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Categorize and manage your contacts by adding tags on Kajabi to create personalized marketing campaigns that generate increased traffic and sales.

Tags can be added manually or by using automations to streamline your business, as explained in this article. 

Key Takeaways:

What Is a Tag on Kajabi?

A tag on Kajabi is a tool to help organize and manage your contacts by actions or custom attributes. 

You can add tags to new and existing contacts to filter and categorize them. Based on the information they have provided you with (such as their experience level , they will be sent personalized marketing content.

Why Should I Use Tags on Kajabi? 

Adding tags organizes your contacts by the content they are interested in or actions they have taken. 

You can use this knowledge to create custom email sequences and send them products or details on things they are likely to be responsive to.

Personalizing your marketing emails in this way increases their effectiveness.

You can add tags manually or by using automations, either individually, or in bulk.

How to Manually Add Tags on Kajabi

To add tags to a contact manually:

  1. Click on the Contacts tab from the sidebar
  2. Locate and open the contact you want to add the tag to
  3. Under the name of the contact, hover over the Tag graphic 
  4. Click Add Tag
  5. A dropdown menu will appear. Select the tag you want to add or create a new one
  6. Click Save to complete, and your new tag will be added

Adding Tags During Import

Add tags when you upload a contact individually or in bulk using an upload file:
  1. Click on the Contacts tab from the sidebar
  2. Select + Add Contact

Option 1 – Add Individual Contact:

  1. Click Add Single Contact
  2. Complete the name and email fields
  3. Check the box for Add Tags
  4. Choose the tag you want to add from the dropdown menu
  5. Click Save to add the contact with the tag

Option 2 – Add Multiple Contacts via Upload File:

Add Multiple Contacts

Use this option if you have a pre-prepared file to upload. Kajabi can read the headers in your file to upload the data correctly.

  1. Click Import CSV
  2. Choose Upload File
  3. Select the file to upload and click Continue to Upload
  4. Review the columns that were mapped. Edit as required
  5. Once you have verified the columns, click Continue to Import Actions
  6. Click Add Tags and add or create the tag
  7. Confirm by clicking Continue to Summary
  8. Check the summary and click Confirm Import
  9. You will receive an email to confirm the upload is complete

Add Tags in Bulk to Existing Contacts

Select multiple contacts to add tags to at once:

  1. Click on the Contacts tab from the sidebar
  2. Select the contacts using the checkboxes that you want to tag
  1. Click on Bulk Actions and select Tags from the dropdown menu
  2. Click Add Tag and choose an existing tag or create a new one
  3. You have tagged all of the selected users

Adding Tags with Automations

Automatically add tags to contacts using automations to save time and allow you to streamline and scale your business.

For example, Tags can be added after a form is submitted, a purchase is made, or an email sequence has been completed.

Automation Tag Examples

  • Add a tag after form submission

If, for example, you had a course about spiritual, mental, or physical practices, should someone opt into your online form and tell you they are most interested in yoga and their ability level is beginner, you could add the tags ‘Yoga’ and ‘Beginner’ to their contact details. 

  • Add a tag after offer purchase

If you were to run an online language course for all abilities and someone purchases your online course ‘French for Advanced’, you could add the tags ‘French’ and ‘Advanced.’

  • Add a tag after an email sequence is complete

For someone running courses about jewelry making and selling, if a contact responds to an email sequence on ‘How to Sell Engraved Jewelry Online’, the tags ‘Engraving’ and ‘Online Selling’ could be used.

How to Add a Tag Using Automations

  1. Click Marketing and then Automations from the list
  2. Click + New Automation in the right corner

Option 1: After a Form Is Submitted

  1. Select Form Is Submitted from the When dropdown
  2. Choose the form from the dropdown menu
  3. Select Add a Tag from the Then dropdown
  4. Choose the tag from the dropdown menu and click Save
  5. The tag is now added and can be checked by clicking Forms, finding the form you added the tag to, and scrolling down to Automations.

You can also add the tag to the form from the Forms tab under Marketing.

Find the form you want to add the automation to and select Add Automation. The When field will be auto-completed.

Option 2: After an Email Sequence Is Opened

  1. Select Email Sequence Is Opened from the When dropdown
  2. Choose the email sequence from the dropdown menu
  3. Select Add a Tag from the Then dropdown
  4. Choose the tag from the dropdown menu and click Save

You can also add the tag on the email sequence page. To do so:

  1. Select Email Campaigns under Marketing
  2. Find the email sequence to which you want to add the automation
  3. Find the email you want to trigger the automation to add the tag
  4. Click Add Automation
  5. Change the When field to Email Sequence Email Is Opened
  6. The tag is now added and can be checked by clicking Email Campaigns, finding the email sequence, and then finding the email you added the tag to.

Option 3: After an Offer Purchase

  1. Select Offer is Purchased from the When dropdown
  2. Choose the offer from the dropdown menu
  3. Select Add a Tag from the Then dropdown
  4. Choose the tag from the dropdown menu and click Save

How to Remove a Tag

Remove a Tag

To remove tags from individual customers if the tag no longer applies:

  1. Click on the Contacts tab from the sidebar
  2. Find the contact you want to remove the tag from
  3. Click on the contact
  4. On the right side of the contact, you will see Tags. Click the X next to the tag you want to remove
  5. Once you have clicked X, it will be removed from the contact

How to Edit a Tag

How to Edit a Tag

To edit the name of an existing tag:

  1. Click on the Contacts tab from the sidebar
  2. Select Manage Tags
  3. Find the tag you want to edit
  4. Select the pencil icon
  5. Edit the tag
  6. Click Save to finish

How to Delete a Tag

Delete a Tag

To permanently delete a tag from your Kajabi website.

  1. Click on the Contacts tab from the sidebar
  2. Select Manage Tags
  3. Find the tag you want to delete
  4. Click the bin icon
  5. Fill in the name of the tag you are permanently removing
  6. Click Delete Tag to confirm

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Tags in Kajabi?

Use tags to manage contacts in Kajabi. Assign your Kajabi contacts a specific tag. The tagged contacts can then be sent customized email campaigns to generate leads.

How Many Tags Can I Have In Kajabi?

Users have 100 tags per site available to them. 

Bottom Line

Tags are an incredibly useful tool for managing your contacts and sending targeted marketing campaigns. Offer valuable information to contacts to generate traffic and drive sales.

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