Kajabi Checkout Page: 5 Things You Need to Know

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A checkout page can make or break your online business’ success, and an over-complicated and poorly designed page will result in reduced sales.

Having a well thought out and carefully branded page that offers customers a smooth checkout experience is essential for online business success.

Our experts have carefully researched the use and customization of Kajabi checkout pages.

This article will cover everything you need to know to get started or take your customization that little bit further.

Kajabi Checkout Page

What is a Kajabi Checkout Page?

A Kajabi checkout page lets you create a smooth and effortless online experience for your customers whenever they’re purchasing from you.

The inclusion of aspects such as your branding, frictionless checkout, and text customization allows your checkout page design to make an impact while keeping it simple.

Kajabi checkout pages elevate your online user’s experience by including features such as adding an order bump to your offer, including testimonials from satisfied clients, and sending out e-mails when a customer leaves without purchasing.

With Kajabi checkout pages, managing your e-commerce platform simply becomes easier for both you and your customers. 

How to Create a Checkout Page in Kajabi

Your offer is the price and checkout page for any of your products. An updated checkout template improves on Kajabi’s original checkout page. This template allows you to have more customization flexibility while creating a personal, online experience for your purchaser. 

To create a checkout page, go to your website’s dashboard. Open the page editor and click what you want to edit or create.

Click on Add Content in the sidebar.

Pick Offer from the list and generate an offer block. By selecting your offer from the dropdown, you can add information to the block.

Click Save to keep all changes. 

To edit an existing checkout page, open the Sales tab on your dashboard and click on Offers.

Next, edit the Offer and when done, click Edit Checkout at the top of the page. 

Finding Offer to Edit for Kajabi Checkout
Step 1: Choosing an Offer to Edit
Kajabi Checkout Edit Dashboard
Step 2: Selecting "Edit Checkout" Function
Step 3: Editing the Checkout Page

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5 Things You Need to Know About Kajabi Checkout Pages

Our in-house experts have compiled a list of five things you need to know about Kajabi checkout pages to maximize these features for your online business. We’ll take you through the customization options, checkout options, and how to create frictionless checkout. 

We’ll also talk about order bumps for your offers and the essential features of after-purchase settings to ensure you stay in contact with your customers.


1. Customization Options

Tailor the checkout page to your brand’s needs and create continuity in your site’s look and feel. Edit the offer title by customizing the font family and size. Choose the perfect header image or video – or remove it altogether. Select a primary color for the checkout page.

The checkout page is a good place to collect additional contact information to enhance your email marketing success. Add service agreements that must be acknowledged before completing a purchase.

You can also include chosen testimonials to boost buyer confidence and encourage clients to follow through with their orders.


2. Checkout Options

Kajabi excels at sales conversions, and the customizable checkout page is one of its specialties. Edit the checkout page by editing an offer. 

Upsell products by including what Kajabi calls order bumps. An order bump is a relevant product or service that users can purchase directly from the checkout page. 

Kajabi keeps track of order abandonment as well. Set up an automated e-mail targeting the individual that has abandoned their cart.

Speaking of automated e-mails, Kajabi makes it easy to set up automated e-mails to thank customers after they complete a purchase. These e-mails can, once again, upsell related products.


3. Frictionless Checkout

With Kajabi, customers can shop without having to log in or register on your site. This sometimes tedious process creates unnecessary friction and reduces sales.

Instead, you can set up your checkout page so that clients can purchase your chosen offers seamlessly.

Frictionless Checkout improves the comfort and ease with which customers can make purchases on your Kajabi site. 


4. Order Bumps

You may also want to include an order bump on a product checkout page.

An order bump advertises a relevant product to your customer while they are in the process of checking out.

This tool slots in an additional product as your client is about to place the order. Upselling products in this way can significantly increase sales. 


5. After-Purchase Settings

After-purchase settings deal with automated actions taken after the customer completes an order. Kajabi allows you to set up these customizable and automated actions easily. Below are some of our favorite features.

Confirmation E-mail

A purchase or order confirmation e-mail boosts customer confidence. This e-mail is your opportunity, as a business, to tell your client: “You made the right choice.” Set up a customized e-mail, including your site’s branding and the customer’s order list.

Affiliate Commission

An affiliate is a third party that advertises your product for sale on your behalf. Depending on your agreement with them, they may earn a certain percentage of the sales they refer to you. You can automate the payment to affiliates through the after-purchase settings.

Notification E-mails

Send automated notification e-mails to team members. This feature can notify manufacturers of goods or automatically place orders from third-party suppliers.

Thank You Page

Set up the after-purchase settings to send the customer over to a dedicated Thank You page. 


Bottom Line

Kajabi checkout pages align with your website and brand by giving you a range of customization features while still giving your customers a smooth online offer and purchase experience. Kajabi’s new (an improved) checkout template has replaced its original design.

Updated customization elements enhance your customer’s purchasing capabilities when buying your offer. 

Our team of researchers knows that Kajabi’s range of powerful tools and checkout page features mean your online business will always look professional.

At the same time, you can guarantee your customers a hassle-free virtual purchasing experience. What more could you ask from a checkout page?

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