a post
  • Choose Save to Files
  • Rename the file and select the specific location
  • Click Save
Kajabi Mobile App

Download Kajabi Mobile App

The Kajabi mobile app has Android and iPhone versions.

You can download the Kajabi mobile app directly for the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.

The Kajabi app is free to download. 

Kajabi App Info

Bottom Line

As a course creator, gaining the ability to reach your customers and students at all times is a huge step toward success.

The anywhere/anytime philosophy gives students access to their course content without searching out a desktop.

In a digital era, with everyone hanging out online, making course content available and up to date is a recipe for success.

With the customizable features offered by the Kajabi app, course creators and students will have much smoother engagement! 

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