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One of the many tools on the Kajabi platform is its Forms feature. 

Primarily, Kajabi Forms enables users to gather important information about their audience, such as through surveys or questionnaires.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi Forms are easy to build, have multiple uses, and are fully customizable

This article will walk you through how to create and customize a form, and compare Kajabi with several of its competitors on the market.

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Kajabi Forms: What Can I Use Them For?

Here are a few ways you could utilize a Kajabi form:


Have a newsletter you would like your audience to subscribe to? 

A Kajabi form can be used as an opt-in form – simply gather their information and send your newsletters to your subscribers.


A Kajabi form can be used as a survey to help collect data about your business, such as client satisfaction, or subjects that subscribers would be interested in learning more about.


A Kajabi form could also be used as a questionnaire for you to understand the type of content your audience reacts to the best.

Kajabi Forms: Step-to-Step Guide to Creating and Building a Form


  1. Open the Marketing tab from your dashboard
  2. Click Forms
  3. Select + Add New Form
  4. Give your form a title – you can go back and change it if needed at a later time
  5. Click Save to create and begin customizing


Here are a few features you can customize your forms with:

Double Opt-In

Double opt-in is a feature that will automatically send an email to the address submitted on the form to request its confirmation.

  1. Open the Marketing tab from your dashboard
  2. Select Forms
  3. Create a new Form or edit an existing one
  4. Select Double Opt-In to enable or Single Opt-In to disable
  5. Configure any additional opt-in settings if applicable
  6. Click Save to keep and apply your changes
kajabi forms

Form Fields

Form fields allow for the gathering of specific and unique information about your audience.

  1. Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard
  2. Select Forms
  3. Create a new Form or edit an existing one
  4. Scroll down to Form Fields and click Add Form Field
  5. Select an existing Field or click Create A New Field
  6. Click Save
forms of kajabi


Automations mean that, once created, certain aspects of your site will work without you having to do anything.

  1. Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard
  2. Select Forms
  3. Create a new Form or edit an existing one
  4. Scroll down to the Automations section
  5. Select your Automation type: Offer, Email Sequence, Event, Tag, Coupon


Share your forms on your landing pages!

  1. Open the Website tab from the dashboard
  2. Select the Pages tab
  3. Open the page editor for your page
  4. In the sidebar, click Add Content
  5. From the list, select Form
  6. Your newly created form will generate at the bottom of the section
  7. Select your form from the dropdown
  8. Click Save to keep your changes

Kajabi Forms: Compare and Contrast with Competitors

There’s a lot of form-generating software available on the internet, why use Kajabi?

Double Opt-in

As mentioned above, double opt-in requires users to confirm their email address after opting in to your mailing list, which allows for a more engaged list of audience. 

Allow Access to Videos

Having free access to videos during the opt in process could grow your list organically.


Using the Forms tool within the Kajabi platform means that there is no need for any additional third-party software.


Double opt-in
Access to videos
Direct to a Thank You Page
Free trial

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kajabi’s Form Building Service Free?

No, it’s part of its subscription packages. Kajabi is currently offering a free 30-day trial where form building is one of its extensive features. 

After the 30 days you would pay a monthly subscription fee.

Am I Able to Embed a Kajabi Form on an External Webpage?

Yes! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Open the Marketing tab
  2. Select Forms
  3. Edit an existing form or create a new one
  4. Select the Embed tab from the top menu of the Form Editor
  5. Click the copy icon to Embed your form with one line of javascript
  6. Paste the embed code into the source code of your external web page
  7. If you are using the inline style, the location of this embed code will determine where the Form is located on the page
  8. Save and refresh the page

How Do I Generate a Customized Thank You Page for Form Submitters?

  1. Open the Website tab from your dashboard
  2. Select the Pages tab
  3. Click the Landing pages tab
  4. Navigate to the top right corner of the page and click + New Landing Page
  5. Select your desired Pages Template
  6. Click Get Started
  7. Enter your Page Title
  8. Click Create to generate your custom page

How Do I Autofill Forms by Passing Submission Data to the Thank You Page in Kajabi?

  1. Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard
  2. Click Forms
  3. Select the first form your users will complete
  4. Navigate to the After Submission settings
  5. Enable Send the contact to a custom thank you page
  6. Select the second page with your second form from the dropdown menu
  7. Enable “Pass submission data to the thank you page”

How Do I Export Information From Kajabi Forms?

  1. Open the Marketing tab from your dashboard
  2. Select Forms
  3. Select the form with the data you want to export
  4. Click Submissions
  5. Select Export in the top right corner

Can I View Kajabi Form Submissions?

Yes, and here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard
  2. Select Forms
  3. Select the Form you wish to view
  4. Click Submissions under the Form title

How Do I Fix White or Invisible Text on the Forms in Kajabi?

  1. Navigate to the Website tab from your dashboard
  2. Click Pages
  3. Select the Website or Landing tab to locate your page
  4. Select the title of your page to open the page editor
  5. Select the Settings tab from the page editor
  6. Select Style Guide
  7. Locate the Fonts Colors section
  8. Select the Body Font Color changer
  9. Select a color other than White
  10. Click Save

What Automations Can I Use With Kajabi Forms?

There are five automations you can use with Kajabi Forms:

  • Offer
  • Email sequence
  • Event
  • Tag
  • Coupon

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