What Languages Does Kajabi Support?

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This article will describe the limitations of this translation system, and offer our expert recommendations for getting around them.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can change your language settings in Kajabi to one of 16 supported languages;
  • Changing language settings will auto-translate the automated text on your website (customer, checkout settings, and alerts).
Kajabi Languages

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Our marketing experts have stressed that site-wide linguistic consistency is vital for online course platforms.

With that in mind, If you have online courses or digital products in multiple languages, you will require a translation of your site into those languages.

This continuity of language demonstrates professionalism and is likely to result in more sales conversions.

Languages Supported by Kajabi

Kajabi supports 16 international languages.

These include 5 of the top 10 most spoken languages in the world.

The following is a list of all the supported languages:

  •     Danish
  •     Dutch
  •     English
  •     Finnish
  •     French
  •     German
  •     Hungarian
  •     Italian
  •     Japanese
  •     Norwegian
  •     Polish
  •     Portuguese
  •     Russian
  •     Spanish
  •     Swedish
  •     Turkish

What Does It Translate?

Kajabi differentiates between two content types, customizable and auto-generated content.

The following section describes the difference between the two.

We also examine the effects of language settings on each of these.

Customizable vs. Auto-Generated Content

Kajabi offers its users the ability to customize their sites. You can tailor the content (like text and headings) to your brand’s needs.

Kajabi also offers auto-generated content that speeds up the user’s workflow by adding generic text.

Changing your Kajabi site’s language settings will cause Kajabi to translate the auto-generated content.

It will not, however, change the language of the customizable content of your website. The user has to translate this text manually.

Auto-Generated Content Examples

Below, we look at three auto-generated Kajabi content examples that will translate when you change the language settings.

Checkout Settings

Checkout Settings refers to the auto-generated text and headings on the Checkout Page of your website.

Member Settings

Each subscriber to your website will have a unique account.

They access their membership settings by clicking on the Avatar on the top-right of the page. 

The content in the Member Settings page will translate automatically when the language settings are changed.

Success Messages

Success Messages are pop-ups that appear after the successful purchase of one of your products or courses.

Multiple Languages on Kajabi

So, if you can’t automatically translate customizable content in Kajabi, how do you set up your site to support multiple languages? 

Kajabi offers unlimited landing pages on all its price plans. Create a customized landing page for each language you wish to include.

This method will enable the site creator to deliver content that is translated accurately (albeit manually) and relevant to the specific language and culture. 

How to Change a Language in Kajabi

The following steps will allow you to change the language of your site:

  1. Open the Settings tab on the bottom left-hand side of your site’s Dashboard;
  2. Under Site Settings, click on Site Details;
  3. The first section is the Site Info. Select a preferred language from the dropdown list;
  4. Click on the Save button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Bottom Line

The Kajabi translate feature enables you to switch languages in auto-generated content.

Although it doesn’t automatically translate custom user text, this is not necessarily a negative point.

Kajabi offers unlimited landing pages, enabling you to create a custom page for every required language.

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