20 Best Kajabi Themes

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You can give your online business the professional appearance it needs with one of the 20 best Kajabi themes available today.

Key Takeaways:

Kajabi Themes (Official Themes) 

1. Taylor (Free)

The Taylor template has a beautifully animated landing page with the option to insert a form of the user’s choice directly below it. It stands out as a clean and modern design that encourages showing visitors the website owner’s personal story.

2. Prosper (Free)

Prosper keeps things direct with its call to action placed in the first section that visitors will see. This is immediately followed by another section that allows users to list the places where their business may have been featured before. All-in-all, the template is business-oriented and a great choice for financial or legal content.  

3. Creative (Free)

The Creative template uses a striking contrast of colors, bold text, and large images to keep visitors engaged and scrolling. It has a staggered mix of full-width and column elements to keep things visually interesting. As the name suggests, it’s ideal for the creatives (such as artists) out there.

4. Reach (Free)

The Reach template embraces simplicity with black text on a white background. In keeping with the template’s theme of keeping things simple, it recommends placing an opt-in form directly under the first section to capture visitors’ interest as quickly as possible. This template option is great for knowledge professionals and personal development coaches.

5. Streamlined Home (Free)

Kajabi Themes

Streamlined Home is a template for entrepreneurs that want to close a sale as quickly as possible. It places all critical information on one page, includes a call to action within the hero element, and positions three key benefits or features directly underneath. Keeping excess information to a minimum, this template focuses on what makes the user’s product or service worth having. 

6. Serenity (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Serenity template is ideal for the health and wellness coaches out there. It comes with smooth animations and a muted color palette to give it a calming and modern vibe. The call to actions are located further down the page, with the template choosing to first focus on building visitor interest through descriptions of how the product or service can be of benefit. 

7. Hopper (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Hopper template has a bold header image, a sharp and easy-to-read font, and simple iconography to create a modern visitor experience. It includes testimonials and a contact button on the first page. This template is aimed at technical knowledge educators such as programmers but could be easily adapted by any corporate professional.

8. Emilia (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Emilia template incorporates visually pleasing animations, and a selection of beautiful, cursive fonts to create an eye-catching website. The full-width header image and the “featured in” section directly below is a great way to grab the attention of visitors and keep them scrolling for more information. This template is perfect for entrepreneurs that prefer to have a softer and more informal look.

9. Kim (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Kim template uses a bold image and white text in the hero section with a splash of color. The template then transitions to a simple white background with black text that makes the colored areas really pop! Smooth animations and consistent accenting give this template a professional and exciting look. A top recommendation for fitness, health, and motivation coaches.

10. Rise (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Rise template uses sharp lines to create a professional and modern look. It has a muted background and restrained use of color to enable images and buttons to stand out. Rise implements a call to action button within the hero element to capture any immediate interest, following it up with an area displaying different social media connection methods. It’s a versatile and professional-looking template, suitable for all types of online business.

11. Carl (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Carl template is a pleasing combination of animated elements, large images, and clean black text on a white background. The use of different image sizes and a single splash of color in key areas ensures that visitors’ interest is maintained throughout the page. A great choice for entrepreneurs looking to create a friendly and welcoming feel.

Legacy Kajabi Themes

1. Gradio (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Gradio template incorporates the use of a single bold color to create a vibrant and commanding website design. It places an opt-in button for visitors front and center, and follows it up with benefits and features that visitors are most likely to be interested in. 

2. Spark (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Spark template has a professional and serious tone to it. It keeps the colors simple with a black background and white text, images are also kept relatively dark, and a splash of color is added to draw visitors’ attention to key areas.

3. Tempo (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Tempo template is a great minimalist design with straight lines, sharp corners, and limited use of color to help keep the messaging as the main focus of the site, rather than its design. It’s an extremely versatile and professional template.

4. Capital (Free)

Kajabi Themes

Kajabi’s Capital template uses a simple splash of color to create a modern and direct look. A good fit for businesses wanting an immediate engagement with their visitors.

5. Eastwood (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Eastwood template is a popular choice within the artistic community. It has bold design choices and utilizes a flair for color, elegant font options, and striking images to give the perfect creative yet professional look.

6. Magnolia (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Magnolia template gives off a warm and inviting feeling to visitors and is popular with empowerment and improvement entrepreneurs. It makes good use of light and dark themes, and a unified color palette to give a more personalized feel.

Third-Party Kajabi Themes

If the Kajabi template store doesn’t have the look that you want, there are hundreds more you can find on the internet to give you the design you are after. We’ve listed three from robust-themes.com below.

1. Kyoto (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Kyoto template is a strong, professional looking template for creatives. It uses a curated color palette, a hand-drawn art style, and a bold headline font to get visitors interested and scrolling. 

2. Monaco (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Monaco template uses a handwritten style font and a shadowing effect for the headlines to stand out, and the use of complementary colors makes images and important information pop off the page. It’s a very playful theme, and a great choice for storyteller type entrepreneurs.

3. Montreal (Free)

Kajabi Themes

The Montreal theme is delightfully animated throughout, ensuring that visitors are always kept engaged. The fantastic use of color and art, with simple headlines in the hero section (and throughout the theme) keeps everything focused on exactly what you want the visitors to look at.  

How to Change a Kajabi Theme?

If you enjoyed any of the Kajabi theme examples you’ve seen, you can download them from your Kajabi dashboard. Select Website > Design > Template Store and choose from the official and legacy themes available. Once you have found and clicked on your desired theme, select Add to saved templates. The template will be saved to your dashboard. 

Kajabi Themes

To change your current theme, select the 3-dot button and click Set to live.

If you would like to try out a 3rd-party theme like those listed above you need to travel to www.robust-themes.com, select the theme you like, and then click the download button. 

Kajabi Themes

From there, users should follow the four steps listed in the right side of the window. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Kajabi themes are templates that can be used to customize your website through the Kajabi platform. Users can choose a Kajabi theme as the design for their website or as a starting point that they can personalize to create a unique website experience.

Open your Kajabi dashboard, select Website > Design > Template Store and choose from the official and legacy themes available. Once you have found and clicked on your desired theme, select Add to saved templates. The template is now saved to your dashboard. You may now customize it and set it to live if you wish.

Yes. All official and legacy Kajabi themes are free of charge to subscribers. There are also many third-party themes available at no cost through various websites.

There are eleven official Kajabi themes and six Kajabi legacy themes available in the Kajabi theme store.

All themes in the Kajabi theme store are free of charge to subscribers of all Kajabi plans. The cost of third-party themes will vary.

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