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Are you wondering why your website includes “mykajabi.com” at the end?

Find out the answer and let our in-house experts guide you through the process of changing it to your custom domain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi automatically adds “.mykajabi.com” as your domain when you sign up
  • You can change it, but you’ll need to have your own domain name
  • If you don’t have a domain name, you can purchase it at Namecheap or Godaddy
  • You’ll have to follow instructions found on this page to connect your new domain name to your Kajabi website
My Kajabi

What Is “My Kajabi”?

When you sign up for a Kajabi membership and start designing your products in Kajabi, you will automatically get a “mykajabi.com” domain. 

The benefit of this is that it’s free and you save yourself time from having to set up one. 

However, if you want to change your course link to your custom domain to remain independent and have a more personal touch, it’s possible. 

The other advantage of using your custom domain is it has more SEO impact

All you need is a domain and 30 minutes to map your custom domain to your Kajabi website.

My Kajabi Domain: How To Customize

If you’ve already explored changing your “mykajabi.com” domain, you may have found the process quite intimidating. 

It can seem lengthy and confusing, but our team at SupplyGem has done it often. You can rest assured we will guide you through the process quickly and easily. 

Use our six-step guide to customize the domain link for your Kajabi website in under 30 minutes.

Step #1 Cloudflare Set-Up

You’ll connect your domain to Kajabi using Cloudflare, which has excellent security features and improves performance. 

Even better, it is free! Before going to Cloudflare, though, you’ll need a registered domain.

If you need to set up a domain, there are many registrars from which to choose, such as GoDaddy or NameCheap.

Once you have registered your domain, follow the steps below to add it to Cloudflare:

  1. Go to “Settings” and click on “Custom Domains.
  2. Enter the domain to which you would like to change from your “my kajabi.com” domain and click “Begin Set-up.
  3. You will be redirected to the page to create a free Cloudflare account.
  4. Once you are signed in, you can add your domain to Cloudflare.

Step #2 DNS and CNAME Set-Up

The next step is to scan your DNS records and verify the domain information. 

You’ll also need to select a plan (free).

  1. When you have added your domain to Cloudflare, click on “Scan DNS Records.” When the scan completes, click on “Continue Setup.”
  2. The system will prompt you to verify that all your records are listed. If you’ve added an existing domain, you’ll need to check that the information is all present and correct. When you’ve completed verifying everything, click “Continue” at the bottom.
  3. You’ll now need to select a plan. To set up your custom domain with Kajabi, select “Free Plan” and then “Free Website.” Click on “Continue” at the bottom.

You have now added your domain to Cloudflare. 

You can now set up a CNAME record to ensure that your domain will point to Kajabi.

  1. Click on the “DNS” tab at the top.
  2. You’ll get a prompt to add your CNAME record. This record allows you to enter a hostname (e.g., “www” or any other subdomain) and Target. Add “www” or the most appropriate name in your case.
  3. If the “www” hostname already exists, locate the existing record. Delete the X at the end of the record and click “Save” again.  You can also replace “www” with a subdomain such as “courses” or “members.”
  4. Under Cloudflare connection, Kajabi has created the text for the “Target” box. Copy this exact text and paste it into the box. You’ll see the example with the text “endpoint.mykajabi.com” in the image below.
  5. Select 2-minute from the drop-down menu for TTL and DNS only for the Proxy status.
  6. Click on “Save” at the bottom.
My Kajabi 1

Step #3 Replace the Name Servers in Domain Registrar

To change your nameservers over to the ones provided by Cloudflare, you need to do the following:

  1. When your CNAME setup is complete, you’ll redirect to the “Manage Nameservers” screen. 
  2. Click on “Edit” on the actions menu side.
  3. Replace all the names with the ones provided by Cloudflare.
  4. Double-check and then click on “Save Changes.” 

Please note that you can’t skip this step when customizing your domain.

My Kajabi 2

Step #4 Security and Speed Configurations

Now that your record set-up is complete, you need to enable Full SSL. 

  1. In the SSL/TTL Menu, set the SSL/TTL encryption mode to “Full” (on the screen’s right-hand side). 
  2. This step may take up to 24 hours to be activated, but we’ve seen results within 15-30 minutes. 
  3. You can check if the certificate is active in the “Edge Certificates” menu. 
  4. While on this page, switch on “Always Use HTTPS.” This setting will redirect your users who type in “HTTP” instead of “HTTPS.”
My Kajabi 3

Step #5: Adding 301 Forwarding URL Rule 

If you’re not using “www” or your user doesn’t type in “www,” you’ll need to add a 301 redirect rule to your domain. 

By adding this rule, your web address is always easily accessible. 

  1. Go to Page Rules in the Cloudflare dashboard and click “Create page rule.”
  2. From the Cloudflare connection flow in your Kajabi settings, copy and paste the information for 301 redirects as follows:
    • First field: mynewkajabidomain.com/*
    • Add a Setting: Forwarding URL
    • Select Status Code: 301 – Permanent Redirect
    • Enter destination URL: https://www.mynewkajabidomain.com/$1

Click on the “Save and Deploy” button.

In the below image, you can see an example of the Page Rule / Forwarding process.

My Kajabi 4

Step #6: Saving My New Custom Kajabi Domain

When you’ve completed all the steps above, you can save your new custom Kajabi domain. 

Go to your site’s “Domain Settings” and click on “Settings” on your Kajabi Admin Dashboard. 

Click on “Domain,” go to “Step 4,” and add your custom domain.

Remember to click on “Confirm.” You’ve now successfully added your custom domain!

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Bottom Line

Changing your “mykajabi.com” domain to your custom domain is easy to do when following our six-step guide methodically. 

Cloudflare’s process is simple for customizing your domain, which is why Kajabi uses it for Kajabi Heroes just like you!

With Cloudflare, you can also have peace of mind that your users will enjoy their online experience when signing up for one of your courses. 

Our in-house experts have created this step-by-step guide based on our own experience using Kajabi and Cloudflare.

Whether you register a new domain or decide to use an existing one, you’ll find connecting your custom domain to Kajabi as easy as 1-2-3!


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