Kajabi Website Builder Overview

With Kajabi’s website builder, there is no need to be a professional developer. Anyone can use the platform to create professional and modern websites for clients and their own company. Kajabi’s website builder is feature-rich and user-friendly. 

Find out more about Kajabi’s website builder in this comprehensive and impartial review. We’ll discuss this and the new updates Kajabi has implemented below.

Kajabi Website Builder

Updated Kajabi Website Builder

In the final quarter of 2020, Kajabi introduced new and improved updates to its website builder to make it easier for users to operate and create their sites. Below are some of the features this update introduced:

  • Unified page builder – You can create enticing landing pages with a few simple clicks. There are streamlined landing page templates to help you create lead generation or even policy pages. 
  • New design features – You have access to an array of professional templates and website designs that you can customize. 
  • Upsell and cross-sell features on library pages – The new upsell and cross-sell features allow you to create options where your customers can see them. The new feature will improve your sales and increase your revenue. 
  • New directory page – Strengthen your community with the new directory page. It includes a New Member directory page where your visitors can meet people like them taking your course. 
  • SEO and alt text update – Alt text on all the images on your website to improve your SEO. It provides a written description of all your images to give search engines an understanding of what your website is all about. 
  • Utility and login pages update – Add images, videos, and customize your login and utility pages’ background to make them more appealing to your visitors. Additionally, you can add your branding to these pages, so your identity is clear to your audience.  
  • New default site pages – Now, you can add essential pages to your site, such as your contacts page, about us page, Members Directory, and even an announcement page. 
  • Blog pages update – With the new Kajabi blog updates, you can boost your content. Customize your blog page for more accessible browsing capabilities and add tags to your posts to keep them organized.

Kajabi Website Builder Top Features

Kajabi has streamlined the new website builder, so it’s easy to navigate and use. Everything you need is on one complete dashboard, so you have easy access to all the tools you need.

Kajabi’s website builder offers a drag & drop menu with various useful features such as the following:

  • Call to action buttons
  • Blog posts
  • Custom content
  • Facebook comments
  • Features
  • Heading
  • Pop-ups
  • Image
  • Image gallery
  • Link list
  • Logo list
  • Offers
  • Opt-in form
  • Opt-in form bar
  • Pricing options
  • Showcase feature
  • Slideshow
  • Spacers & dividers
  • Testimonials
  • Text boxes
  • Text & image sections
  • Videos & video embeds

You’ll appreciate that all these tools can be customized and moved around according to your preference so you can create your dream website.

Using Kajabi is less complex than using other website builders such as WordPress, which needs additional add-ons for the tools mentioned above to work. 

Find out more about the benefits of these tools below.  

No Coding or Design Experience Needed

The drag & drop features on the Kajabi website builder are for those starting as web designers. You don’t need to know how to code, and you don’t need design experience to create a professional website on the platform. 

All you need to do is drag and drop your selected elements to your page and watch how your page comes to life. Now there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on professional web designers. With Kajabi’s website builder, you can create pages the way you want them to look.

Kajabi Countdown
Kajabi countdown element added through drag & drop menu

The Abundance of Various Themes & Templates

You don’t have to create website layouts from scratch anymore, which is a time-consuming endeavor. On the other hand, Kajabi offers plenty of themes and templates from which to choose. 

If you want to add a personal touch to your page layouts, you can customize themes and layouts to your preference. Kajabi does not restrict you from adding your branding or colors to your website with customizable templates and themes

Do you want to know what the best Kajabi themes and templates are? Look at this article to find the most popular themes and templates the Kajabi website builder offers. You’ll learn more about their design offerings, such as their layouts and functions.

Kajabi Website Builder Overview
Kajabi Galileo Theme

Ease of Customization

You can customize every detail of your website. What’s more, you can customize the view-in for your site so that your audience can view your content on tablets, smartphones, and desktops which will increase user experience. 

Kajabi provides users with a mykajabi.com domain – however, if you want to personalize it with a custom domain, you can easily do this at no extra cost. If you’d like to know more about changing your domains, refer to our ‘My Kajabi’ article. You’ll have a step-by-step guide on how to customize your domain.

Kajabi Mobile App Customization
Mobile view customization

Kajabi Website Builder Pros & Cons

Many users have had a positive experience with the Kajabi website builder. With all the extra updates, it’s easier than ever before to create a customized website that perfectly reflects what your company is all about. 

However, website builders can’t be perfect, so there may be some drawbacks for some users. To find out more, take a look at the pros and cons of the Kajabi website builder listed below.    

Kajabi Website Builder Overview

Kajabi Website Builder Pros:

Kajabi Website Builder Cons:

How To Use Kajabi Website Builder?

Kajabi Website Builder

One of the reasons the Kajabi website builder is so popular is because it’s incredibly user-friendly. You’ll find that it’s easy to navigate, and the tools are all relatively easy to use. We want to streamline the process even more for you because there are plenty of other features to cover. 

It’s more fun to figure out how these features work on your own, but we’d like to explain how you can get started on building your new website using Kajabi. If you are new to Kajabi and you’d like to test out its features, why not sign up to the platform and test the features for free

Once you’ve signed up, follow these steps to start building your site: 

  1. Pick a template for your website in the “Website” tab on your dashboard.
  2. Customize each of your standard pages. 
  3. Customize your colors and fonts.
  4. Activate your template to save the changes.
  5. Click on your navigation menu to add terms or links to your page.
  6. Click on the homepage tab to customize it.
  7. Click on your editing blocks to customize them.
  8. Preview sections on the left-hand menu. If you like them, you can add them to your page.  
  9. Add sections such as offers, logos, or a link list using the options on your dashboard. 
  10. Manually add or drag sections to your page where you see fit.
  11. Save all your changes.

Kajabi Website Builder FAQ

What Is The Kajabi Website Builder?

The Kajabi website builder is a platform that allows you to create sleek, professional, and modern websites without the need for coding or design experience. The platform enables you to create websites quickly, so it’s perfect for developers on a time-sensitive schedule. 

How To Create A Website In Kajabi From An Individual Page Builder?

Ready-made themes take care of most of the technical aspects out of building a website. Simply choose your template to get started. Then use the drag and drop features to customize your page. 

What Happens To The Site I Built If Kajabi Releases New Versions Of Themes?

Nothing will happen to your current website with the release of new themes and features. However, Kajabi will let you know about the latest updates so you can decide whether you’d like to implement them onto your site. 

Does The New Kajabi Website Builder Update My Landing Pages? 

No, the new website builder will not alter your landing page. However, you can utilize the new features to update your landing page if you want to. 

What Is The Difference Between The Various Templates? Do They Include Different Editing Features? 

Every template on the Kajabi platform is customizable, and it provides the same tools to edit these designs. On the other hand, these templates are pre-designed, so they have different layouts, so you may have to edit them differently. 

Kajabi Website Builder Overview

Final Thoughts on Kajabi Website Builder

Kajabi has specifically designed the website builder for those who struggle with design placement and coding. Use the themes and templates on the platform to create a streamlined and modern site or customize them to suit your preference. 

You can add varied elements to your site, such as logos, links, and offers. Get the professional online presence you want without high costs or steep learning curves by using Kajabi. 

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