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Create and host podcasts in Kajabi and distribute them to directories or aggregators like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi gives you the business tools to market, sell and profit from your podcasts or use podcasts to support your other online business.
  • You get a website with in-built analytics, payment options, e-mail, and the ability to automate certain functions. With Kajabi, you can do all of this quickly and easily from your dashboard.
Kajabi Podcast

Kajabi Podcast: Inside Look

Fortunately, starting a podcast on Kajabi is not as technical as you might imagine.

So follow the steps laid out here to learn how to make, upload, and manage your podcasts as you wish on Kajabi.

Have an inside look at the Kajabi Podcast dashboard.

When you click on ‘Create new Podcast,’ you see two options.

On the left, make it free and choose public, or on the right, make it private and monetize it.

Click on what you need, and continue. 

Here you have the Podcast dashboard showcasing all the creator’s podcasts. Just click on the individual podcast to find all the episodes within.

Here is the Podcast dashboard showcasing all the podcast episodes and their status.

You will see the episode title, status, the publish date, and how many downloads it got. Beneath the title, there are the distribution and analytics functions.

To modify the episode, click on it to find its details.

Kajabi Podcast Dashboard of Podcast

When you create a new episode, you fill in its details on one page. The top left is where you write its title and the show notes are where you write its description.

Below those details, you can upload a transcription. Finally, on the top right are the publication settings, with the thumbnail placed underneath. 

Kajabi Podcast Edit

You can monetize private podcasts within the offers section.

After publishing it, you can attach it to an offer and see how many subscribers you have.

Then, click on the analytics button to see what kind of reception your episode has gotten with your audience.

Kajabi Podcast Offer Monetization

In the Podcast Analytics section, the data breaks down into four categories.

First, you will see that the apps section shows you which apps listeners use to access your podcast.

Then, beneath that, you will see the Device Operating Systems the listeners use and on which devices, in the top right.

Finally, you can also see the leading countries in the bottom right and the top ten episodes (as ranked by the number of downloads) at the bottom.

So in one glance, you can comprehensively assess your podcast and its episodes.

Kajabi Podcast Analytics

Kajabi Podcast Features

When you are thinking about hosting a podcast, you want to know that you have everything you need to succeed.

Kajabi did its homework on what makes podcasts work and gives you the features you need to start and succeed.

You can import existing podcasts or upload new ones. Your listeners can have transcripts, and you can distribute your podcast on leading platforms.

Monetization options and analytics are also available. 


Ease of Importing

If you have existing digital audio files and would like to import them, it’s easy to import them onto Kajabi.

All you need is the RSS feed URL and Kajabi’s importer tool, which you can find in the Products tab on your dashboard.

For example, simply select Podcasts, Import Podcast, and enter the RSS feed URL.  


Transcripts for Your Podcasts

Not all podcasts have transcripts available for those who might need or want to read along.

When you add a transcript, it also allows search engines to find your podcast. It also improves your ranking for search engine results pages. 

Kajabi recommends using a transcription service like Otter, which simplifies the transcription process. 


Distributing Your Podcast within Leading Platforms

On Kajabi, you can make a private or public podcast. The public route allows you to distribute on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. In addition, you can add transcripts, show notes, and thumbnails to your podcast. 


Private Podcasts

Private Podcasts are member-only, either behind a paywall or by invitation. In Create New Podcast, you can choose between private or public. Then add a thumbnail image, a title for your podcast, and its description.

Instead of being public, it will be private for you to distribute through Kajabi Offers. Your listeners will get a private feed.

When your podcast is private, you can monetize it in many ways.


Podcast Monetization

The benefits of monetizing through Kajabi are getting paid 100% and instantly. Unlike the big podcast aggregators, however, there is no ad-based monetization. 

So how do you monetize your podcast? If it is private, you automatically get to charge a fee for members to receive their feed. 


Podcast Analytics

Whether you want to analyze the whole podcast or an individual episode from your dashboard, Kajabi lets you do both. 

The podcast overview section allows you to see the analytics for the entire podcast and click on individual episodes to view their specific data. 

Kajabi Podcast Tips & Tricks

Since podcasts now have audiences that rival popular TV shows, they can be profitable if you have a good host and the right tools. But this means you need to decide on what format to follow.

Having structure from the start will help keep ideas flowing and avoid the phenomenon of “Podfade,” where your podcast loses popularity, both with you and your listeners. 

Will your podcast be in the interview format or a talk show?

Are you an expert who can discuss one topic in detail divided into episodes that can sustain your listeners’ long-term interest?

You might opt for a variety format where you switch from an interview to a multi-panel talk show interspersed with expert episodes on your favorite topics.

Conversely, you might pick an unconventional or entirely new format.

So long as you know that it will resonate with your target audience and that you can sustain it, there is no wrong answer.

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