Is Kajabi a CRM?

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Kajabi isn’t your traditional CRM system.

Kajabi has a built-in CRM system to manage your interactions, but lacks features that other customer relationship management software companies have.

Key Takeaways:

  • The CRM feature in Kajabi is called “People”
  • Kajabi allows you to manage contacts, members, and subscribers
  • You can segment People list by their attributes
  • You can filter People by specific activity or information
  • You can use Kajabi tags to organize your list
Kajabi CRM

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Does Kajabi Have A CRM?

Yes. Kajabi has many beneficial features for online businesses, including a customer relationship management system (CRM).

However, in Kajabi, the CRM feature is called People. Pricing plans such as Basic, Growth, and Pro have this CRM feature. 

  • Basic allows 10,000 contacts and 1,000 active members
  • Growth allows 25,000 contacts and 10,000 active members
  • Pro allows 100,000 contacts and 20,000 active members  
  • Kajabi Access subscription (any plan) – Double contacts and members

Kajabi CRM (People)

The People tab (CRM) is a powerful tool to help you manage your contacts on Kajabi.

All your contacts appear in a single list so you can access, view, and manage your customer accounts easily. 

Within the People tab, users can:

  • View Contact Details
  • Manage different types of users such as members and subscribers 
  • Create Segments & Filters
  • Perform Bulk Actions
  • Manage Tags

Managing Contacts, Members & Subscribers

Three types of users make up the list of people you can manage in your People (CRM) tab: Contacts, Members, and Subscribers. 

Contacts include any person in your CRM list that are: 

  • People who have subscribed 
  • Those who have unsubscribed 
  • People who have made a purchase 
  • Users you have granted an offer 
  • Members who have completed a purchase or offer

There will be a star next to members’ names on your list.

A Kajabi subscriber is someone who has granted permission to receive your marketing content. You can add your Kajabi subscribers to your list through a submissions form, or you can import them onto your site.  

You can click on your contacts, members, and subscribers in your People tab to view their details.

Kajabi CRM 1

Segmenting the Contact List

Segmenting allows you to send personalized marketing to specified contacts. It also helps you manage your

People list more effectively. You can divide your contacts into smaller groups based on their attributes. You can segment your contacts by: 

  • Age 
  • Interests
  • Spending habits 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Needs 

By segmenting your contact list, you can improve your communication with your contacts and send the correct marketing content to each person on your list. Additionally, segmenting your list of contacts can increase engagement and help you gain insights into patterns and trends.

Kajabi CRM2

Filtering the Contact List

You can customize your segments using the filter option.

With these filters, you can access various members on your list by their specific activity or information.

There are filter categories you can add, such as: 

  • Contact activity filters
  • E-mail activity filters 
  • Form filters 
  • Assessment filters 
  • Product filters 
  • Coupon filters 

Add as many filter categories as you see fit so you can select the filter when segmenting your contact list.

To do this, simply click on the Filters tab to begin segmenting your list into sections. This method is a quicker way to access the members you want to view, communicate with, or send marketing content.  

Is Kajabi a CRM?

Performing Bulk Actions

When you have hundreds or thousands of contacts to manage, you need a tool that will allow you to work through your list quicker.

That’s why Kajabi’s CRM feature will enable you to perform bulk actions. The bulk action feature will allow you to perform tasks on multiple contacts to help streamline your workload, such as: 

  • Adding tags
  • Revoking access to an offer 
  • Registering for an event 
  • Granting an offer in bulk 
  • Subscribing or unsubscribing to an e-mail sequence in bulk 

What’s more, you can also export a CSV of your entire list of contacts or a segmented selection of contacts on your People’s list, which is considered a bulk action. 

Kajabi CRM4

Using Tags for Your Contact List

In your People tab, it will show all the tags you’ve created, and it allows you to make more tags.

These tags work similarly to segments and filters because they help you organize your contacts by attributes or actions. This organization method gives you more filtering power with unlimited flexibility

You can add tags to your contacts manually or by automation.

What’s more, you can add tags during import. You can use the tags to organize new contacts to create streamlined marketing automations

Kajabi CRM5

Do You Need CRM Integration with Kajabi?

Kajabi truly means it when describing the platform as an all-in-one system because it has its users covered.

You don’t need to integrate a third-party CRM system because Kajabi already has this function built into the platform for you. 

Unlike other limited CRM systems, Kajabi’s People tab provides features such as automated actions, analytics, and segmenting to streamline your workload. 

We advise that you first do research and estimate how many contacts or members you need before choosing a plan if CRM is one of your primary needs. 


Now that you know more about Kajabi’s built-in CRM system, you can utilize this feature to optimize your marketing campaigns.

For example, you can view important data with the People tab, segment your contacts into groups, and send relevant marketing content to relevant contacts. 

The benefit of the People feature is that it doesn’t come at an extra cost to you because it’s already a feature in all Kajabi pricing plans.

To access your People tab, simply open it up in your Dashboard to start working on your CRM list. 

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