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Kajabi currently allows integrations for 3 separate categories: analytics, email, and miscellaneous.

In order to access “Third Party Integrations” in Kajabi, you’ll need:

  1. Sign in to Kajabi
  2. At the bottom left, click “Settings“.
  3. Click on “Third Party Integrations
Kajabi Integrations


Kajabi Analytics Integrations

Kajabi has a set of built-in analytics tools but you can connect several third party analytic services. Currently, Kajabi has integrations for: 

  • Segment: Great for supplying real-time user data
  • Google Analytics: – probably the single most popular analytics tool
  • Facebook Pixel: Built specifically for social media marketing and ad campaigns

Integrating these services automatically puts a tracking code into the header and footer of your pages.

These codes let you track various SEO metrics like search results for your pages, keyword densities, visitor traffic, visitor demographics, and much more. 


Kajabi Email Integrations

Kajabi also offers integrations with several third-party mailing applications.

Installing these integrations lets you manage your emails through the app using Kajabi. Kajabi has email integration for:

  • Aweber: Affordable and easy to use
  • MailChimp: One of the most popular email marketing services
  • Drip: Integrates with eCommerce easily
  • ConvertKit: Easy to use and great customer support
  • ActiveCampaign: Great automation tools and friendly support

When you integrate one of these email applications, Kajabi automatically exports any customer contact data.

From the “Third-Party integrations” tab you can click on each application to get more specific instructions on how to integrate them. 


Kajabi Misc Integrations

The miscellaneous section of the integration page includes all other functions not covered by the two above sections. Kajabi has 2 third-party apps in this section:

  • Clickfunnels: Pipeline marketing software for designing sales and landing pages
  • Zapier: Connects other third-party apps to Kajabi

Zapier Guide

The real game-changer here is Zapier.

Integrating Zapier lets you connect Kajabi to any other third party app that is not on the list.

Zapier is really useful for Kajabi users so we will talk a bit more in detail about how it works and how to use it. 

Here is the basic gist of how Zapier works: Zapier uses what are called “trigger” and “action” apps. When a designated trigger app performs some function, Zapier automatically orders the action app to perform a corresponding function. 

So for example, you can set the trigger app to Kajabi and program it to go off whenever someone performs a specific action on your site (e.g. Fills out a form). You can then set an action app to perform some task when someone activates the required sequence of events. 

In other words, Zapier is basically a programmable API that works with integrations not already built-in to Kajabi. 

First, you have to go to the Zapier app home page and access your Zapier account. If you want to use Kajabi as the trigger app, select Kajabi as the trigger app and select which event should be the trigger. Next, you will need to grab your Kajabi API key and API secret which can be found on the Kajabi dashboard.

Once you have it set up, click “Fetch & Continue” to perform a test to make sure it’s connected. Next, set the action app to whichever app and function you want. 

You can also set Kajabi as the action app. It is mostly the same process, except you put Kajabi in the action app form in your Zapier account. 


Kajabi is the perfect all-in-one online business platform for entrepreneurs. Kajabi’s list of integrated applications only adds to the flexibility of the platform and makes it more appealing to use.

If you want to make the switch to Kajabi but are comfortable using some specific app or plugin, Kajabi lets you keep using that app with minimal integration issues. The Zapier integration gives you even more flexibility in what you connect to your Kajabi API. 

Kajabi has a powerful set of all-in-one tools built right into its platform.

Instead of having plugins for separate operations like video hosting, landing pages, marketing pipelines, and the like, Kajabi integrates all of those functions into a single application.

You can use Kajabi without any integrations whatsoever and best of all, you can sign up for a 28-day free trial to give the platform a spin.

However, the creators of Kajabi understand that some people might already be comfortable with using some applications or plugins and do not want to make the switch from what they already know works.

That is why Kajabi offers users a bunch of integrations that let you hook up third-party apps and plugins with Kajabi.

Using the integration tools, you can connect third-party apps to handle various features that are already built into Kajabi.

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