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Kajabil has comprehensive features to create thriving communities, including live rooms, challenges, events, discussion circles, and more. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi has upgraded its community spaces by acquiring Vibely last year
  • The platform now has extensive features and tools for creating communities
  • Add value to your subscribers by creating paid and free community spaces 

What Is Kajabi Community?

Kajabi has introduced a new Kajabi Communities tool onto its platform. It has done this by acquiring Vibely and integrating it with Kajabi.

Kajabi Communities has many features that enable you to create engaging spaces for your customers to interact, learn, and collaborate. For example, the tool has live video capabilities and enables you to run challenges and track participants’ progress.

Kajabi Communities is available on all price plans, and each community you create counts as a single product. Therefore, you can have the following:

  • Up to three communities with the Basic plan
  • Up to 15 communities with the Growth plan
  • Up to 100 communities with the Pro plan

Why Did Kajabi Acquire Vibely?

Why Did Kajabi Acquire Vibely?

Up until Kajabi acquired Vibely, its community product was rather limited. Vibely, on the other hand, was an established and dedicated community-based platform with all the features and tools necessary to create thriving communities.

By acquiring Vibely, Kajabi was able to create a “best-in-class” tool and enhance the value of the Kajabi platform for its users.

What Features Do Kajabi Community 2.0 and Vibely Offer?

The Kajabi Communities tool can be found when creating a new product in Kajabi. Let’s take a look at what you can do with the tool.

Live Rooms and Meetups

Live Rooms and Meetups

Kajabi lets you set up and run live events and stream them directly from the Kajabi platform. This is useful for live demos, webinars, masterclasses, and more.

When you set up a live event and post it to your community, people can RSVP so that you know how many are attending. Additionally, to create hype and enthusiasm, you can kick off discussions and chats around the session in the days leading up to the event.

The Live Room feature also lets you:

  • Record each session so you can post the replay.
  • Run breakout groups for discussion.
  • Screenshare. 
  • Text chat while the live video is playing and send emojis.
  • Request participants to switch on their video.

Additionally, you can use the Live Room for informal meetups. Since it is always “switched on,” you can jump into the Live Room whenever you feel like it and quickly let your community members know you are currently live.

Create Community Circles

Create Community Circles

Community circles are essentially chat rooms that you can create within each of your Communities. This allows members to engage with each other and chat about specific topics.

You can create as many circles as you like and choose which members have access to each one.

Each circle appears as a newsfeed-style chat box, and here you can type your responses and add images and emojis.

Additionally, if you want to chat with a member privately, you can do so by directly messaging them.



Challenges are a great way to engage your community and get them to participate in events. 

You can use the Kajabi challenge templates to create one-off challenges or recurring challenges that take place on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Participants can then upload photos or add comments and emojis whenever they complete a challenge so you can track their progress.

Accountability Tools

Accountability Tools

The Kajabi leaderboard shows the top three most engaged members of the community, either of all-time or monthly. 

You can also click on each member’s profile and view their progress and engagement there.

Kajabi leaderboard

Your community members can track their progress via the Kajabi mobile app. All they need to do is open up the app, and they’ll be able to see their personal progress stats.

Kajabi mobile app

Community badges are awarded to members that engage with your community. For example, the Unstoppable Member badge is awarded to those who complete a challenge daily for a whole week.

Members automatically receive these badges, and they provide a great visual to see how your community is performing.

Custom Pages

Custom Pages

Kajabi Communities allow you to embed a web page (whether it was created in Kajabi or not) which then acts as a homepage for your community. 

This will be the first page people see when they log into your community.

Additionally, you can set the product library as the homepage, which means your members will have easy access to all the resources available for the community. 

For example, this is where you can store your PDFs, videos, worksheets, and more.

Admins and Moderators

As your Kajabi community grows, you can appoint admins to help manage and moderate it. 

Admins have access to advanced features such as post-deletion and can create meetups, challenges, and more. 

Moderators have the power to delete undesirable posts from Circle discussions.

Posts Feed

The posts feed provides a social media feel to your community. Your members will each have their own post feed that displays the activity within the space. 

For example, if you have lots of discussion circles, challenges, and events happening, your members will be able to scroll down their post feed to see what’s new.

Kajabi Communities Mobile App

Kajabi Communities Mobile App

Kajabi Communities comes with its own app. You can download it in order to manage and engage with your community, and your members can download and use it to track progress and participate in events and discussions.

There are two ways to find the app:

  • Search for and download “Kajabi Communities” on iOS or Android app stores.
  • Members that log into your community will see a banner that redirects them to the app store.

How Does the Kajabi Community Feature Work?

Create Free and Paid Community Spaces

Create Free and Paid Community Spaces

As you go through the setup process, you have full control over how you want to price the product. 

This gives you full control over the amount of revenue you want to receive for your Community.

Choose from:

  • A free community
  • One-time payment
  • Multi-pay (a series of payments over a predetermined number of months)
  • Subscription

Customize Each Space and Add Members

Customize Each Space and Add Members

Your Kajabi Community can be customized fully for your audience. 

Add your branding, upload a video library, create challenges, chat circles, and more. 

As your community grows, you can adapt the content to better suit them and ensure it stays up-to-date and relevant.

Additionally, you can create and upload community guidelines so you can cultivate the right kind of atmosphere and spirit within the space.

Add members through targeted marketing campaigns, or simply copy the Communities signup link and send it out to your contact lists.

Promote and Engage

Promote and Engage

Create offers for your communities and promote them by adding them to your Kajabi sales funnels and websites.

When your audience starts growing, you can keep them engaged and invested by running live events, exclusive meetups, and conducting active discussions and chats around relevant topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kajabi Community tool is included in all price plans and does not cost extra. However, one Kajabi Community counts as one product. Therefore, the product limits of your chosen plan apply.

Kajabi Communities can be found in the Products tab on the Kajabi platform. Here, you can create new communities and modify existing ones.

Subscribers to your Kajabi Community can access it via their Kajabi Library after logging in.

You can have as many Kajabi Communities as you like, subject to your chosen plan limits. For the Basic plan, you can have up to three communities, 15 on the Growth plan, and 100 on the Pro plan.

Existing Vibely subscribers can migrate their communities over to Kajabi with minimal disruption. All Vibely community content will remain the same with no visible changes.

To migrate over, Vibely subscribers are invited to schedule a 45-minute call with Kajabi.


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