Kajabi Pricing Is Cheaper Than You Think, Here’s Why

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Kajabi’s features are excellent, and you don’t have to use or pay for third-party apps. Because of this, Kajabi ends up being more affordable than you initially thought.

I’ve broken down Kajabi’s pricing and uncovered all the potential extra costs so you can see precisely how much you will pay.

Key Takeaways:

Kajabi Is Expensive But Still Saves You Money

Kajabi Is Expensive But Still Saves You Money

I’m not going to pretend that Kajabi is a low-cost platform. It isn’t. But you do get exceptional value for your money. The key phrase here is “all-in-one,” meaning you get all the features you need to set up, run, and scale your business without using (and paying for) third-party platforms.

Moreover, Kajabi’s features are best-in-class. You’re not getting a clunky, outdated system—you’re getting something user-friendly and modern that is frequently updated.

Let’s just say for a moment you had to purchase a third-party platform for each of Kajabi’s features. Here’s an idea of what that would cost:

FeaturePlatform examplesCosts from
Course builderTeachable, Thinkific, Kartra$59/month
Community toolCircle, Mighty Networks$99/month
Website builderWordPress, Squarespace, Wix$23/month
Landing page builderConvertKit, Leadpages$15/month
Funnel builderClickFunnels, Groove$97/month
EmailerMailchimp, ActiveCampaign$13/month
Livestream/webinar toolWebinarJam$49/month
Calendar appCalendly$10/month
CheckoutSamCart, ThriveCart$79/month

Obviously, there’s some crossover with these platforms, so you wouldn’t get all of them realistically. However, you would still need several of them to get the same functionality that Kajabi offers, which would be considerably more expensive than a Kajabi subscription. 

Plus, you’d have to go through the bother of integrating everything and ensuring they all work together. With Kajabi, you can avoid that headache altogether.

How Much Is Kajabi per Month?

How Much Is Kajabi per Month?

The monthly cost of Kajabi varies depending on which of its four plans you choose and is higher than the annual payment option:

PlanMonthly costMonthly cost for annual paymentTotal annual costDiscount for paying annually

The Benefits of Kajabi Annual Pricing

The Benefits of Kajabi Annual Pricing

The benefits of paying for Kajabi annually are clear. Doing so nets you a 20% discount.

However, although it can be challenging to come up with the lump sum required to pay upfront, I recommend doing this if you can because the savings are worth it.

Here’s an extra tip I also recommend. Once you have paid for the first year, set aside some money each month to have it ready when it comes to pay for the second year.

Kajabi Pricing vs. Plan Value: How to Choose the Right One

Kajabi Pricing vs. Plan Value: How to Choose the Right One

It’s important to carefully consider which Kajabi plan aligns closest with your needs and where you are in your business journey. That way, you don’t overpay for features and limits you don’t need.

Besides, you can upgrade your plan any time you like, so if you start with a lower-cost plan and realize it’s not enough, it’s easily fixed.

To help you choose, here are my recommendations for each plan:


Who it’s for

  • For complete newbies who haven’t yet created a product or launched their business 
  • Also good for folks who are only interested in creating and selling a single product 
Good to know
  • You have a one-product limit with 50 customers max, so scaling will be impossible without upgrading your plan
  • You can only add 250 contacts and send 1,250 emails per month, which isn’t ideal if you already have a large lead or contact list


Who it’s for

  • For those who already have a product and want to scale their business slightly higher 
  • This is also a better option for those who plan to use email as their main marketing method

Good to know

  • You can create up to three products, so you can add value by creating a product bundle
  • Unlimited emails make this a better plan for fulfilling marketing requirements
  • The 10,000 contacts and 1,000 customer limit is something to watch out for


Who it’s for

  • For established businesses that are ready to expand their product range 
  • Those looking to diversify their income will also like that the Kajabi affiliate program is also available on this plan

Good to know

  • There’s a 15-product limit on the Growth plan with 25,000 contacts and up to 10,000 customers
  • This option is better for experienced marketers as you also get advanced automations and custom branding
  • 24/7 live support is also offered


Who it’s for

  • If you need this plan, congratulations! Your business is doing extremely well
  • This is only for those who have exhausted their product limit on the Growth plan

Good to know

  • You get 100 products, 100,000 contacts, and 20,000 customers
  • You can also create up to three websites, which means you can create three separate businesses
recommendations for each plan

Some may wonder what you do when you hit the maximum plan limits. Well, there is a fifth option called Kajabi Enterprise.

Made for those fortunate enough to hit six figures in revenue, it features custom plan features and limits. Of course, that means custom pricing, too, so it’s impossible to understand how much Kajabi Enterprise costs.

Why Kajabi Kickstarter Plan Pricing Is a Gamechanger

Why Kajabi Kickstarter Plan Pricing Is a Gamechanger

Kajabi has finally addressed the issue of its prices being too high for newbies by introducing the new Kickstarter plan.

Now, new users can get Kajabi for as little as $55 per month, which is way more affordable than the previous cheapest option at $119 per month. I believe this will convince many more people to take the plunge and sign up.

Instead of starting with a cheaper alternative platform with sub-standard features, it’s now affordable to go with Kajabi right off the bat. And, when you’re working with best-in-class tools, it will be easier to scale your business faster. 

Kajabi Transaction Fees (There’s Nothing to Worry About!)

Kajabi Transaction Fees (There’s Nothing to Worry About!)

Some similar platforms appear cheap—until you look at their transaction fees. In some cases, these can be as high as 10% (Teachable and Podia—I’m looking at you), which is a huge amount to shell out for every sale.

Fortunately, there’s no concern here for Kajabi, and zero transaction fees are applied, no matter which plan you are subscribed to.

While we’re on this subject, I’ll quickly highlight the fees for using Kajabi’s own payment processor—Kajabi Payments. While there are transaction fees (perfectly normal for a payment provider), they are almost identical to Stripe’s:

Payment typeKajabi PaymentsStripe
One-time transaction2.9% + $0.302.9% + $0.30
International card fees1.5%1.5%
Currency conversion1%1%
Sales tax calculation$0.150.5%
Dispute handling$15$15
Buy now, pay later$6 + $0.30From $5.99 + $0.30

Kajabi Account Pause Pricing

Kajabi Account Pause Pricing

Did you know there is an option to pause your Kajabi account? This can be a lifesaver if something comes up and you can’t work on your Kajabi business for a while.

Essentially, “parking” your Kajabi account means you can no longer do anything inside it. Customers also cannot access your website and pages or purchase and use any products. But the important thing is that your data and work remain intact.

Unlike canceling your Kajabi account, where everything is eventually deleted, parking your account means you can pick up where you left off as soon as you reinstate it.

This service costs $29 per month, so it’s much cheaper than any full-price plan. I say it’s worth doing if you have created a lot of content you don’t want to lose.

Kajabi Add-Ons: Are They Worth the Price?

Kajabi Add-Ons: Are They Worth the Price?

When you check out Kajabi’s price plans, it’s not immediately obvious there are add-on features available at an extra cost. However, these are “nice-to-haves” rather than essential tools.

Not paying for them will not affect your experience using the platform, but they’re cool options if you decide later down the line you want them (you can subscribe to them any time).

Creator Studio

Creator Studio

The Creator Studio is a partnership between Kajabi and Adobe, and it’s a great timesaver if you have a lot of video content. 

It allows you to upload your video content, which can then be automatically transformed into up to 40 different types of content. This content is everything from social media clips and blog posts to emails, landing page copy, and more. You can then edit your new content using Adobe Express.

You do get to use this for free by uploading a single video. However, you can repurpose this one video into as many formats as you want.

If you want to upload additional videos, though, it will cost extra:

  • Basic plan: $9/month (Four videos/month plus use of Adobe Express free plan)
  • Premium plan: $29/month (30 videos/month plus use of Adobe Express premium plan)
Premium plan

I gave this feature a go, and although it did an alright job of transforming the content, it required heavy editing on my part. I’d say that if you have a ton of video content that needs repurposing, it’s worth subscribing now and then.

Website Widgets

Website Widgets

Website Widgets is a fun add-on that allows you to take your website to the next level by designing custom page widgets. These are fancy animations and moving designs that make your pages stand out.

Now, you do get to create and use one widget for free, but if you want more, they cost extra:

  • Starter plan: $5/month (three widgets)
  • Basic plan: $14/month (10 widgets)
  • Premium plan: $27/month (25 widgets)

I say definitely use your free widget, and if you want more, the $5 price for an extra three is reasonable. However, ten or more widgets might be overkill and slow your page down, so consider this before adding more.

Branded Mobile App

Branded Mobile App

Kajabi’s newest tool allows you to create a branded app for your customers. This comes with a whole slew of features, including in-app purchases, interactive community, custom pages, and more.

It can be added to any plan and costs:

  • Basic plan: $89/month (courses only)
  • Premium plan: $199/month (courses plus community)

This is a high-cost add-on, and I say it’s only necessary if you already have a fully-fledged, profitable business underway. Platform newbies don’t need this added expense or feature.

My Verdict on Kajabi Pricing

My Verdict on Kajabi Pricing

There’s no doubt that there are cheaper course-building platforms out there, but they don’t come close to rivaling Kajabi in terms of quality or feature set.

I believe that you get what you pay for, and with Kajabi, you are definitely getting your money’s worth, especially since you only have to subscribe to and pay for a single platform.

Plus, I can pick a plan and only pay for what I need, but at the same time, Kajabi has all the tools in place for when I’m ready to scale my business. I’ll take that convenience over saving a few dollars any day.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Kajabi does not impose additional transaction fees on any of its user’s sales. Transaction fees are applied when using Kajabi’s payment processor Kajabi Payments, but these don’t cost more than Stripe charges.

Kajabi is a high-quality platform and is considered “all-in-one.” This means you don’t have to pay for multiple third-party apps to get the same functionality. So, although its pricing isn’t the cheapest, it still saves you money in the long run.

Kajabi Access was an add-on allowing you to double your plan’s feature limits for $99 per month. However, this has been discontinued and is no longer available.


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