Kajabi Website Examples

There are plenty of websites on Kajabi that offer courses in various industries. But how do these businesses create their websites on the platform?

That’s what you can find out in the Kajabi website examples we’ve listed below.  

Below are 30 Kajabi examples to help you envision creating a dynamic website for your online courses and getting the subscribers you need.  

30 Best Kajabi Examples

To help you develop your platform, we’ve listed 30 Kajabi website examples. These examples will inspire you to create a website that will set you apart from your competitors. 


1. Grant Cardone Training Center 

  • Niche: Mastering sales and marketing skills 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 57,815

Grant Cardone is a successful trainer that teaches people how to master their sales skills to increase their revenue and turn prospects into buyers. Using Kajabi, Grant can create and upload videos of his content and develop written assignments for his members to complete.

Grant Cardone University

2. BagLady Divorce 

  • Niche: Financial divorce expert
  • Organic Traffic Volume: Unknown
  • Sales Revenue: Over $1.2 million

Deanna Brown is a Divorce Financial Analyst. She uses Kajabi’s video interface to record, post, and upload videos to her site. To create her pipeline infrastructure, Deanna has utilized Kajabi to create a unique landing page for her checklist page.

Bag Lady Divorce

3. Simply Organic 

  • Niche: Holistic hair stylist courses  
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 18,600

Simply Organic has a unique website design that perfectly demonstrates what the business is about. To create stunning visual layouts, Simply Organic used one of Kajabi’s many customizable templates.

Simply Organic

4. Glossible

  • Niche: Online makeup courses  
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Glossible utilizes Kajabi to create short but informative online courses for makeup artists using video tools. Take a look at the Glossible shop to see how you can structure your e-commerce store using Kajabi to sell products to your members. 


5. Floret Online Workshop

  • Niche: How to grow flowers 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 38,962

Floret Online Workshop created a seamless landing page to get more leads to learn more about the website. The site has a stunning page created with Kajabi forms and landing page features. There’s also a CTA button with the perfect placement. 


6. Deborah Case Dance Academy

  • Niche: Online dance classes 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Deborah Case develops unique video tutorials using Kajabi’s video tools. You can list videos in a playlist format to structure courses correctly. You can also set course pricing for students on various levels so you can gain members from beginner to pro in no time. 


7. Juice Guru Institute 

  • Niche: Health and wellness blog  
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Want to give daily advice on health and wellness to your active members? Kajabi lets you write blogs to help your members live a healthier lifestyle. With Kajabi’s blogging tool, you can optimize your content (known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO) while providing helpful daily tips to your subscribers.


8. Full Plate Living

  • Niche: Food blog and tutorials 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Full Plate Living creates video tutorials through Kajabi. The site also has a blog with stunning visuals. With Kajabi, you can add media to blogs and create a site like Full Plate Living. Additionally, you can track site traffic on Kajabi to see how well your content is doing. 


9. Putting Me Together 

  • Niche: Fashion for women 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 11681

Putting Me Together teaches women around the world how to build a unique fashion style. The site wouldn’t be successful without the layout of the landing page. Use Kajabi’s landing page tools to drive traffic to your site and get more people to subscribe to your courses. 

Simply Put Together

10. FullyRaw

  • Niche: Healthy eating 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 2526

FullyRaw has plenty of members on the site. This substantial membership is because the developer used Kajabi’s email marketing tools to drive traffic to the platform. There’s also a perfect layout of the courses students can take and tabs to drive traffic to the site’s blog page


11. Passion For Savings 

  • Niche: Affordable dinners for moms 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 142,133

Passion For Savings has a website with a streamlined layout. It gets straight to the point by including tabs at the top to navigate through the site easily. The developers used Kajabi’s tools to create an online shop to sell products to visitors, complete with pricing and product descriptions. 

Passion for Savings

12. Education By Matt Johnson

  • Niche: How to become a wedding filmmaker 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 2404

Kajabi is the perfect platform to create online courses for a specific niche. This site has a playlist of courses with an action button to click on to start a course. You can do this, too, using the tools Kajabi offers to build your website.

Who Is Matt

13. Wholetones 

  • Niche: Music streaming. 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 3,889

You can add audio and visuals to your Kajabi site just like Wholetones has done. Adding sound is easy using the Kajabi web builder tools. To get more members, add a ‘subscribe’ button to your site. 


14. Love and Logic 

  • Niche: Parenting self-help site  
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 4,669

You can develop self-help courses and upload them to your Kajabi website, similar to Love and Logic. Sell courses and use the unlimited email marketing option to promote your website.

Love and Logic

15. RetroSupply Co. 

  • Niche: Retro/vintage graphics  
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 24,222

RetroSupply sells digital products such as graphic designs. You can upload your artwork easily with Kajabi without compromising on quality, and you can put prices on them. Customers can download digital products from the site as soon as they make a payment. 

Retro Supply

16. David Whyte 

  • Niche: Self-discovery through poetry 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 3,949

Kajabi isn’t simply for pre-recorded video courses. David Whyte can live stream his seminars using Kajabi products. You can also use YouTube live through the platform, which is a great way to connect with your audience. 

David Whyte

17. Digital Track and Field 

  • Niche: Online coaching. 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

This site uses Kajabi to coach its members with over 50 lessons and two hours of video content. Use shorter videos to teach members a particular skill. You can edit your videos effortlessly using the Kajabi video editing tool.  

Digital Track and Field

18. Ad Zombies

  • Niche: Online marketing 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Ad Zombies lists courses on the homepage and includes a price so members can budget for a course. The developer also created a perfectly placed subscription box using the tools offered by Kajabi. 

Ad Zombies

19. The Secret Energy Innerversity 

  • Niche: Metaphysics 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 2,246

The Innerversity site has plenty of high popping visuals. One that stands out is the video background in the Hero banner. You can use moving visuals too for your banner by customizing your Section Background. 

Secret Energy

20. Gotch SEO

  • Niche: SEO and marketing 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 5,569

This site added a search option at the bottom of their page so visitors can search the site for specific products or content. You can add a search bar by using the Customize option on the Website dashboard.

Gotch SEO

21. Parkbench 

  • Niche: Real Estate marketing tactics 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 49,186

Videos and images aren’t the only type of content you can add to your site. Parkbench added ebooks by using the Products feature on Kajabi. You can automatically send ebooks to members once they’ve paid for their product. 


22. PBN Academy

  • Niche: Healthy eating  
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 40,104

The folks at PBN Academy have added their custom logo to their Kajabi site. You can add your own logo with any package, but if you choose the Growth plan, you’ll have the option to remove Kajabi branding.

Plant Based News

23. FreeUp University 

  • Niche: Business training 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 17,128

FreeUp University has a streamlined homepage with tabs at the top for support and a page where members can buy courses. Use this layout as inspiration to create a minimalistic site with the Kajabi website builder. 

FreeUp University

24. Youinfuse Online Studies 

  • Niche: Online studies
  • Organic Traffic Volume:  <2000

Here is another site that has opted for the Pro Kajabi plan. The site can accommodate up to 20,000 active members. Developers can also customize the entire site using the code editing tool that comes with the Pro tier (or Kajabi Access). 

You Infuse

25. Fade2Fit

  • Niche: Health and fitness 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

The folks at Fade2Fit use two pages for their site. They developed one page so members could sign in. You can easily create a sign-in page using the Website tab on Kajabi.

Fade 2 Fit

26. Wild for Planners 

  • Niche: For event planners 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Wild for Planners has developed two websites. One site is for connecting members, and the other offers courses for event planners. There’s a call to action on both sites to drive traffic between the two websites.

Wild University

27. Government Social Media 

  • Niche: Government social media training 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Government Social Media’s site has tabs for events and a place where like-minded people can connect. You can add various tabs to your social media pages or add contacts to your page with Kajabi. 

Government Social Media

28. Fleur De Lisa Solutions 

  • Niche: Digital marketing 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Fleur De Lisa Solutions has added a chatbot to help members navigate the platform when teachers aren’t available. You can integrate a chatbot onto your site using the AI Bot platform on Kajabi.  

Fleur De Lisa Solutions

29. Pop Pilates 

  • Niche: Fitness and exercise  
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000

Pop Palates has an array of offers on the homepage. The site has a blog section, courses and they sell apparel. You can sell both digital and physical products on your Kajabi site and structure them using the website builder tool.

POP Pilates

30. Psychotherapy.net Academy 

  • Niche: Psychotherapy 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 17,784

Psychotherapy Academy adds a bit more about their niche by creating an ‘About Us’ page. To give your members an overview of what you offer, you should also add this page through the website builder. Be sure to create SEO content in this section to boost your site’s traffic.


Bottom Line

Did you find the Kajabi website examples inspiring? With Kajabi, you don’t have to be a professional web developer to get your site up and running. Simply use the tools on your dashboard to create landing pages, add videos and write dynamic content for your site. 

You’ll appreciate how effortless it is to create a unique and professional website that you can launch within a day of development.

Are you ready to develop yours?

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