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In addition to the built-in themes, Kajabi gives site owners the option to import their own custom themes.

Kajabi announced one theme with endless possibilities.

To view this theme and many more, hit the button below.

You’ll need to register for a free account in order to view all themes.

You can now select one of the six layout presets and customize the look of your website with easy drag and drop functionality. However, you can still use one of their 8 legacy themes.

Kajabi Themes & Templates

The theme is the key identity that unites the many pages of your website.

Thus picking a good theme is integral to defining your brand.

We picked a few of our favorite Kajabi themes to give you an idea of what kinds of site designs you can create.

If you would like to view all the available themes and try to customize them, then you’ll need to sign up.

Signing up will take less than 2 minutes and you’ll be able to cancel the free trial by clicking the “Cancel trial” link in Account Settings.

Kajabi Themes & Templates

Kajabi offers Layout Presets that are built on the Premier Framework.

Kajabi Layouts

The 6 layouts included in each theme are:

  • Gradio
  • Spark
  • Tempo
  • Capital
  • Eastwood
  • Magnolia

Each preset layout can be accessed by the “design” tab on the dashboard.

From there, you can make adjustments to each specific layout piece for a custom look.

You no longer have to choose themes, you can simply select on of the 6 available presets and then easily customize these with simple drag and drop options.

The Kajabi website builder tools also include what they call “Layout Presets”—6 preset layout each designed for a specific feeling and user experience.

Kajabi Presets

Legacy Kajabi Themes & Templates

Also, Kajabi has some excellent legacy themes, which you can view below.

1. Icarus Theme

The Icarus theme is one of the newer themes available to Kajabi users and was launched around 2016.

The first thing to notice about Icarus is its streamlined storefront design.

The Icarus theme is especially helpful for sales pages due to its logical presentation, large image content, and clear, defined lines.

If you have a lot of digital products to comb through, the Icarus theme is great for readability and general site accessibility. 

Icarus also has predefined templates for customizable headers and footers.

  • Bold and clear headers and footers are great places to put a call-to-action (CTA).
  • The header and footer layouts are responsively designed and change orientation when the site is being viewed on mobile devices. 
  • The footer also lets you directly connect your chosen payment option.

Kajabi currently only has built-in API protocols for Stripe and PayPal options, though you can integrate other third-party payment options if you have a bit of coding experience.  

What we like best about the Icarus theme is the tag sort function.

You can organize blog posts by tags that members can sort through using keyword searches.

This feature just adds to the overall organized and streamlined feel that the theme gives.

2. Galileo Theme

The first thing about the Galileo theme you’ll notice is the large marquee-style headliner.

This large headliner is perfect for immediately catching the visitor’s attention.

You can set three custom featured pages to appear right under the marquee headliner to promote new content or products.   

We especially like the ability to set custom featured pages with the Galileo theme. It lets you push premium products or showcase a product that might need a bit more attention. 

Below the marquee headline are standard tile content pieces arranged in a flowing and logical style.

  • Each sales price is clearly displayed next to the offer and each content piece has the title and publishing date on the top. 
  • Like the Icarus theme, the Galileo has the tag sort feature so visitors can search blog posts via keyword queries.
  • The sales pages also feature a middle split with the info and video on the top and the offers placed on tiles below.

3. Momentum Product Theme

Last on our list is the Momentum theme.

The Momentum theme is characterized by its sharp geometric design and professional-looking layout.

Momentum Kajabi Theme

The main feature of the Momentum layout is that it makes it easy to see the majority of information on a single page.

It makes moving and navigating through your site’s different pages much easier and intuitive. 

The momentum page was actually created based on course creator feedback so it incorporates the insight of expert content creators who already make money using Kajabi.

We especially like the adjustable sidebar that has tab features with embedded lists of site pages.

One of the defining features of Kajabi’s platform is the wide variety of customizable themes.

Kajabi gives users access to a sizable library of site templates that can be tweaked and modified to give your page a unique appearance.

The theme of your site consists of the color scheme and other features that affect the aesthetic of your webpage.

Kajabi themes give your site a general layout and the ability to further customize individual templates based on personal preferences.

You can make small changes like font types or larger changes like the position of images, text boxes, sidebars, and more.

How to Customize a Kajabi Theme

Here is a quick guide on how to customize a Kajabi theme:

  1. First, you access your design tab under the “Website” heading on the dashboard.
  2. The “Preview” button allows you to preview each of the pages on your site. 
  3. Next to the “Preview” button is a link to your page themes.
  4. Click on the tab and navigate to the bar on the top. Click the “Pick a theme” button and you will be led to a page that lets you choose between Kajabi’s themes.

Alternatively, you can click the “upload theme” button to upload a custom created theme. 


Kajabi platform is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs who want to define their brand and sell digital products.

With Kajabi’s powerful theme customization tools, you can craft a unique aesthetic for your site that will appeal to visitors and net you sales.

View Kajabi’s free trial options and get started today.

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