Kajabi Landing Page Examples

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Kajabi offers a comprehensive library of attractive and functional landing pages for businesses of all kinds.

A few of the best Kajabi landing page examples are displayed below.

In This Article, You’ll Find:

  • 5 Kajabi Landing Pages in action.
  • 21 Kajabi Landing Page examples that you can easily create and customize.
Kajabi Landing Pages

Landing pages are important because first impressions are essential.

Landing pages are the first thing a customer sees after following one of your links.

You want to ensure that your landing pages, sales page, opt-in pages, and download pages are visually attractive and immediately capture attention. 

5 Best Real-Life Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Our team handpicked the below examples to show you real-life businesses that use Kajabi for their landing pages to inspire you in creating your own.

Sometimes minor details can bring tremendous results, such as the color of your Call-to-Action buttons or the use and placement of videos. So we will go over each example in detail to help you build a professional landing page.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene offers membership to practice yoga and meditation through video tutorials. 

A two-field form within the hero section makes conversion easy. First, a YouTube demonstration provides visitors with a look at what they can expect before reading any copy.

Then, a short About Adriene section includes a Read More button. Next is an invitation to visitors to join the community and a Start Your Free Trial button. Finally, the copy on the site has a clear presentation, giving a simplistic feel to the page. 

Features of This Landing Page:

  • A simple form above the fold
  • CTA buttons take you to different places
  • Demonstration video near the top
  • Relatable images
Kajabi Landing Page Examples Yoga with Adrianne

Grant Cardone Training Center

Grant Cardone provides training courses to businesses. 

This page includes access to the many courses, live conferences, and seminars. 

A large engaging Hero Section with moving picture slideshows is followed by details of each course and green Get Access CTA buttons.

A Live Events section follows with CTAs to access the recordings. Then we encounter Testimonials from well-known people and individual programs at Cardone University.

The final section is real estate training, ending with a contact number to call.

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Engaging Hero section with moving picture slideshows
  • Prominent Lead Capture buttons 
  • Text and image sections
  • Social Proof by well-known people
Kajabi Landing Page Examples Grant Cardone

Floret Online Workshop

Visitors to this page can join a six-week course learning about flowers.

This landing page for an online workshop is powerful because of the large and colorful hero section. Here, readers get a brief introduction to the workshop.

When clicking the Learn More button, go to the main page with a simple headline and subheading, and text about the workshop.

Three CTA buttons to Join Waitlist dotted throughout that page take you to a simple three-field form. 

Single words in a large font draw attention to the available lifetime access.

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Colorful Hero Section
  • Simplistic layout, free from distractions
  • One CTA button
Kajabi Landing Page Examples Floret

Your Guitar Sage

Erich Andreas offers programs to learn guitar. Here, he’s inviting people to sign up for his free lessons.

His hero section includes a photo of him and a bright CTA button. Personalized copy invites you to explore his community. Underneath is a section highlighting his popularity.

Alongside is another prominent CTA. A video presented by Erich encourages visitors to join up. After Click-through testimonials, visitors receive an invitation to text Erich.

The page ends with Social Impact images and Social Media icons.

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Colorful CTAs draw users’ eyes to them
  • Use of personalization to connect with potential customers
  • The three-step area highlights Erich’s popularity
Kajabi Landing Page Examples Guitar Sage

Going Square

Going Square designs websites and applications.

The headline contrasts nicely against the image in the hero area, which also incorporates a CTA button.

Next is a short text about Going Square and alongside are Social Proof brand logos.

This page includes another clear headline and question to visitors on another image before the fold.

Finally, there are eleven CTA buttons to Learn More, View More, and Get Started. A six-part section also demonstrates the effectiveness of the service. 

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Action-oriented headline
  • Large Social Proof brand logos
  • Colorful images
  • Many CTA buttons
  • Text sections set out on a white background
Going Square

21 Examples of Landing Pages You Can Create In Kajabi

Landing pages for different types of businesses need to be distinctive.

Each page should be customized to be as memorable as possible in accordance with the aesthetic of the company. Kajabi pages are highly customizable.

If you prefer to view all landing pages, you can hit the button below and register for a free trial.

Standalone Landing Pages

A standalone landing page is a page that is distinct and independent from your main website. Standalone pages generally do not contain links to site navigation. These pages are usually designed for a singular purpose, whether it is making conversions or capturing leads

Kajabi Landing Page Examples
Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Streamlined Home

This simple design gets right to the point and is a good starting point for marketing campaigns. 

Streamlined Long Form Sales 

This landing page template is for showing off your long-form sales copy. Perfect for in-depth deals and promotions.

Streamlined Sales 

This page’s straightforward layout is adept at capturing sales with a clean design free of distractions.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Streamlined Opt In

This landing page template is perfect for capturing email leads with its unobtrusive design.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Streamlined Video Opt In 

This feature page will capture attention by placing your video content front and center. 

Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Streamlined Lead Gen 

This clear theme will capture customer attention, increase engagement, and can help grow your email contact list.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


This theme is very flexible and works ideally for showing off a different side of your business.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


The Luca template puts emphasizes visuals and has virtually limitless customization options.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


This elegant landing page template excels at presenting blog content and curating emails for your list.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


The soft edges of this theme make users feel relaxed.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


Like a lightning bolt, this template hits fast and gets the job done quickly, whether it’s getting emails or signups.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


The combination of headline and images make an attractive opt-in form for building email lists

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


Thyme is an image-focused template focused on delivering your story through compelling visuals.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


This soft and straightforward landing page is a great neutral option for gathering email addresses.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


This minimalist theme is focused entirely on sales with the clean design and countdown timer.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


German for “thank you,” the Danke template is a great way to show your appreciation to new subscribers.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


Designed for experts and influences, the Lindsay template showcases your brand’s unique identity.  

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


The Chloe theme can capture leads with its friendly and welcoming design.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


This theme is popular with fitness and nutrition experts due to its geometric design and high-octane presentation.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


The theme will grab customer attention and is useful for promoting events and special offers.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


The Melody theme is versatile and puts your writing front and center.

Pipeline Landing & Sales Pages

Pipeline landing pages deposit the user into your sales funnel.

Pipeline pages are generally a one in a sequence of pages that define the sales experience for the customer.

As such, pipeline landing pages are not as singularly focused as standalone landing pages. Kajabi pipeline pages come in the form of pipeline blueprints.

Each blueprint contains a selection of pages and template market copy. 

Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Product Launch OVO

This pipeline aims to increase the buzz surrounding your new launches with its product-oriented design.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Sales Page OVO 

A pipeline focused entirely on sales. Each page is streamlined and focused on conversions.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples


This page is perfect for promotional offers. 

Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Coaching Campaign OVO

This pipeline is excellent for marketing your expertise and coaching abilities. Perfect for trainers, motivational speakers, etc.

Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Free Book OVO 

This design focuses on selling e-books and other downloadable digital products. 

Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Zoom Webinar 

The Zoom webinar pipeline blueprint focuses on presenting either a pre-recorded webinar, or a live one. You can set up a Zoom webinar and past the meeting room link into the Zoom Webinar Pipeline blueprint. 


Landing pages are a vital part of your marketing strategy. Landing pages need to be meticulously crafted to generate a good first impression.

Otherwise, you risk losing leads and conversions. Kajabi makes landing/sales pages easy with its intuitive editor and proven marketing copy. 

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