21 Kajabi Landing Page Examples (Sales Pages)

Landing pages are important because first impressions are essential.

Landing pages are the first thing a customer sees after following one of your links.

You want to ensure that your landing pages, sales page, opt-in pages, and download pages are visually attractive and immediately capture attention. 

Fortunately, Kajabi offers a comprehensive library of attractive and functional landing pages for businesses of all kinds.

Here are just a few of the best landing pages examples that Kajabi offers.

Kajabi Landing Pages

Types of Landing Pages You Can Create In Kajabi

Landing pages for different types of businesses need to be distinctive.

Each page should be customized to be as memorable as possible in accordance with the aesthetic of the company. Kajabi pages are highly customizable.

If you prefer to view all landing pages, you can hit the button below and register for a free trial.

Standalone Landing Pages

A standalone landing page is a page that is distinct and independent from your main website. Standalone pages generally do not contain links to site navigation. These pages are usually designed for a singular purpose, whether it is making conversions or capturing leads. 

Streamlined Home

This simple design gets right to the point and is a good starting point for marketing campaigns. 

Streamlined Long Form Sales 

This landing page template is for showing off your long-form sales copy. Perfect for in-depth deals and promotions.

Streamlined Sales 

This page’s straightforward layout is adept at capturing sales with a clean design free of distractions.

Streamlined Opt In

This landing page template is perfect for capturing email leads with its unobtrusive design.

Streamlined Video Opt In 

This feature page will capture attention by placing your video content front and center. 

Streamlined Lead Gen 

This clear theme will capture customer attention, increase engagement, and can help grow your email contact list.


This theme is very flexible and works ideally for showing off a different side of your business.


The Luca template puts emphasizes visuals and has virtually limitless customization options.


This elegant landing page template excels at presenting blog content and curating emails for your list.


The soft edges of this theme make users feel relaxed.


Like a lightning bolt, this template hits fast and gets the job done quickly, whether it’s getting emails or signups.


The combination of headline and images make an attractive opt-in form for building email lists


Thyme is an image-focused template focused on delivering your story through compelling visuals.


This soft and straightforward landing page is a great neutral option for gathering email addresses.


This minimalist theme is focused entirely on sales with the clean design and countdown timer.


German for “thank you,” the Danke template is a great way to show your appreciation to new subscribers.


Designed for experts and influences, the Lindsay template showcases your brand’s unique identity.  


The Chloe theme can capture leads with its friendly and welcoming design.


This theme is popular with fitness and nutrition experts due to its geometric design and high-octane presentation.


The theme will grab customer attention and is useful for promoting events and special offers.


The Melody theme is versatile and puts your writing front and center.

Pipeline Landing & Sales Pages

Pipeline landing pages deposit the user into your sales funnel. Pipeline pages are generally a one in a sequence of pages that define the sales experience for the customer.

As such, pipeline landing pages are not as singularly focused as standalone landing pages. Kajabi pipeline pages come in the form of pipeline blueprints.

Each blueprint contains a selection of pages and template market copy. 

Product Launch OVO 

This pipeline aims to increase the buzz surrounding your new launches with its product-oriented design. 

Sales Page OVO 

A pipeline focused entirely on sales. Each page is streamlined and focused on conversions.


This page is perfect for promotional offers. 

Coaching Campaign OVO

This pipeline is excellent for marketing your expertise and coaching abilities. Perfect for trainers, motivational speakers, etc.

Free Book OVO 

This design focuses on selling e-books and other downloadable digital products. 

Zoom Webinar 

The Zoom webinar pipeline blueprint focuses on presenting a Zoom webinar. You can set up a Zoom webinar and past the meeting room link into the Zoom Webinar Pipeline blueprint. 

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