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The online business landscape is large and varied.

Kajabi serves as the backbone for several online brands across several industries. It’s now easier than ever to start your own business on Kajabi. Kajabi’s latest offer makes the platform hard to resist.

From meal prep plan pages to online events and courses, Kajabi is a versatile tool that can be used to create, market, and sell your digital products. 

Of course, just saying Kajabi is versatile is not enough; you probably want some proof.

We put together this list of successful types of businesses that are built using the Kajabi platform.

These Kajabi-built businesses run the gamut from education to self-help to lifestyle planning. Our examples include screenshots of various landing pages, homepages, blog posts & more. 

Kajabi Site Examples

We picked a few Kajabi examples from each niche to give you a better idea about Kajabi’s capabilities as an all-in-one business platform.

5 Best Kajabi Examples


1. Life Coaching

Kajabi offers a powerful platform for lifestyle coaches and influencers to sell their knowledge.

Kajabi’s versatile video interface and webinar capabilities make it easy to record, edit, and publish videos using an in-house suite of dedicated tools.

You can clip snippets of videos and courses as free previews and give paying members access to more premium content and lectures.

Kajabi also has a built-in blog post function that is perfect for life coaches to give daily updates and tips.

Popular coaching websites using Kajabi train people on how to live more fulfilling lives, become healthy, or how to open a business in a specific niche.


2. Education

We live in a knowledge-based economy and people are always looking for ways to educate themselves and expand their skill sets.

Kajabi is particularly useful for creating, marketing and selling online courses.

Whether you want to share your expertise on cybersecurity or want to educate people about the finer points of investing in real estate, the member functions and video capabilities of the Kajabi platform are a fantastic way to create online courses geared towards education.

Kajabi lets you keep a rolling student roster, partition students based on which courses they are enrolled in, and lets you push special offers and promotional deals to those enrolled. 

Using the built-in Kajabi video tool, you can create snippets of courses to serve as free samples for visitors and create special pages reserved for paying members who want access to premium content.

The competent email marketing tools let you automate email blasts to notify students when you upload a new course. 


3. Lessons

Do you have a unique skill that you want to teach other people?

Kajabi is the perfect platform for selling courses for learning specific skills or recreation activities. An example above shows an online course for dancing.

Say you want to teach the world how to dance or how to work with wood.

Kajabi lets you create custom lessons and lesson plans to instruct students on the finer points of these activities.

Kajabi allows you to place different pricing on lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students so you can capture the attention of hobby enthusiasts of all skill levels. 

The Kajabi blog is perfect for giving students daily lessons or other resources to help with their practice.

The video tools let you create unique playlists for course curriculums.

The ability to create landing pages creates the pipeline infrastructure you need to attract and retain new students.  


4. Health and Wellness

More people than ever are interested in personal health and wellness.

Kajabi is an excellent platform for health and fitness gurus to spread their knowledge about living a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

Kajabi lets you create your own custom fitness and health courses that you can sell to site members.

Whether you want to make videos related to specific workout routines or recipes for healthy home-cooked meals, Kajabi‘s intuitive interface and powerful tools make selling your digital products easier than ever.

The blogging tool is useful for giving daily advice, advancing challenges to students and giving helpful workout tips and fitness strategies. 

Kajabi also gives website owners access to affiliate programs so they can generate extra revenue through promoted products.

If you are interested in featuring a particular fitness or health product on your page, Kajabi makes it easy to set up affiliate links and track clicks.

You can also sell your own stock of physical products too, so a Kajabi-built course website is a great add-on to a fitness business that relies primarily on selling physical products.


5. A Blog

Blogs have exploded in popularity in recent years.

If you have ever wanted an internet podium to express your voice, Kajabi is a great platform for making yourself heard.

Whether your niche is marketing, technology, or investing, you can create specific pages and reading lists for paying customers.

Kajabi has a built-in tool that lets you embed podcasts directly in the pages of your posts so you can integrate blog posting with any podcasts your run.

Kajabi also has tools that allow you to track site traffic and how many video plays you get.

The automated tools let you set up email blasts and you can build a solid list of subscribers.

You can also create a paywalled section that hosts premium content such as extra pieces and analyses.

Starting a blog is a great idea for an online business and Kajabi has the tools to make sure your posts reach the correct audience.


Today’s knowledge economy is growing faster than ever and there has never been a better time to jump in.

Kajabi is a powerful platform for creators who want to sell digital products and can be used across a wide range of industries.

There are multiple themes to choose from and all plans allow an unlimited number of landing pages to be created.

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Samuel Fletcher
Samuel Fletcher
Samuel is an experienced online business coach with over 10 years of experience. He has a keen interest in knowledge commerce and digital marketing. Samuel strongly believes in dedication, perseverance and commitment.

Disclosure: I am not an employee or representative of Kajabi, LLC. I am an independent Kajabi Partner and I receive referral payments from Kajabi in this role. All opinions expressed herein are my own and are not official statements of Kajabi or any party affiliated with Kajabi.