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The Kajabi platform is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

Additionally, the platform provides a number of features you can add to your data collection forms and web pages to ensure your Kajabi products also remain GDPR compliant.

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Is Kajabi GDPR Compliant?

Is Kajabi GDPR Compliant

Kajabi, as a platform, is GDPR compliant. It takes the safety and security of customer data very seriously, and when the legislation came into effect in 2018, the platform completed a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

This enabled Kajabi to understand what measures it needed to take to ensure the platform remained GDPR compliant for its users and their customers. 

This included adding new features and updating existing ones to keep you on the right side of the law where data protection is concerned.

Kajabi Features for GDPR Compliance

GDPR applies to countries within the EU. Even if you are not based in this area, it is likely that some of your customers are. 

Therefore, it is essential that you comply with GDPR requirements.

Kajabi has made this easy by implementing several features that you can add to all your Kajabi-created products and services.

Add a Disclaimer to Opt-In Forms

Add a Disclaimer to Opt-In Forms

As per GDPR requirements, you must inform contacts that their data will be stored and used by a company when they provide it. 

The disclaimer text feature in Kajabi helps you add simple language to inform visitors that filling out a form will sign them up for your marketing emails.

Use the Double Opt-In Form

Use the Double Opt-In Form

The double opt-in form is a way to get absolute confirmation from contacts that they want to be included on your contact list. 

When someone completes a contact form, they are sent an email that asks them to confirm that they wish to subscribe. 

If the contact clicks on the Subscribe button, they are added to the contact list. If they ignore it, the contact will not be subscribed.

Double opt-in is included as the default option for Kajabi forms

Although you can switch it off, doing so is not recommended as it may mean you are breaching privacy regulations.

Add a Consent Box on Opt-In Forms

Add a Consent Box on Opt-In Forms

Adding a checkbox to forms ensures the contact has performed a definite action to ensure consent. Consent checkboxes must be manually added to forms by creating a new field. 

In the new field title, write what you want to gain consent for. For example, “I consent to receive updates and offers by email.” Or, “I consent to receive regular newsletters by email.

The key is to be clear and direct about what the person is consenting to. Do not be ambiguous or vague, as this will not be GDPR compliant.

Don’t forget that the double opt-in applies here, so even if the box is checked, the contact will still need to confirm the subscription via email.

Email “Unsubscribe” Link Included as Standard

Email “Unsubscribe” Link Included as Standard

An unsubscribe link is automatically included with all emails that are sent from the Kajabi platform. 

Recipients will find the link located in the footer section of the email.

Additionally, customers who have purchased courses and other products from you can log in to their account and update their email preferences via their profile settings.

This ensures that all your contacts have a quick and simple way to opt out of marketing communications.

Add a Cookie Disclaimer

Add a Cookie Disclaimer

It’s crucial to inform users about the cookies used on your website. 

This ensures you comply with privacy regulations and helps establish transparency while building trust in your brand. 

You can achieve this by adding a third-party cookie disclaimer to your Kajabi websites

Kajabi recommends using a free cookie disclaimer provider like Cookie Script or a paid provider like Osano.

Export Contact Data in a User-Friendly Format

Export Contact Data in a User-Friendly Format

Kajabi’s Contacts tab offers peace of mind with its secure data storage and processing, ensuring compliance with relevant privacy regulations. 

The tab also has the ability to export contact information in an easily accessible format. 

This enables you to share the data with a contact should they request to see the data you store about them.

Modify and Update Contact Data

Modify and Update Contact Data

If a contact makes a request for you to update their information, you can easily do so by selecting their contact profile and selecting Edit. 

What Else Can You Do to Remain GDPR Compliant?

While Kajabi provides ample features and tools to ensure your Kajabi products and web pages are GDPR compliant, there are a few things you can do yourself to strengthen compliance.

Add a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement

Add a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement

A privacy policy and terms of service agreement are publicly available statements that state how your business applies and adheres to GDPR compliance regulations.

They must be clear and concisely written in a manner that is easily understood. In other words, do not add complicated jargon or legal terms.

Each document needs to be easily found on your website, sales funnel, or landing page. In most cases, you can add a link in the header or footer of your web page.

Be Honest and Transparent

The quickest way to breach GDPR regulations is to be dishonest about what you plan to do with the data: for example, stating that completing a form will subscribe someone to a newsletter but then adding their contact information to numerous promotional campaigns for different products.

Be very clear about what you plan to use the data for and stick to it. If you want to use the data for other purposes, you must first gain consent from all your contacts.

Additionally, being honest and transparent will build trust for your brand and help you retain and grow your customer base. Therefore, it’s an essential practice no matter what.

Do Not Collect Unconsented Data

Data theft is a very real issue and can cause serious repercussions if you collect data that you didn’t ask consent for.

For example, if you state that names and email addresses will be stored for advertising purposes, then that is all the data you are permitted to collect. 

If you collect phone numbers without stating so, then this is considered data theft, and you will be in breach of GDPR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kajabi ensures GDPR compliance by having a full privacy policy and being transparent about what it does with your data.

The platform also ensures its users remain GDPR compliant by providing the necessary features to add to data collection forms.

Kajabi has a full and detailed privacy policy that is regularly updated. You can view the Kajabi privacy policy by scrolling to the bottom of the Kajabi website homepage and clicking on the Privacy Policy link.

You can add a privacy policy to your Kajabi sites by creating a web page and adding the text. Then, you must create a link to the privacy policy in the footer of the site’s main page or homepage.


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