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Our analysts have spent hours testing the Kajabi app, and here’s what they found:

The Kajabi app allows you to work seamlessly wherever you are.

Any change you make to your courses will instantly reflect on the app.

The Kajabi mobile app is a way of bridging the desktop experience of Kajabit to the mobile realm.

Best of all, the app gets constant updates, so there are always fixes and new features to check out.

Kajabi Mobile App

Who Is the Kajabi Mobile App For?

The Kajabi mobile app translates the Kajabi experience to your smartphone device. The app is super intuitive to use, and the design is highly responsive. Both students and content creators can use the app. 

  • Customers – Customers can get the app and digest your content in mobile format. The simplified designs are extremely accessible, and it is easy to access content with just a few clicks and swipes of your finger. Customers are always looking for mobile opportunities to learn. Using the app, students can browse through course listings and digest course content right from their phones. The Kajabi mobile app is a great way to take your learning mobile. 
  • Course Creators – Course creators can also use that app. One reason why a course creator would use the app is to check out the state of their courses. It’s a good way to give your courses a self-assessment and make sure that the materials translate over into the mobile format. If you sign up for a Kajabi trial, you will then be able to access all of your course content free of charge by using the mobile app. 
Kajabi Mobile App

Kajabi Mobile App Features

The Kajabi mobile app is the most recent evolution of the platform. The mobile app is a perfect way to capture that demographic of learners who are on the go and need to use their smartphone to consume course content. 

Excellent User Interface – When people try to access desktop sites on a mobile device, they are often put off. The reason why is the desktop site is just not designed for mobile. Even a flawlessly designed desktop site can look very poor on the phone. The Kajabi app has a mobile-specific user interface that is completely unique. It’s not just a condensed version of the desktop experience but a truly novel thing. The app interface has been built from the ground up, so everything works better and more smoothly. 

One-Touch Access – Accessing courses on the desktop involves keying in the right URL, entering in course login identifiers, and more. They might have bookmarks, but if they didn’t bother to save any, it could be hard for them to remember where to access your content. 

The mobile app allows for one-touch access to your Kajabi account. One tap opens the app, and then you can access specific parts like course listings and videos. There is no more need to remember URLs and passwords. Just click the app, and you are good to go. 

Push Notifications – One really cool feature of the Kajabi app is push notifications. Push notifications send alerts to your customers’ phones, so they pop up on their home screen. Push notifications are an amazing tool for building engagement with the app. They keep people coming back and put your updates and new content front and center. Push notifications are an important part of a marketing campaign as they give your mobile audience constant reminders about your context. 

Other features – Here are some other miscellaneous features of the Kajabi app. 

  • You can access the library of free and paid courses
  • View and manage downloadable materials such as PDFs, Docx, JPEGs, and more
  • Progression is saved every time you close the app. Pick up right where you left off!
  • Listen to lectures and watch training videos wherever you want, whenever you want.

Download Kajabi Mobile App

The Kajabi mobile app has Android and iPhone versions. You can download the Kajabi mobile app directly for the Google Playstore of the Apple App Store. The Kajabi app is 100% free to download. 

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