23 Best Kajabi Features

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Kajabi has some wonderful and easy-to-use features for course creators to help them foster their online business. 

Included in their plans are tools for email marketing automation, sales pages, website design, course creation, and much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi is an all-in-one platform and as you would expect – it has a lot of features.
  • Main features include a website builder with an excellent range of themes that can be easily customized with a drag-and-drop visual editor, membership and email marketing capabilities, automations and pipelines, integrated hosting and payment interfaces, quizzes and assessments, various integrations, and more!
Kajabi Best Features

1. Website Builder

Kajabi’s intuitive web builder application is one of its strongest features. Everything in the web editor is designed with a click-and-edit philosophy.

Just drag and drop the different elements of the layout and you can customize the site however you want. The Pro plan opens up the code editor option which opens up more customization options.

The web builder also offers a large library of pre-set themes that can be modified to your heart’s content.

Each theme is a collection of layouts and elements grouped around some particular aesthetic.

You can select one of the predefined themes or you can import your custom theme.

For instance, the Icarus theme is ideal for storefronts and features clean corners and a logical block layout the eye can track easily.

One great part of the web builder features is the ability to have different themes on different products.

Each product can have a unique theme to distinguish it from others.

What’s more, Kajabi is constantly updating and adding new features so there is always new content and site layouts to take advantage of.

2. Blog Creation

You’ll be able to easily create a blog which is one of the must-have features nowadays. Kajabi has fantastic features when it comes to blogging.

You’ll be able to create and edit blog posts easily, schedule the posts to be published in the future, add tags and organize the posts and more.

3. Custom Domains

Each Kajabi site is given a custom domain top-level domain name. This is the name that pops up in the address bar when people are looking at your website.

A custom domain name gives your brand a unique identity and makes it easier to direct traffic to your product store.

My Kajabi 1

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4. Unlimited Hosting

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform and they mean it. All pricing offers include web and video hosting.

Each plan comes with an unlimited amount of storage and bandwidth.

That means you can have as many visitors as you want on your site, create as many pages as you want, and store as many videos and documents without worrying about storage space.

Even better, Kajabi uses its powerful auto-scaling feature that optimizes performance based on the amount of web traffic.

Your site will be blazing fast regardless of the number of visitors.

5. Membership Capabilities

The platform lets users create exclusive member sites that feature gated content.

You can create as many member pages as you want and set different offers for each.

Membership sites are a good way to incentivize your audience to pursue more of your content.

After setting up your membership sites you can pick the payment options and how often members will get billed for their subscription.

Kajabi Membership Setup

6. Security & Customer Support

Kajabi-run sites are protected by state-of-the-art security systems. All of your information and students’ information will remain private and all payment details and financial information are safe.

There is a 24/7 IT customer service and customer support team and live chat support to help with any security issues, and they allow you to import SSL certificates for site security purposes.

The Basic plan gives customer support access during normal business hours while the Growth and higher plans give unlimited 24/7 customer support.

7. SEO Optimization

Along with the powerful web-building features, Kajabi gives users some nice SEO tools for gauging their online reach and presence.

SEO optimizations help you craft the language (Kajabi supports multiple languages) on your site to perform well in search ranking, which means your content will be found more easily by those who need it.

Kajabi SEO and Sharing

8. One-Click Publishing

Forget having to go through a web developer or separate site admin. Kajabi lets you publish your content live within just a few seconds.

Set everything up, click the publish button, and your content will immediately be posted live for all to see. The platform makes it easy to make quick updates and add new content to your page on a rolling and regular basis.

9. Email Marketing

Kajabi offers users an extremely versatile set of email marketing tools built right into the platform.

Using the email tools, you can set up automatic email broadcasts, automated email sequences for pipeline pages, and manage your emails and contacts list from the dashboard.

You can create one-time broadcasts, recurring broadcasts, or set specific triggers to send emails.

For example, you can set up an automation to send out an email every time a customer completes a sale. The versatility of the automations opens up so many possibilities for using email to market your products.

Kajabi also lets you segment users into lists that you can individually target emails for marketing campaigns. For instance, you can automate your email to send out messages to members only or to students who have bought a specific course.

Segmenting users into lists is a great way to personalize your emails and interactions with customers.

Also, all pricing plans give you access to unlimited marketing emails which means you never have to worry about reaching an email cap.

You can send as many emails as you want as often as you want without any restrictions.

Kajabi Email Campaigns

10. Marketing Pipelines

Kajabi is all about marketing your digital courses and the content marketing platform makes that easier than ever.

The platform comes with some great pipeline schematics built right into the platform to market and sell online courses.

The Pipeline customization screen gives you a visual representation of your pipeline schematic which you can drag and drop to edit. You can add videos, images, extra offers, and more at strategic locations in your pipeline to maximize customer conversions.

The Kajabi editor also gives you tips and suggestions on how to set up your pipelines.

The Pipeline features also give you proven email copy for successful campaigns. You can also check your pipeline analytics to see how your campaigns are doing and keep track of how much revenue you are generating.

From the pipeline tool, you can set up email sequences for customers and opt-in form submissions.  Pipelines can also be used to harvest emails from opt-in and submission forms.

The basic plan offers 3 separate pipelines while the Growth and Premier plans up those numbers to 15 and 100, respectively.

Sales Page OVO Pipeline

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11. Landing Pages

In addition to the great marketing pipeline modules, users at any pricing plan level can create an unlimited amount of landing pages.

Strategic use of landing pages can boost your revenue generation and customer conversion, ensuring you are getting a better ROI on your marketing efforts. These pages can be used to collect customer data and capture leads, two important aspects of the marketing process.

Users can choose between a wide library of landing page templates and add whatever fields they want to create an attractive and unique landing page.

12. Affiliate Program

Kajabi also offers an integrated affiliate program you can use to expand your reach and generate extra revenue.

You can create special share links and pass those along to your affiliate users. Whenever a person makes a purchase after clicking on a share link, the affiliate user receives a commission.

Affiliate programs are an excellent way to expand your audience and find new leads.

Smart usage of the affiliate program can bolster your email contact lists giving you more marketing opportunities in the future.

On the other hand, you can also become an affiliate yourself and promote Kajabi.

Kajabi Affiliate Tiers

13. Webinars

Users can set up evergreen live webinars as part of their marketing efforts.

Webinars can consist of pre-recorded videos or can be done on a live stream. Evergreen webinars can be used to generate a stream of passive income and nurture new subscribers.

Kajabi Webinar

14. Integrated Payments

Kajabi has basic payment interfaces for Stripe and PayPal built into the platform. Using these two payment options open your up to receive payments from anywhere in the world in whatever currency you want.

You can also integrate third-party payment processing apps if you do not want to use Stripe or PayPal.

The web builder allows you to create unlimited sales pages that can be customized and linked to separate products.

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15. Multiple Pricing Options

Kajabi recognizes that many of its users may not want to give a single pricing option for their products. Users can change pricing options to whatever they desire, be it one-time payments or recurring payments.

Recurring payments can be scheduled on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Taxes are automatically calculated into the final sales totals and the platform keeps a record of financial transactions for tax purposes later down the road.

16. Coupons and Promotions

Along with the basic payment and pricing options, you can set up special coupons and promotional deals to give customers discounts on products.

You can set up one-time use coupons or create special links that give customers discounts for following them.

One-time coupons are a great way to incentivize purchases.

Kajabi also lets you set up free trials for users as a part of special promotions. You can start a student on a free trial and then roll them over into a paying customer later.

Kajabi Offers

17. Payment Plans

Some students may not be able to purchase a full course in one go.

That is why the platform allows you to set up payment plans. Breaking your admissions into payment plans gives your students more flexibility when approaching your materials.

Kajabi Payments

18. Abandoned Cart Recovery

Another neat sales feature is the abandoned cart recovery. This feature records when a customer leaves your site before purchasing the products in their cart.

An automated email is sent to the customer asking them to continue their purchase.

Abandon cart recovery is a way to retain customers and gives leads a second chance to make a purchase.

19. Course Hosting

Kajabi’s main feature is its powerful platform for creating and hosting courses. The Kajabi online course creation tool has an intuitive interface that lets you build your courses from the ground up.

You can organize your courses into categories then classifying them based on the different posts under each product listing. Courses can be organized based on prices, skill level, whether or not it is premium content, length, and more.

We especially like how you create gated courses and content behind a paywall that are reserved for subscribed members.

Kajabi allows several file uploads for online course content but the platform specializes in video formats.

With your plan, you get unlimited video hosting at no extra costs and you can also upload PDF, text, and other kinds of documents. The platform can connect directly to Google Drive or Dropbox to access files, which saves on upload times.

You can also set up an automated schedule to drip new content on a recurring basis.

The automated publishing tools is a great way to automate your course production so you can focus on other aspects of running your online business.

21. Quizzes & Assessments

From the course creation dashboard, you can create quizzes and assessments for your courses.

Quizzes and assessments can be in multiple-choice and multiple answer format and can be graded or not graded. Quizzes are automatically graded after completion and results are returned to students. You can also set up lessons so that students cannot progress to the next until they finish the required assessment for the current lesson.

The quizzes are more than just window dressing for students too.

Quiz and assessment results are recorded so that you can get feedback from your course structure and better engage with your audience.

You can segment student lists by their performance on assessments or by the answer they give in quizzes.

22. Certificates

Kajabi also will create a customized and personalized certificate upon completion of the course.

There are no certificate applications installed natively but you can integrate it with several other platforms.

23. Integrations

Kajabi is marketed as an all-in-one business platform, but the creators recognize that not everyone may want to use their built-in suite of tools.

That is why the platform is compatible with several third-party integrations to open up new customization options.

As of the time of writing, the platform offers the following third-party integrations:

These integrations can be set up so that any information on your site is automatically imported to the correct application.

For example, you can connect your MailChimp account so that it automatically imports customer contact data from Kajabi.

Integrations can be switched on from the Integrations tab in the dashboard.

The Zapier integration functions as a programmable API that lets you connect with other apps not included in the platform’s native interface.

Zapier opens up integrations with over 2000 more apps and can form complex sequences of triggers and actions.

Kajabi Integrations

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To sum everything up: Kajabi gives users some of the best tools to create and foster their online business.

Even the Basic pricing plan gives access to tons of tools that several other platforms don’t offer until the highest pricing tiers.

With Kajabi, you have access to top-quality web-building tools, marketing automations, student engagement systems, and powerful integrations all wrapped up into an easy-to-use seamless package. 

If you have any trouble at all, they have a knowledgeable customer support team and a sizable library of resources for learning how to use its features.

When it comes to the digital course industry, you need a learning management system that can scale and grow along with your business.

Kajabi is an all-in-one solution for creating, marketing, and selling online courses that can open up new horizons for your entrepreneurial trajectory.


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