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Kajabi Pipelines is an old title for its funnel-building tools, and the name was discontinued in 2022.

However, you will be pleased to hear that you can still use Kajabi to create customized funnels for product launches, freebies, data collection, webinars, and any other purpose you can think of.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi Pipelines are now called “Funnels
  • The platform provides prebuilt pipeline (funnel) templates for different use cases
  • Basic plan = 3 pipelines; Growth plan = 15; Pro plan = 100

What Are Kajabi Pipelines?

Kajabi Pipelines is an outdated term for the platform’s funnel-building feature.

Kajabi initially launched Pipelines in 2017. 

The feature allowed its users to create sequenced web pages and emails that led a person through the customer journey – or “pipeline” – to achieve an end goal such as purchasing a product or signing up for a webinar.

Fast-forward to 2024 and Kajabi Pipelines have evolved into its highly customizable funnels feature that can be adapted for different purposes.

Where Do I Find Kajabi Pipelines?

Where Do I Find Kajabi Pipelines?

You won’t find anything called “Pipelines” on the Kajabi platform. 

Instead, you must navigate to the “Funnels” tab in your Kajabi account.

To do this, select “Marketing” from the left-hand tab and then select “Funnels.” 

To create a funnel, click on the “New Funnel” button in the top-right corner.

Kajabi Pipeline Examples

Kajabi Pipelines (funnels) can be created or adapted to suit any purpose. 

However, to make things easier and faster, Kajabi has created several prebuilt templates that you can customize for use.

Kajabi Sales Page Pipeline

Kajabi Sales Page Pipeline

The Kajabi Sales Page funnel gives you what you need in order to sell a product or service. It consists of an opt-in form, followed by a sequence of eight emails.

The emails introduce the offer and then provide countdown reminders to purchase before the offer expires. 

When the customer is ready to buy, the funnel moves them forward to the sales page and finally the checkout page to confirm and pay.

Kajabi Freebie Pipeline

Kajabi Freebie Pipeline

The Kajabi Freebie funnel consists of a simple opt-in page, a thank-you page, and an automated email that sends the freebie to the applicant.

You can use this template and offer your freebie in exchange for contact details which you can then use in future campaigns for product sales.

Kajabi Product Launch Pipeline

Kajabi Product Launch Pipeline

If you want to introduce a new product or service to your audience, you can use the Kajabi Product Launch funnel.

This detailed funnel starts with an opt-in form which then triggers a 10-step email sequence consisting of an introduction to the product, a case study, the launch date, and a series of reminders.

The subsequent funnel pages go deeper into the benefits of the product before finally taking the customer to the checkout page.

Kajabi Zoom Webinar Pipeline

Kajabi Zoom Webinar Pipeline

If you plan to run live webinars, consider using the Kajabi Zoom Webinar funnel. 

It starts with a registration page followed by a series of email reminders and a confirmation page. 

After the webinar has taken place, follow-up emails are sent that guide the customer to the sales page and checkout page for your offer.

Kajabi Free Book Pipeline

Kajabi Free Book Pipeline

The Kajabi Free Book funnel is designed to entice people into signing up for a paid course. 

It starts with an opt-in form and checkout page to receive the free ebook. After, a sequence of ten emails is sent, introducing the paid course and convincing the customer to join.

Kajabi Coaching Campaign Pipeline

Kajabi Sales Page Pipeline

If you run a coaching business, the Kajabi Coaching Campaign funnel will be useful. It’s designed to coax people into booking a free discovery call with the coach.

The sales page books them onto the call, which is then followed by a thank you page and a simple three-email sequence to introduce the coach and remind the participant of their upcoming appointment.

Kajabi Simple Sales Page Pipeline

Kajabi Simple Sales Page Pipeline

Finally, the Kajabi Simple Sales Page funnel has a straightforward sales page and a checkout page for selling a product or service.

The idea of this is to sell a low-priced offer. 

The 10-step email sequence that follows the purchase is designed to introduce and sell a big-ticket offer such as a full course or a coaching program.

Beginners may find this challenging, so we recommend checking out the learning material that Kajabi provides on this subject, plus signing up for a 30-day free trial to practice funnel-building without financial commitment.

How to Create a Kajabi Pipeline (Step by Step)

If you have never created a funnel before, we recommend getting started with a template.

Where Do I Find Kajabi Pipelines?

Step 1: Log into your Kajabi account and navigate to the “Marketing” tab. Select “Funnels.” Then, click “New Funnel” in the top-right corner.

New Funnel

Step 2: Pick which funnel template you want to use. For this tutorial, we’ll select the Simple Sales Page funnel. Click “Get Started” to continue.

Get Started

Step 3: Give your funnel a title and select which of your Kajabi offers you want to use. Then, click “Create Funnel.”


Step 4: The funnel workflow will open up. In the center, you can see the sequence of each funnel step mapped out. 

Helpfully, on the left, there is a checklist of everything you must do to get the funnel ready.

To start customizing your funnel, click on the first step.

customizing your funnel

Step 5: The funnel page editing tool will open up and you can customize the template. 

Change the layout by dragging and dropping sections onto the page. You can also delete ones that you don’t need.

To edit a page section, click on it, and the editing bar will open up on the right.

Once you have customized the page to your liking, hit “Save” and then go ahead and repeat the same process for the other web pages included in your funnel.

customized the page to your liking

Step 6: To edit the email sequence, click this step and the list of included emails will open.

To edit, click the title of each email, and the editing tool will open.

title of each email

Step 7: Adjust the text of each email. Kajabi provides a helpful text template for each one, but it might not align with your purpose, so feel free to delete it and write something more suitable. 

Click “Save” when you’re done with each email.

If you feel there are too many emails in the sequence, you can also delete as many as necessary.

done with each email

Don’t forget to adjust the email title and also when and what time the email will be sent.

adjust the email title

Step 8: If you want to add more engaging elements to your emails such as video or images, click “Convert to Visual Editor” at the top of the email editing screen. 

This utilizes the drag-and-drop method to bring your emails to life.

Convert to Visual Editor

Step 9: Once you have edited your funnel pages and email sequences, you are ready to use them. 

If you feel like the funnel could use more steps, you can add additional pages. 

On the funnel workflow mapping screen, hover your mouse in between the existing funnel steps and the “Add Page” option will appear.

Click this and select to create a new landing page or pick from one of the prebuilt templates. Then, edit as required.

Add Page

Step 10: When you want to use your funnel, grab the link by clicking the button in the top-right corner of the funnel workflow screen. You can also click to view stats here after people start engaging with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kajabi Pipelines is now referred to as “Funnels.” Kajabi changed the term in 2022 because it led to confusion about what the feature was for.

Kajabi Pipelines (now called Funnels) lets you create funnels for different purposes such as product launches, sales, freebies, webinars, and more. The funnels can consist of web pages, email sequences, or a combination of the two.

The amount of Kajabi Pipelines – AKA funnels – you can have depends on your chosen plan. The Basic plan gives you three, the Growth plan allows 15, and the Pro plan provides 100.

Yes, Kajabi Pipelines are the same as Kajabi Funnels. “Pipelines” was the original term given to the feature, and it was changed to “Funnels” in 2022.

Kajabi Pipelines (now called Funnels) are easy to use, especially if you use one of Kajabi’s prebuilt funnel templates. Additionally, Kajabi provides plenty of learning material and tutorials that guide you through the process.


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