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The main objective of this page is to help you save on your Kajabi subscription.

In the past, Kajabi has offered considerable discounts on its products from time-to-time, especially over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We’re always on the lookout for pricing and plan changes and special offers.

These offers will be updated as they come out, so bookmark this page if you want to stay up to date on all the Kajabi specials.

Kajabi Black Friday Deals

Kajabi Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, many of you are understandably eager to find out what specials Kajabi will have.

We will update this article with Kajabi’s special offers (if there are any) as soon as they are released.

Some of the previous specials Kajabi offered were:

2019 Black Friday Deal

Kajabi did not offer any Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales during 2019. 

 2018 Black Friday Deal

  •       Twice the features of the Kajabi Basic plan;
  •       Affiliate program
  •       Titan 6-week marketing course
  •       3 Coaching calls

 Kajabi sold all of this for $199 per month or $1197 per year. 

 2017 Black Friday Deal

Kajabi offered up to 60% off selected plans.

Are There Any Kajabi Special Offers Now?

Yes! Kajabi is offering a 28-day free trial (instead of the standard 14-day trial) to test and explore their most popular plan – the Growth package. You can cancel at any time during or after the free trial at no cost. 

 Additionally, you can save 20% on all Kajabi plans when you sign up with annual billing. This discount equates to savings of:

  •       $30 per month on the Basic plan;
  •       $40 per month on the Growth plan; and
  •       $80 per month on the Pro plan.

Should I Wait for Black Friday Before Signing Up for Kajabi?

Kajabi has announced that they will no longer be offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Instead, they plan to focus on continuously providing value-for-money packages to their users. They also release additional special offers throughout the year.

If you are thinking of joining Kajabi, don’t delay by waiting for potential Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. We recommend making use of the current 28-day free trial and annual subscription offers, as discussed above. 

Bottom Line

Kajabi has offered some great specials during Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays in the past. They have, however, changed their marketing philosophy to provide potential clients with high-value packages throughout the year. 

The free trials, including the current 28-day trial of the Growth Plan, and savings from the annual subscription are more than enough reason to join Kajabi today.

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Samuel Fletcher
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