Kajabi Website Builder: An Honest Critique

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As part of its “all-in-one” offering, Kajabi provides a full website builder you can use to promote and sell your products. To see if it’s worth your time, I took a deep dive into its features.

Key Takeaways:

  • Connect your Kajabi website with your products, blog, funnels, and more
  • Kickstarter plan has a 50-page limit, all other plans are unlimited
  • The custom widget generator costs from $5/month extra

5 Things I Love about the Kajabi Website Builder

Let’s start with the good stuff. Here’s what I found impressive when using Kajabi’s site builder.

Seamless Use with Other Kajabi Features

Seamless Use with Other Kajabi Features

Kajabi works hard to ensure its users have access to all the tools they need to create a digital business. And, well, you can’t build a digital empire without a website, right?

Because the website builder sits on the Kajabi platform, you don’t have to deal with pesky integrations (and all the complications they throw up). Instead, you get a seamless experience between using your website and other Kajabi features.

For example, you can connect all your sales funnel pages, landing pages, and even blog pages to the site without any hassle. 

And, Kajabi generates website pages specifically for your offers, such as the product catalog and membership login, which provides a cohesive experience for your customers.

Beginner-Friendly User Experience

Beginner-Friendly User Experience

I’m the first person to throw my hands up in the air and confess that I am not all that tech-savvy. Show me a piece of code, and I’ll run for the hills.

But give me a theme I can install in one click and a simple editing interface, and I might just stick around.

One thing Kajabi excels at is providing a good user experience. The website builder is straightforward enough for the likes of me to grasp but provides enough options so the more experienced user doesn’t get bored. It’s a fine balance, but Kajabi has somehow mastered it.

Custom Widgets

Custom Widgets

Standing out among the one billion other websites out there isn’t easy. 

Until recently, Kajabi lacked the really fancy page animations you’d get with a dedicated website builder, but now that has changed. 

Remember when I said I had an aversion to code? Well, Kajabi’s custom widget creator avoids all that nonsense and lets you build these pretty awesome page widgets without any 1s or 0s in sight.

colourful charts

There are tons of options, from cool animated cards and number counters to colorful charts, graphs, and even mockups.

It even includes a decent range of social media feeds, including Twitch, TikTok, and Telegram.

The only downer is that this feature is a collaboration between Kajabi and a company called Common Ninja, so it costs extra. However, plans cost from $5 to $27 per month, so it won’t exactly break the bank.

Oh, and you get one widget for free, so have at it!

Well-Crafted Themes

Well-Crafted Themes

While it’s true there aren’t many of them (I’ll get to that later), the ones that do exist are well-designed. They’re cohesive, aesthetically pleasing, and can be adapted to most business niches.

I also like that they have been kept simple, so if you want to jazz them up, you won’t have to spend ages deleting unnecessary page elements.

And, if you’re planning to connect landing pages, a blog, and funnels, you will find that the templates for those will easily match your chosen theme.

Generous Page Limits

Generous Page Limits

Want a million blog pages? You can have it!

This is good because all the funnel pages, landing pages, blog posts, and bog-standard web pages are all connected to your website. If there were tight limits imposed, you could quickly run out.

Only one plan has a page limit: the brand-new Kickstarter plan. You can create up to 50 pages, but considering you can only make one product and one funnel, it’s unlikely you’ll use them all up.

All other plans have unlimited pages, so the sky is the limit!

3 Things the Kajabi Website Builder Should Improve

Provide More Free Templates

Provide More Free Templates

I get that Kajabi has prioritized quality over quantity, but 11 themes don’t give you the greatest choice. In contrast, dedicated website builder Wix has over 900 to pick from!

What irks me most, though, is that there are more templates available, but you’re going to have to open your wallet to get them. 

The Kajabi Marketplace has dozens of beautiful-looking themes, but it’s not exactly a budget-friendly option, considering they cost upwards of $297.

Introduce a Drag-And-Drop Function

Introduce a Drag-And-Drop Function

Don’t get me wrong, the Kajabi website builder is easy to use, but I reckon it could be easier if they introduced drag-and-drop functionality.

Most modern website builders feature this because it allows you to play with the page design more intuitively. In contrast, all of Kajabi’s page editing is performed in the side menu.

If you’re new to website building, you probably won’t find this an inconvenience, but if you’re used to drag-and-drop, Kajabi is going to feel clunky in comparison.

Implement a Staging Environment

There should be a way to test out major website changes and alterations without affecting the live site, but there isn’t. Unfortunately, if you make a change and it “breaks” your Kajabi website, there is little you can do except try and reverse what you did.

Also, if a website visitor encounters the problem, it won’t leave them with a positive impression of your business.

Is the Kajabi Website Builder Worth Using in 2024?

Is the Kajabi Website Builder Worth Using in 2024?

If you don’t already have a website and are using Kajabi to create and sell your products, I would absolutely say it’s worth using the platform to create your site.

Despite a few drawbacks, it’s still a good tool and will tick most boxes for most people.

On the other hand, if you already have an established website made with something like WordPress, it’s not worth rebuilding it in Kajabi. 

Also, if you’re just looking for a website builder and don’t want to use any of Kajabi’s other features, you’ll overpay for the service. Dedicated website builders like Wix, WordPress, and Square are cheaper and have far more templates and customization options.

3 Great Examples of Kajabi Websites

If you’re curious about what kind of results you can get with the Kajabi website builder, here are a few examples to give you an idea.

Earn That Body

Earn That Body is a fitness site aimed at women. There are a lot of different things here, including a blog, podcasts, testimonials, and online courses you can buy.

This is a perfect example of how you can connect all your Kajabi products in a single place.

Earn That Body

The site is well-organized and makes good use of images and placement. The information is displayed in an easy-to-read format and doesn’t feel overwhelming despite the site containing a lot of content.

The branding is also on point

The branding is also on point for its intended audience.

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a sales skills trainer and public speaker. Like the previous example, this site holds a lot of information. The hero section is minimal and clean, but the background image is animated to make it eye-catching.

sales skills trainer and public speaker

The aesthetic of this site is more business-like and focuses on showcasing the many courses and public events that are available to join or attend.

Live Events

The website strongly focuses on images with hardly any text, which keeps it streamlined and visually appealing.


Wholetones—a healing music site—has gone for a minimal approach. There’s little text here, and all the information you need is included in an embedded video.

Wholetones—a healing music

The text that does exist focuses on highlighting the benefits of using the service, and the main call to action is a 14-day free trial.

adds interest without compromising

I do like this image wall, though, because it adds interest without compromising on the minimal nature of the site.

How to Set up Your Kajabi Website in 14 Easy Steps

How to Set up Your Kajabi Website in 14 Easy Steps

Step 1: The first thing you need to do to set up your Kajabi website is pick a theme. Head to the “Websites” tab, select “Design,” and then “Template Store.”


Step 2: When you have chosen a theme, click on it and select “Add to saved templates.”

Add to saved templates

Step 3: Your theme will now load up, but it won’t be live yet. Before you activate it to live status, you need to customize it.

Scroll to where you see “Saved templates,” and you’ll see a thumbnail of your newly loaded theme. Click the palette icon to edit it.

Saved templates

Step 4: The editing page will open. On the left is your function menu, and at the top of the screen is a dropdown menu where you can flip between the site’s different pages.

To edit a page section, click on the relevant one in the side menu.

editing page will open

Step 5: The side menu will change and list all the existing elements for the section. You will also see the option to add new elements.

side menu will change

Step 6: To add a new element, click “Add content,” then select the element by clicking on it. Remember, this isn’t drag-and-drop, so don’t try and move it onto the page!

Add content

Step 7: To change the order in which the section’s elements are displayed, click and hold the mouse on the two small lines to the right of it and drag it above or below the adjacent elements.

click and hold the mouse

Step 8: To edit each element, click on where it displays on the page, and the editing menu will open. Perform your edits in the side menu—you cannot edit anything on the page display.

where it displays on the page

Step 9: To edit the overall section settings, you will find these options at the bottom of the side menu, along with the option to delete the section altogether.

options at the bottom

Step 10: You can find all the different device views and preview option at the top of the page. I recommend checking these to see that your edits look good. 

When you’re finished editing all your pages and are happy, click “Save.”

checking these to see that your edits look good

Step 11: Head out of the editor and back into the “Design” tab. Scroll to your saved theme and click the three dots under the thumbnail. Then, select “Set to live.”

Your website will now be up and running!

Set to live

Step 12: To create new pages, click into the “Website pages” tab, choose the type of page you want to add (website, landing, or funnel), and then click to add a new page.

Website pages

Step 13: If you want to change the navigation menu, click on the “Navigation” tab. Here, you can change the existing menu order of your site, create new navigation menus, and assign pages to menu items.

Navigation tab

Step 14: Finally, click “Settings” and choose “Site Details.” Here you can:

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of websites you can build in Kajabi depends on your chosen plan. The Kickstarter, Basic, and Growth plans each allow you to create one website, while the Pro plan allows up to three websites.

Yes! You can connect your Kajabi website to third-party sites such as WordPress or Square by adding URL links to your pages.


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