Creating a Community in Kajabi (Feature Overview)

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A Community is a product in Kajabi where members can discuss topics relevant to your business.

It is similar in function to a Facebook group for your users, where members can directly discuss and share information. 

This article will synthesize our Kajabi experts’ knowledge and take you through everything you need to know about creating and using a Kajabi Community.

Kajabi Community

Is Kajabi Community A Forum?

In principle, Communities are very similar to a traditional web forum. A Kajabi Community provides its participants with a forum to discuss matters about the set subject. In function and behavior, a Kajabi Community is more similar to a Facebook Group located within your Kajabi website and embedded within your business. 


Communities in Kajabi

A Kajabi Community allows your subscribers to interact with one another.

As the Community’s administrator, you can create groups with specific topics and include learners who have enrolled for a particular course.

You can also offer the Community as a separate product and charge members for joining the community.

You can also post relevant information in the Community to share general information or to promote discussions.

How To Create a Community in Kajabi

Since a Community refers to the product that allows members to discuss relevant business topics, this feature makes Kajabi an excellent platform. Creating a Community only takes a few easy-to-follow steps. Take a look at these steps below:  

  • Step 1: Click on Products in Dashboard
  • Step 2: Click on the + New Product button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Step 3: Click on Community from the product template options and give your community a relevant name. Remember to choose a name that is not in use by someone else. It must also relate to the product or course you’re selling.
  • Step 4: Click Save and then start customizing your community! The goal here is to be engaging and unique to keep your customers interested. 
  • Step 5: Sections you will need to customize include: Details, Sidebar, Topics, and Offers.

By following these steps, you’ll have your new Kajabi community created and up and running in a few minutes! This user-friendly product serves as a viable alternative to groups offered by Facebook and other similar platforms. It makes student engagement so much simpler, and it’s a great upsell feature!

Creating a Brand-New Community

A Community is a standard Kajabi product, similar to any other product such as an online course or membership. Add it to your Kajabi site through the Products tab in the Dashboard.

New Community

Editing & Customizing a Community

Tailor the Community you added to suit your needs. The Edit Details section will enable you to customize the Community. Add a title, description, and Community image.

Add custom colors and logos to the Community page for branding continuity. Select between Feed or Topics view to organize content.

The sidebar that appears within the Community can be customized. Here you can enter a dedicated message for members. This sidebar is the ideal place to share the vision and purpose of the Community. It also provides you with a location to list Community guidelines and rules.

Editing a Community in Kajabi

Posting to Your Community

Generate regular posts on the Community page. These frequent posts will promote the interaction and engagement of all members of the Community. To make and edit a post is intuitive and fast, similar to Facebook. 

You can add written content, images, videos, and include links. You can also send notifications to all Community members, letting them know about the new post. Pin posts or notifications to the top of the Community feed, giving members quick access to relevant information. 

Posting in a Community
Creating a Community in Kajabi (Feature Overview)

Kajabi Community Examples

Would you like to see how a Community looks like in Kajabi? Here is a simple example:

Kajabi Community Example

Best Practices of Managing a Community

To promote member engagement, we recommend implementing the following best practices on the Community page.


Community Name

The Community name must be relevant to the topic at hand. With a couple of words, it should communicate to potential members the purpose of the group. It needs to be recognizable and serve as an introduction to the Community’s aim. 


Define the Aim

Community members must be aware of the aim to ensure relevant and meaningful discussions. Clearly define and communicate the aim by pinning a post to the top of the feed or inserting it in the sidebar.


Meaningful Content

Post content that adds value to the Community and the overall page. That means posting high-quality content that is recognizable through consistent styling and branding. If possible, create posts on a predictable schedule, which will result in members anticipating your content.


Welcome New Members

Welcome new members to the Community by offering them a chance to introduce themselves. This introduction opens communication between existing and new members.


Member Engagement

Actively participate in the Community. Engage with members by answering questions, giving suggestions, or giving constructive criticism.

Bottom Line

A Kajabi Community has such tremendous potential because it lets you directly contact your page’s subscribers. A Community can be added to any of your existing Kajabi products to increase the learning potential of your members.

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