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Read on to see some of the best Kajabi course examples and be inspired by what you could do. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Courses can be made about any topic you have knowledge or expertise of
  • Kajabi provides all the tools you need to create, sell, and manage your courses

1. Your Guitar Sage

Your Guitar Sage is one of the best Kajabi course examples today. 

The program is designed to help people improve their musical abilities with the instrument. 

Users can sign up for a free account and will immediately have access to thirty beautiful video lessons with coach Erich Andreas. 

For anyone interested in learning, upgrading to a paid plan (Classic or Pro) is easy to do from the members’ dashboard, and gives access to over 80 hours of video lessons, Q&A Webcasts, and hundreds of downloadable content files.  

2. The Last Amazon Course

Amazon Course

The Last Amazon Course is another great Kajabi course example.

The course contains hundreds of hours of video tutorials thoroughly explaining the art of selling through the online retail giant. 

It includes advice on product research, how to find a supplier, how to give yourself a competitive advantage over rivals, the steps to a successful Amazon launch, and many more tips and tricks, all from twelve industry experts. 

There are three courses available with entry costing as little as $1/week! 

3. Adventure Instead Academy

Instead Academy

This unusual Kajabi course is focused on giving photographers the knowledge to build a successful elopement photography business. 

Subscribers will learn all about creating a brand designed to attract the ideal clients, marketing strategies (like SEO and blogging best practices), how to turn inquiries into full-price bookings, and more. 

The course aims to give its members a concrete plan of action they can use to move forward and take their photography business on the road.

4. Functional Lawyer

Functional Lawyer

Aimed at physicians exploring how to set up their own practice, this Kajabi course example gives medical practitioners the strong legal foundation that they’ll need to ensure their practice is protected. 

For $499 per month or a one-time payment of $4999, Functional Lawyer subscribers gain access to a well-designed and easy-to-read members area that contains every currently available and relevant legal document, six modules on legal and business education, and live group video calls with an attorney.

5. 720fico.com 


For better or worse, your credit score is something that will follow you and can have a major impact on your life. 

A bad credit score could mean being denied a loan or even losing out on a potential job. 

With 720fico.com, subscribers will discover the steps they need to take to repair their credit score in a comprehensive video course, over forty approved dispute letter templates, and much more. 

6. Rhythm Monster

Rhythm Monster

If this list was ordered, then Rhythm Monster would be near the very top. 

Aspiring drummers will love Rhythm Monster and its astoundingly large collection of lessons (3000, and counting) and tips and tricks from over 60 different drumming experts. 

A free subscription gives you immediate access to the members’ dashboard and a delightful user interface. 

You’ll find everything included under one of four categories, Discover, Drum, Connect, or Chill. 

If you decide that you want even more from Rhythm Monster, users can get a $20 per month subscription or a discounted annual subscription for $155.

7. Abstract Painting Academy

Abstract Painting

Take a course in abstract painting with David M. Kessler, using the Abstract Painting Academy. 

For a one-time payment of $397 (which can be split into two payments), subscribers receive David’s knowledge as a contemporary artist and educator through 4 modules of video tutorials, downloadable content, and assignments.

8. The Unicorn Advisory

The Unicorn Advisory

This interesting collection of courses from The Unicorn Advisory are a great way to learn how to get the most from Kajabi

The Kajabi 101 QuickStart guide is a seven-module, eighty-video course created by Kajabi expert and business strategist Sue McLachlan, taking subscribers through how to create a digital product, set up email marketing campaigns, create a terrific website, and more.

9. Spot On Agility

Spot On Agility

Spot On Agility has niched in on the dog agility training market. 

They supply a number of different agility training courses that aim to teach dog owners how they can train their dogs to complete various obstacle courses and other feats of canine skill. 

The courses have been curated and are run by a collection of world-class animal trainers and competition judges, ensuring that every video lesson teaches something valuable. 

Subscribers get access to drip-fed and on-demand content, downloadable resources, and more from this superb dog training team.

10. 3D for Designers

3D for Designers

This stunning Kajabi course, 3D For Designers, was created by longtime designer Devon, with her previous work including Codecademy, the world’s most used learning-to-code platform. 

3D For Designers, as the name suggests, aims to teach subscribers how to create, animate, and morph 3D shapes and textures with computer software. 

The content is available on demand too, so users are free to learn at a speed that’s comfortable to them.

11. Laura McKowen

Laura McKowen

Laura McKowen is a successful writer and has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, and other popular news and information platforms. 

The Practice is a six-week course that helps subscribers develop writing and meditation habits that will help them professionally and personally. It includes several meditations customized to reflect each week’s theme, live calls with Laura, and much more.

12. Success Academy

Success Academy

Success Academy is all about improving the chances of your business succeeding. 

The courses are varied in their topic material, with subscribers learning things such as how to prepare themselves philosophically and emotionally for life in business, and ways to boost productivity. 

People who sign up are going to enjoy pre-recorded video classes from Jim Rohn and other successful business leaders. 

Content is typically drip-fed, but access can be gained to everything within a course if an annual subscription or bundle offer is bought. 

13. Somatopia


Somatopia, by Dr. Albert Wong, offers online training in somatic psychology, a blend of modern neuroscience and ancient body and mind wellness techniques. 

Courses are designed to give anyone, but particularly therapists, clinicians, and health care providers the skills and tools they need to understand how the connection between body and mind can be influenced to help heal trauma and improve well-being. 

14. The Doodle Institute

The Doodle Institute

For the budding artists out there, this delightful collection of courses, created with Kajabi, teaches subscribers how to improve their abilities with pencil and paper, watercolors, and even drawing on an iPad. 

Courses are both instructional and inspirational, with lessons that study the art of creativity and how to encourage imagination in the pursuit of connecting with others. All courses can be purchased separately or as a mega-bundle for a reduced price.

15. Voicebody Connection

Voicebody Connection

From creator and singer Eliza Weinzimmer, voicebody Connection gives individuals the opportunity to learn how to use their voice to its full potential. 

As a performer that lost her voice at the age of 21, Eliza understands how important being comfortable with your voice is. 

Whether you’re just starting out and want to discover your true sound or are looking to make your corporate presentations more interesting and boost your confidence, voicebody Connection has a course that’s right for everyone.

16. My Yoga Pal

My Yoga Pal

Taking yoga out of the classroom or gym and into whatever space makes you comfortable, My Yoga Pal has a range of courses that teach you how to make the most of your body without over-exerting yourself. 

You’ll be taught the process of creating healthy habits, how to meditate, and discover the principles of chakra alignment with pre-recorded coaching videos, an online support group, and live video training sessions.

Courses can be bought as monthly or yearly subscriptions and there is even the option to gift a subscription to a friend or loved one.

17. Earn That Body

Earn That Body

Earn That Body, by award-winning fitness coach Kim Eagle, really takes advantage of almost every tool that Kajabi has to offer. 

There are a whopping 27 different courses, programs, and products, a podcast, and a blog, all designed to help subscribers get the body they’ve always wanted.

18. Sancri Healing

Sancri Healing

Sancri Healing is another great example of an online business maximizing the potential of Kajabi. 

Created by Sandra Gijsbers, Sancri Healing offers its members access to a large selection of downloadable content, courses, programs, seminars, and other wellness and lifestyle advice, within the field of alternative medicine (naturopathy and homeopathy).

19. ICY Productions

ICY Productions

Don’t let this website’s simple design fool you. It takes advantage of Kajabi’s website builder, course creation, funnel tools, and drip settings to the fullest.

With expert advice and guidance regarding how to use your iPhone to make videos, ICY Productions CEO and co-creators, Irene Pavico and Cherie Tsukayama, have maximized every inch of Kajabi to turn a relatively simple idea into steady recurring revenue.

20. Orthovated


Orthovated is an orthodontic assistant training program created by Dr. Robert Trujillo.

There is a free course sample for anyone interested in learning more that introduces the contents of the course, and guides subscribers around the dashboard. 

The full course is broken down into several modules which are in turn divided into multiple lessons. 

There are nineteen hours of video tutorials, interactive quizzes, assignments, and downloadable resource materials to help subscribers track their progress.

21. Morgan Brown Dance

Morgan Brown Dance

This stunning Kajabi course example comes from dancer Morgan Brown. 

As the name suggests, it’s all about movement and dance. 

Subscribers are taught about movement concepts and how to use their bodies fluidly and effectively. 

Interested individuals can sign up for a newsletter for weekly tips and advice, three different online coaching sessions, and in-person lessons.

22. Lashing Legally

Lashing Legally

Explore what legal requirements and protections your lash beauty business should have in place with Lashing Legally. 

This is a fantastic example of what you can do when using Kajabi. 

There are newsletters and podcasts to subscribe to, legal document templates you can download, and a community discussion area all included in its monthly subscription. 

23. Jane Cavanagh Flute School

Jane Cavanagh Flute School

Another gorgeously designed musical course makes our list, this time it’s Jane Cavanagh Flute School. 

Flute players looking for noticeable improvements in their playing can sign up to receive help and guidance from Jane, a professional flute player. 

The monthly subscription uses Kajabi’s built-in drip tools to make new video lessons available to users as they progress, or all content can be accessed straight away with a yearly subscription. 

24. Julian Mather

Julian Mather

Julian Mather is a motivational speaker and educator with a focus on teaching individuals how to be comfortable using and appearing on camera. 

Courses explain the possibilities of video, in both personal and business settings, when used effectively and with confidence. 

People can sign up for live and pre-recorded video training courses, one-on-one coaching sessions, in-person workshop events, and much more.

25. Clever Programmer

Clever Programmer

Clever Programmer aims to make anyone’s dreams of becoming a coder a reality within 90 days. 

The course uses Kajabi’s product creation, funnel, email subscriber, and drip tools to promote, sell, and manage three very different programming courses. 

Courses are filled with hours of pre-recorded videos, fifteen-plus modules, assignments, and access to a community discussion area for more help and support. 

26. College Essay Guy

College Essay Guy

The College Essay Guy has created possibly the one-stop shop for information about the college admission process. 

Interested individuals will learn how to write the best personal statement and explore the entire application process with expert advice. 

Included in the courses is access to personal and group live video coaching sessions, pre-recorded classes that subscribers can access at any time, and dozens of downloadable essays, and templates. College application has never been so easy!

27. Digital Course Academy

Digital Course Academy

This beautifully designed website and course introduces entrepreneurs to the key steps they need to take on their way to creating their own successful online course. That’s right, it’s a course teaching you how to make your own course. 

The full course has six lesson-packed modules containing pre-recorded video coaching sessions, tons of downloadable templates, support material, and bundle/package deals. 

This is a superb example of what can be accomplished with Kajabi.

28. Flowing Zen

Flowing Zen

Created by Anthony Korahais, Flowing Zen’s purpose is to teach people how to use the ancient eastern disciplines of qigong and tai chi to improve body health, and the well-being of their mind. 

Once registered, users are able to access the members’ area and view the library of courses they are currently subscribed to. 

Each course consists of on-demand instructional videos, live webinars, audio files, and downloadable meditation guides – all created and delivered by Anthony himself. 

29. Ella Parle Français

Ella Parle Français

Ella, of Ella Parle Français, makes speaking and reading the French language fun and easy with her courses of language classes.

Ella has taken advantage of the Kajabi toolkit to create one-on-one and group coaching sessions with her through the live video feature. 

Courses are tailored to the individual and include homework assignments.

30. In the Key of Success

Key of Success

In the Key of Success is a resource and learning site for aspiring musicians that want to learn what it takes to monetize their talent from someone who has already done it. 

Members of Cheryl B. Englehardt’s course will be given immediate access to a nicely designed dashboard area that displays every lesson clearly and conveniently. 

The course is totally free, serving as an introduction to other courses that go into greater detail. Freebies are always a great way to get people interested!

31. Survival Swim School

Survival Swim School

This Kajabi course markets in-person lessons to parents interested in their young children learning to swim. 

This course might be the only one on this list that provides its lessons exclusively at a specific location rather than online, but that doesn’t stop it from making the most of Kajabi’s tool set. 

Survival Swim School has created five different coaching products and a members’ area that can be used for scheduling lesson times and communication between parents and swim instructors.


After looking through some of the best Kajabi course examples, you can see that if you have the knowledge, any topic or niche is possible to monetize using Kajabi.

The platform provides all the tools anyone would need to create and market a stunning online training course. 

These examples have included different monthly and yearly payment plans, course packages and bundles, one-on-one and group coaching, live and pre-recorded video lessons, downloadable materials, blogs, podcasts, audio files and a whole lot more! 

Thousands of entrepreneurs have already launched their own successful training courses using Kajabi and hopefully this article will have inspired you to join them.


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