Kajabi Pricing: What’s The Real Cost of Each Plan?

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Kajabi Pricing Table

Price$119 to $399
Pricing ModelSubscription
Discount20% Discount
TrainingFREE Training
Free TrialExtended 28 Days Trial

Kajabi Pricing Overview

Kajabi offers three differently priced plans. The price depends on the features you’ll need and whether you choose to pay annually or month by month.

  • Basic - $149/Month ($119/Month When Billed Annually)
  • Growth - $199/Month ($159/Month When Billed Annually)
  • Pro - $399/Month ($319/Month When Billed Annually)
Kajabi Pricing
 Basic PlanGrowth PlanPro Plan
Price$149 per month$199 per month$399 per month
Active Members1,00010,00020,000
Marketing EmailsUnlimitedUnlimited2,000,000
Landing PagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Admin Users11025
Transaction Fees0%0%0%
Kajabi UniversityYesYesYes
Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys)YesYesYes
Ready to Use TemplatesYesYesYes
Affiliate ProgramNoYesYes
Code EditorNoNoYes

Kajabi Annual Discount

Kajabi offers 20% discount if you choose to pay annually. Paying upfront will cost you:

  • Basic Plan - $1788 for the Whole Year (Saving You $350)
  • Growth Plan - $2388 for the Whole Year (Saving You $480)
  • Pro Plan - $3828 for the Whole Year (Saving You $960)

If you opt for the annual billing, you’ll be paying:

  • $119 per month instead of $149 for the Basic plan
  • $159 per month instead of $199 for the Growth plan
  • $319 per month instead of $399 for the Pro plan
PlanMonthly BillingAnnual BillingAnnual Saving
Basic$149 per month, $1788 per year$119 per month, $1428 per year$350
Growth$199 per month, $2388 per year$159 per month, $1908 pear year$480
Pro$399 per month, $4788 per year$319 per month, $3828 per year$960

All plans are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

How Much Does Kajabi Cost?

Kajabi costs as little as $119 a month if you pay annually (20% annual discount applied) and allows you to have:

  • 15 Products & Pipelines
  • 25,000 Contacts
  • 10,000 Active Members
  • Unlimited Landing Pages & Marketing Emails

Kajabi can also be as expensive as $399 a month if you pay month by month and pick the Pro Plan which includes:

  • 100 Products & Pipelines
  • 100,000 Contacts
  • 20,000 Active Members
  • Unlimited Landing Pages & 2,000,000 Marketing Emails

Kajabi does not charge transaction fees.

How to Get Kajabi for FREE

Kajabi doesn’t offer a free plan, but it does offer an extended 28-day free trial to our readers. You can now test the platform for the whole month before subscribing.

Kajabi also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you could be using the platform for two months—completely free.

Kajabi Plans: Which One to Choose?

As you’ve now learned, there are three types of Kajabi plans.

Let’s decide which one is suitable for your needs.

  1. The Basic Plan is good for entrepreneurs who are just getting their business off the ground.
  2. The Growth Plan as the name indicates is best for small businesses that are looking to grow fast.
  3. The Pro Plan is best for larger and more established businesses.

We will review each plan in more detail below.

Kajabi Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

The Basic Plan

Kajabi is designed as an all-in-one solution for businesses that sell digital products.

So even on the Basic plan, you get access to a well-rounded library of tools and features.

As far as allowances, the Basic plan gets you access to:

  • 3 products
  • 3 pipelines
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited marketing emails
  • 10,000 email address contacts
  • 1,000 active members
  • 1 website
  • 1 admin user
Kajabi Basic Plan

Basic plan subscribers also get access to Kajabi University, Webinars/Events, email marketing templates, assessments/quizzes/surveys, chat customer support, and email automations.

Customer support and customer service is not 24/7 on this plan though.

All Kajabi plans include unlimited hosting and the basic plan is no different. Kajabi runs its video hosting through Wistia and courses are compatible with multiple file types.

Automations also open up several avenues for running creative campaigns, though automation tools are limited on the Basic plan.

You have to upgrade to the Growth plan to get access to advanced automations. 

As you can see, even the Basic plan has great features. 1,000 active members is a great starting point and you get 10,000 email address contacts.

Kajabi Basic Plan

The Growth Plan

The Growth plan is Kajabi’s middle-tier plan and is described as the platform’s most popular subscription option.

The Growth plan retains all Basic features, upgrades some, and adds a few new tools:

  • 15 products
  • 15 pipelines
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited marketing emails
  • 25,000 email address contacts
  • 10,000 active members
  • 1 website
  • 10 admin users
Kajabi Growth Plan

The Growth plan gives a major buff to the total number of allowed products, pipelines, email address contacts, and active members.

Growth members also get all the perks of the Basic plan plus access to 24/7 chat customer support, advanced automations, custom branding, and affiliate programs. 

More products and more pipelines equal more sales and the larger email list lets you run more thorough marketing campaigns.

Growth plan lets you remove Kajabi branding from your website and membership website. Lastly, the affiliate program opens up opportunities for more revenue.

Kajabi Growth Plan

The Pro Plan

The Pro plan is Kajabi’s highest-tier plan.

The Pro plan allows:

  • 100 products
  • 100 pipelines
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • 2,000,000 marketing emails
  • 100,000 contacts
  • 20,000 active members
  • 3 websites
  • 25 admins users 
Kajabi Pro Plan

Notice that the Pro plan does not have unlimited marketing emails, unlike the previous plans, and instead settles at 2 million.

The other limits are significantly higher than the Growth plan, including the option for multiple websites. 

The Pro plan has many of the same features as the Growth plan.

The crucial difference is that the Pro plan opens up access to the code editor.

As you can see, Kajabi’s plans do not significantly differ from one another in terms of features they offer.

Rather, the difference is in how many products, pipelines, active members, and contacts you can have. 

However, Kajabi puts everything in one place and so removes the need to pay for things like hosting, extensions, or plugins. The all-in-one design means you get great value for money. 

Kajabi Pro Plan

Kajabi Pricing Compared to Competitors

Two of Kajabi’s main competitors in the online course market are Teachable and Thinkific. Thinkific and Teachable offer 4 pricing plans each, and both include a free-tier plan.

Let’s start with Teachable. Teachable has 4 plans

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Basic: $39/mo
  • Professional: $119/mo
  • Business: $299/mo

Teachable’s main thing is that you get unlimited courses, students, hosting, and video even on the free plan. However, the free and Basic plans have a 10% + 1$ and 5% transaction fee, respectively.

On Thinkific’s end, they also offer 4 pricing plans:

  • Free: 0$/mo
  • Basic: $49/mo
  • Pro: $99/mo
  • Premier: $499/mo

Like Teachable, Thinkific greatly limits the tools you can use on the lower plans. You would have to get the $99 plan to get access to all the features.

Directly comparing pricing is misleading because Teachable and Kajabi offer very different features. For instance, Teachable locks you out of a lot of their tools on the lower plans.

Kajabi does not. If you wanted to use all Teachables features, you would need the $119/mo plan, and even then you wouldn’t get as many tools as Kajabi has.

Either way, neither Teachable nor Thinkific has marketing tools comparable to Kajabi. Marketing tools, sales funnels builders, email automations, and popups/options forms, are all things you get with Kajabi that are not present in Teachable or Thinkific.

That means that if you want to get as much functionality out of Teachable and Thinkific as you can out of Kajabi, you would have to shell out for plugins, extensions, themes, and marketing tools.

These fees could easily rack up to a couple of hundred dollars per month, which quickly offsets the savings cost from the cheaper pricing plans. 

Kajabi, on the other hand, puts all you need in one place. There are no extensions, no plug-ins, no themes you have to pay to download, and nor hosting or marketing fees.

So going by overall value for money, Kajabi has superior pricing options than both Teachable and Thinkific. 

Also, think about how much time and effort you’d be saving by buying an integrated platform. Instead of wasting time patching together tools and testing modules, you can focus on creating online courses and running your business. 

One other platform commonly contrasted with Kajabi is Kartra, an all-in-one platform for businesses that sell digital products. Like Kajabi, Kartra emphasizes marketing and integrating everything in one place. 

Kartra’s pricing starts at $99/mo and most plans give you access to the whole suite of features.

The main shortcoming with Kartra is that its module for online courses and membership site-building tools are not as comprehensive as Kajabi. So, when you use Kartra with another website building platform, it quickly becomes much more expensive than Kajabi. 

Kajabi beats out its competitors because it offers the ideal ratio of price to features. The integrated nature of the platform also saves on costs because there is no need to purchase extra software packages or plugins. 

Kajabi Pricing Compared to Tech Stack

We can also compare Kajabi pricing to the costs of other platforms that aren’t direct Kajabi competitors.

For example, if you were to use a platform to send emails to your subscribers (which is an essential part of selling online courses or any other digital product), you could use Mailchimp or a similar platform.

Mailchimp will cost you well over $100 per month for 10,000 subscribers.

Now, if we compare this to Kajabi’s pricing, their cheapest plan costs $149 and allows you to have 10,000 subscribers and send unlimited emails.

So, just for an additional $49 you get an amazing platform and all its features that are constantly being improved. It sounds like a good deal to me. 

Kajabi Price Comparison

Is Kajabi Worth It?

Kajabi pricing plans might look costly at first sight, however, when you consider everything else: the functionality Kajabi provides, the ease of creating your own website and making money selling your own products, then the price doesn’t seem that big.

  • You need to ask yourself, are you serious about your business?
  • How much energy and time are you planning to spend to create your product?
  • Are you looking to earn $100 per month or at least a couple of thousand?
  • How are you going to price you your product? If you sell your online course for $99/month, you’ll only need to make 2 sales per month to make a profit.

Answering these questions will help you decide if Kajabi is the right platform for you – it has all the tools and support you need to make seven-digit returns, everything else depends on you.

They will even send you gifts when you reach certain milestones, for example, once you reach $1 million in sales.


  • Powerful tools in an inclusive platform
  • Ability to launch your own website with ease
  • Perfect for selling online courses
  • Video hosting included for course business
  • Good blogging capabilities
  • Plans differ mostly on scale and size, not so much on features included. Even the basic plan has a lot of great features
  • Excellent new features
  • Best known as course creation tool
  • One of the most popular course platforms
  • Affiliate marketing functionality
  • Ability to create a membership site 
  • Good video capabilities
  • Great for email marketing campaigns
  • Ability to create and grow an email list
  • Clear pricing tiers with no hidden fees.
  • Minimum technical skills required
  • User-friendly page builder
  • Excellent marketing features
  • Helpful customer support


  • A good bit more expensive than competitors
  • No free-tier option
  • Comments, but no discussion forums
  • No affiliate program at entry level
  • No option for continuing education credits

Kajabi Pricing FAQs

Is Kajabi Free?

It’s not free. Kajabi does not offer a free plan, but a free trial is available.

How Much Does Third-Party Payment Processing Costs in Kajabi?

Kajabi does not charge a transaction fee, however, standard Stripe / PayPal payment processing fees will apply. For example, Stripe charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Plan Later On?

Yes, you can upgrade your Kajabi subscription later on if you want. You can change your pricing plan from the Settings tab in the dashboard.

Does Kajabi Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Kajabi offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of your payment, you can get a full refund on your purchase.

Will I Be Able to Cancel My Account?

Yes, you’ll be able to cancel your monthly Kajabi subscription from the Settings tab on the dashboard. If you take advantage of our extended trial promotion, you’ll have almost 2 months to cancel your trial and get your money back. Alternatively, cancel within 28 days and you won’t have to pay a cent.

Are There Any Transaction Fees?

No, Kajabi does not charge any additional fees, greatly reducing the overall Kajabi cost. however, there might be additional fees set by 3rd party payment processor.

What Is the Difference Between a Member and a Contact?

Members are users who have bought products on your site. Members receive a purchase confirmation email and get member login credentials.

Contacts are users who have opted into a form on your site but have not purchased anything from your site yet and have not yet made an account. Contacts still receive marketing emails.

What Is Considered an Active Member?

An active member is any member that has accessed their account and registered some activity in the past 30 days. The different plans for Kajabi allow different numbers of active members.

Do I Need a Credit Card to Start a Trial?

Yes, you must provide a valid credit card. You must cancel your subscription before the payment date to avoid charges to your card.

Are There Any Visitor and Bandwidth Limits?

Kajabi does not limit your streaming bandwidth and there is no visitor limit. They do recommend uploading videos at 1080p at 5,000-10,000 kbps.


Kajabi Review

Overall, Kajabi is a convenient, powerful, and scalable website builder with powerful email marketing tools.

It has everything you need to sell digital products. You can even use it to create a membership site.

You’ll also be able to test as many sales pages as you would like since all of their plans allow you to create an unlimited amount of pages.

Kajabi is best known as an online course platform and is perfect for course creators, however, it’s not limited to online course sales, you can sell all types of digital products.

Kajabi offers some advantages over similar course-oriented platforms including a more integrated experience and strong video performance.

In terms of Kajabi costs, it’s slightly on the higher end, however, the features  and tools they provide are worth it.

Get started with Kajabi today and start building your online business empire! 

Signing up for a free trial is easy, simply hit the button at the top of this page enter your name, email address and you’re done!

You can also watch the video version of this overview here.

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