Best Kajabi Membership Site Examples

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Kajabi is an excellent platform for making membership sites – gated websites that house proprietary content.

You typically have to pay for access to content membership sites, which will feature exclusive content meant for paying subscribers.

Membership sites for courses often have premium content, lessons, and lectures hidden behind a paywall.

Kajabi makes the setup process very simple so that you can quickly build a fully functioning membership site

We’ve spent weeks compiling the list of these best membership sites. All of the websites displayed below were created using Kajabi.

Best Kajabi Membership Site Examples

6 Best Membership Site Examples Created with Kajabi

Creating a membership website with Kajabi couldn’t be easier. It’s a simple drag-and-drop process, and you don’t need any technical skills.

1. Brendon Burchard

This membership site is created and run by Brendon Burchard, a world-leading performance coach, bestselling author, and personal development expert. 

Burchard’s work has been featured in several outlets, and he plays a special role in Kajabi by creating some of the marketing copy. 

This membership site page is an excellent example of what Kajabi can do. It has products ranging from books to courses and unique offerings like planners. 

Brendon Buchard

2. Abbey of Horses

Abbey of Horses is an interesting membership site with the tagline ‘mystical living – guided by equine wisdom.” 

The site provides spiritual guidance for living your life, upon the backdrop of horses and other equine matters. 

This is an example that shows the diversity of the products you can sell on membership sites. Abbey of Horses sells confidence-boosting and motivational tips, including the site’s self-styled book.  

Abbey of Horses

3. Michelle Lagaly

Michelle Lagaly is a hypnotherapist and motivational coach. Her website sells programs related to increasing their empathetic sensitivity and emotional skills. One course is the “Intuitive Life Coach Certification,” which teaches people how to heal their lives. Again, we see here a very versatile range of the kind of products you can sell with a Kajabi-built membership site. 

Michelle Lagaly

4. Jenine Bayman

Jenine is a mother who uses her membership site to teach expecting and new mothers the ins and outs of motherhood and how to have a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Her products include a series of courses on topics related to raising kids, maintaining a family, dealing with stress, managing a career and kids, and more. She also sells a new workout routine called “New Mama Lifestyle,” a fitness activity mothers can do with their babies or young children. 

Jenine Bayman

5. Brian Dixon

Brain Dixon is a financial coach who specializes in helping people make money online. 

Dixon offers his consulting services and has built a course business around teaching other people how to launch an online business. Dixon offers coaching packages and professional business advice for getting a start-up off the ground. 

Brian Dixon

6. The Empowered Entrepreneur

This Kajabi membership site is designed for entrepreneurs that want to increase their overall productivity. 

The Empowered Entrepreneur sells brain training programs designed to help you get the most out of your time at work. 

Courses are designed to help you function responsively in a stress-free manner while maintaining alertness.  The Empowered Entrepreneur also includes a blog section with regular free content. The blog keeps readers coming back and entices them to purchase a membership subscription. 

Enterpreneur Brain

Bottom Line

Kajabi has the tools you need to create a functional and powerful membership site with little to no coding experience. 

There is a wide range of designs, and with enough creativity, you can use your membership site to generate a source of passive income. 

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