Kajabi Podcast Review

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Kajabi has a podcast feature on its platform that allows you to set up, manage, and distribute your podcast episodes. 

We’ve thoroughly reviewed it so you can determine if it’s suitable for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi allows you to import an existing podcast or set up a new one
  • You can create unlimited numbers of episodes
  • Kajabi provides numerous ways to monetize your podcast

What Is Kajabi Podcast?

Kajabi Podcast is a feature available on the Kajabi platform that lets you set up, manage, and distribute podcast episodes much like the major podcasting platforms such as Spotify or Apple.

However, Kajabi lets you do so much more than podcasts. It gives you all the tools you need to market and promote your podcast, such as emailing and creating sales pages.

You can also link your podcast to other Kajabi products and offers that you wish to sell, such as courses, communities, and coaching. 

This makes it easy to monetize your podcast in a diverse range of ways.

How Does Kajabi Podcast Work?

Import an Existing Podcast

Import an Existing Podcast

If you have an existing podcast that you wish to transfer over to Kajabi, this can be done in a matter of clicks.

All you have to do is select to import your podcast and paste the RSS feed link. 

Kajabi then works its magic to transfer and organize all the data and episodes over to its platform, where it’ll then be ready and waiting for you.

Kajabi has really made this a painless process.

Launch a New Podcast

Launch a New Podcast

If you’re starting from scratch, Kajabi gives you all the tools required to create and launch a brand-new podcast.

First, you set up your podcast page, give it a name, and add some essential details. Then, you can customize it to your preferences. 

For example, you can choose whether to have the episodes listed as episodic or serial order, and you can adjust the color scheme in accordance with your brand.

add some essential details

To take a look at what you have created, Kajabi provides a handy “Preview” button so that you can see exactly what the listener will see when they access your podcast page.

At any point, you can go into the editing area to update your podcast page and its settings. 

One important aspect of this is adding your podcast categories. 

You can select up to three categories that fit the subject of your podcast. 

This makes it more easily found when people search for podcasts in a particular niche.

However, individual podcast episodes don’t count toward your limit, and you can upload unlimited numbers of episodes regardless of your chosen plan.

Create Episodes

Create Episodes

Once you have set up your podcast and have the page looking how you want it to, it’s time to get your first episode under your belt.

It’s important to add here that Kajabi doesn’t help you with any of the podcast audio, and you can’t record your episodes directly onto Kajabi. 

Instead, it is up to you to select and use appropriate recording software and equipment. 

Then, when your audio file is ready, you simply upload it onto the Kajabi platform. 

This tool lets you create seasons for your podcast and select whether your audio file is an episode, trailer, or bonus content. 

You can also add a short description and click to indicate if any of the content is explicit or not.

Distribute Episodes

Distribute Episodes

Once you’ve hit publish on your podcast episode, it’s time to distribute it. 

You can do this by setting up the episode to distribute via the directories of your choice.

Doing this is as straightforward as grabbing the RSS feed link from Kajabi and then following the specific instructions for connecting it to Apple, Spotify, and Google.

While the majority of podcasts are fed through these three major platforms, there are other smaller podcast platforms available. 

If you would like to use these, grab your RSS feed link and head to the platform in question to learn how to add your podcast to it.

Kajabi Podcast Features Overview

Private and Public Podcasts

Kajabi gives you the opportunity to monetize your podcasts by making them private. This means they won’t be visible to the general public. 

Instead, access to the podcast is granted when a customer purchases your offer.

On the other hand, if you want to use your podcast as a means of building your audience and gaining visibility, you can set your podcast to “Public” to make it accessible to everyone.

Customizable Podcast Pages

Customizable Podcast Pages

We’ve already talked about how you can customize your podcast pages with your logo and brand colors. 

This feature is handy because it allows you to stay “on-brand” and consistent with any other web pages, offers, and products that you create in Kajabi.

Episode Transcripts

Transcripts are a written version of the audio content and are crucial for promoting inclusivity and making your content available to those with hearing impairments. 

Doing this also allows you to reach a broader audience who otherwise may not be able to access or use your content.

Additionally, providing transcripts is highly beneficial for SEO because they tend to contain keywords and phrases on the subject matter that will help you get found in search results.

Show Notes

So listeners can get a feel for what each podcast episode is about, Kajabi has space for you to add show notes. 

This is a short description or summary of the episode and includes your guest’s names, if there are any.

Custom Subscribers Tab

Custom Subscribers Tab

If you set up a private podcast, Kajabi automatically creates a custom contact list for all your podcast subscribers. 

This gives you full visibility of who they are and what their contact details are. It also provides you with a fast way to send out marketing and promotional information to your podcast audience.

Podcast Analytics

Podcast Analytics

Podcast analytics are provided to help you understand who is listening to your podcasts and where they’re accessing them. 

It also helps you determine which content is working best for you. 

Here’s what you can view in the analytics tab:

  • The total number of episode downloads
  • The top countries where your podcast is being listened to
  • The top ten episodes (determined by download numbers)
  • Which device operating systems are being used for streaming your content
  • Which apps are being used to stream episodes

Create Podcast Offers

Create Podcast Offers

Kajabi has a ton of ways in which you can monetize your podcast. 

Thanks to the platform’s versatility and ability to create other digital products, you can provide irresistible offers that your audience will love. 

Here are a few ways to achieve this:

  • Set your podcast to “Private” and charge for access on a subscription basis.
  • Bundle podcast access with other learning products for a single price.
  • Build a paid community and offer your members exclusive access to your podcast.
  • Attach separate offers to your podcast page.

Kajabi Podcast Pros and Cons

Kajabi Podcast Pros

  • Super easy to set up and use
  • Can quickly import existing podcasts over
  • Direct integration with Apple, Spotify, and Google
  • Can attach the podcast to other Kajabi offers and use it to sell your products
  • Can promote your podcast with Kajabi’s extensive marketing tools

Kajabi Podcast Cons

  • The platform is expensive  
  • No audio enhancement features are available
  • You cannot directly embed episodes onto web pages

Kajabi Podcast: Final Thoughts

Overall, if you already have a podcast episode recorded and ready to roll, you can have your podcast set up and live on Kajabi within the hour. 

The platform has made it so simple and speedy to get going it really doesn’t feel like it’s taken any effort at all. 

There are enough customization options to make it feel like your own, but not so many that it will overwhelm or confuse a total beginner.

The only downside is the cost of subscribing to Kajabi, which starts at $149/month

We feel it’s definitely worth it if you plan to take advantage of all the other features and tools that Kajabi offers. 

If you plan to use it only for podcasting, there are definitely much cheaper options out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kajabi does have a podcast feature that allows you to set up, manage, distribute, and market your podcast episodes.

If you have an existing podcast elsewhere, you can quickly and easily import it onto Kajabi by copying and pasting the podcast’s RSS feed link.

Kajabi Podcast is for anyone who wants a platform that allows them to set up and run a podcast as well as create, sell, and market other learning and digital products.

There is no limit to how many podcast episodes you can store on Kajabi. However, each individual podcast episode cannot exceed 250MB.

It is not possible to directly embed your Kajabi podcast episodes onto an external web page. There is a workaround, though. You can embed your episodes using an external podcast player such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Kajabi Podcast episodes are not currently available on the Kajabi mobile app. This is set to change, though, and Kajabi is working to make it possible.

Kajabi works with the three major podcast platforms: Apply, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. To have podcast episodes shown on other platforms, the podcast’s RSS feed can be directed to the platform in question.

It does not cost extra to use the Kajabi Podcast feature, and you are also allowed to upload unlimited podcast episodes. However, each podcast that you set up counts toward your chosen plan’s product quota limit.


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