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The Kajabi mobile app enables course students to consume content on mobile devices.

The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded on mobile phones and tablets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi subscribers can use the mobile app to deliver courses
  • Students can download the Kajabi mobile app from the App Store and Google Play
  • All Kajabi creators can host courses on the mobile app

What Is the Kajabi Mobile App?

Kajabi has a native app solution that gives learners access to content on their mobile devices.

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

It should be noted that Kajabi has three apps: the Kajabi mobile app, the Kajabi Communities app, and the Kajabi Branded mobile app.

However, for this article, we’re just focused on the Kajabi mobile app, which gives learners access to their course content and accompanying community.

The platform’s mobile app also has push notifications that alert your learners to a new product release or tagged notification, which increases retention by bringing them back to the app.

Moreover, learners can track their course progression with its progress bar.

learners can track

How Does the Kajabi App Work?

Course customers can access their content by downloading the Kajabi mobile app.

After they’ve downloaded it, they can sign in and then find all of the course products they’ve purchased that are hosted on Kajabi.

The app they downloaded is branded as Kajabi’s, and only once they’ve logged in do they see the course creator’s branding and logo.

How Does the Kajabi App Work?

How to Customize the Kajabi Mobile App

The Kajabi mobile app lets users customize a limited number of features, which include the color scheme and logo.

Here’s how users can do that:

  1. From your Kajabi dashboard, select “Settings.”
  2. Then, click on “Mobile App Settings.”
How to Customize the Kajabi Mobile App
  1. Here, users can customize their app by uploading an icon, logo, and color scheme.
uploading an icon
  1. At the bottom of the section, users can also encourage their members to download the app by enabling a banner at the top of the course area of the website.
  2. Users can also copy the provided email broadcast to send to their members.
bottom of the section

What Does the Kajabi App Look Like?

Student Overview

After a student has logged in, they can see all the courses purchased with their account and select the one they’d like to access.

Learners can then select the courses they want to view and access on their mobile devices.

Student Overview

Once they’ve selected a course, they can see each module and the lessons within them.

They can then select a lesson to begin watching.

lesson to begin watching

At the bottom of the app, users can navigate to the “Updates” tab to view any notification and use the search feature if they’re looking for a specific module or lesson.

Creator Overview

Because Kajabi has built the app and is only using it as a delivery method, there isn’t an app view for creators.

Creators upload their course content onto Kajabi’s website, optimize it, and make it available for users through their app.

Kajabi subscribers don’t need to access the app to access the content. They can use other web-connected devices as well.

How to Access the Kajabi Mobile App

Learners can download the Kajabi mobile app from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Here’s how to access it:

  1. Navigate to the App Store/Google Play Store.
  2. In the search bar, type in “Kajabi mobile app.”
How to Access the Kajabi Mobile App
  1. Select the Kajabi mobile app and click “Download/Install.”
  1. Now, open the app and click “Get Started.”
Get Started
  1. Enter the email you used to purchase the course.
purchase the course
  1. Learners must then confirm their account using a code sent to their email.
account using a code
  1. You’ll now be able to see your course purchases and select the one you’d like to consume.

Subscription Plan Requirements for Kajabi’s Mobile App

The Kajabi mobile app is available for all subscription plan holders.

All Kajabi subscribers can host their course content on the site; no add-on or specific plan is required.

It should be noted that Kajabi has a branded app tool different from its mobile app, which allows users to create a branded app experience – this add-on costs $199 per month.

Mobile AppCost (monthly subscription)
The Basic Plan$149 per month
The Growth Plan$199 per month
The Pro Plan$399 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Kajabi has a native mobile app which allows learners to access the courses they’ve purchased. The Kajabi mobile app is available on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

The Mobile App supports 16 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Dutch. Creators can change the language of their mobile app within the settings.

The Kajabi Mobile App is designed for course delivery; therefore, it has modules, lessons, a progress tracker, and content update notifications. Moreover, users can access all courses hosted on Kajabi that they’ve purchased.

Yes, Kajabi’s mobile app has a push notification that sends their course students notification pop-ups. This great feature is designed to increase user engagement and retention by returning them to the app.

Kajabi does have a native community app called Kajabi Communities. However, this is a separate app to its course delivery solution.

The Kajabi mobile app is a core feature available on all subscription plans. The lowest price Kajabi plan is its entry-level Basic plan, which costs $149 per month.

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