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Kajabi Pipelines serve as automated funnels for both the marketing and sales components of your website.

Key Takeaways:

Read on as our Kajabi experts introduce you to Kajabi Pipelines and what you need to know to create a smoother sales process for your online visitors. 

Kajabi Pipelines

What are Kajabi Pipelines?

The main purpose of these Pipelines is to drive traffic to your online offer or opt-in page. These sections capture the user’s information and then send follow-up details. The optimal outcome is a sales conversion. 

Kajabi Pipelines, used as part of your marketing plan, are perfect for lead captures and opt-ins.

Kajabi Pipeline Structure

Imagine a bridge connecting the marketing and sales functions of your website’s pages.

That’s precisely how Kajabi Pipelines are structured.

Pipelines help your customer follow a simple and logical path from lead generation to sales conversion by acting as a bridge between these two core functions of your online business. 

Kajabi Pipelines use landing pages, e-mail copy, and offers as building blocks. 

You can generate a Pipeline blueprint to suit your specific needs.

Kajabi OVO Pipelines are one such example and perfect for conversions. Their purpose is to:

  • Guide your customer to Opt-in
  • Provide them with Value
  • Give them an appropriate Offer

Kajabi OVO Pipelines allow you to choose from six different flows to accommodate a range of offers. In addition, each flow process comes pre-built with landing pages and e-mail copy to maximize the optimal outcome. 

Freebie Pipeline

How to Build Pipelines in Kajabi?

The process of building Pipelines in Kajabi is easy and intuitive. Start by generating the Pipeline blueprint to match your business marketing goals.

When you’ve done this, you’re ready to build a Pipeline.

Follow our steps to help choose your Pipeline blueprint.

Kajabi Pipeline Creation
  • From your website dashboard, open the Marketing tab.
  • Select Pipelines from the sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Review the templates available and click on your preferred Pipeline Blueprint.
  • Select Create Pipeline to generate your Pipeline.
Choosing Kajabi Pipeline Template

After generating your Pipeline blueprint, start adding content from the Pipeline customization screen. Use the following steps to ensure you follow the process:

  • Hover over each page to highlight the tips on how to use your auto-generated pages in your Pipeline.
  • Click on each page to customize your Pipeline page to align with your branding and marketing goals. 
  • Use the Pipeline customization screen to build content. This content could include:
    • Adding and reordering your Pipeline landing pages
    • Viewing your Pipeline checklist 
    • Sharing your Pipeline with a link
    • Viewing stats on videos
    • Reviewing other stats linked to your Pipeline

The customization screen allows you to use the building blocks while customizing your Pipeline content to match your business needs and requirements.

What’s more, the Pipeline checklist is a unique Kajabi feature to ensure you don’t forget anything while building your Pipeline. 

The Pipeline Checklist

Kajabi Pipelines also include the Pipeline Checklist, a tool that automatically tracks your progress customizing a Pipeline. The Pipeline checklist makes sure that you have each piece of your pipeline properly customized before you publish it. That way, you can catch any mistakes in your copy or customization. 

Every time you customize and save a page, event, or sequence, it will be checked off in the checklist.

Once all items on the checklist are ticked, you can click on Share Pipeline to copy the link and share it with your audience. If you still have unchecked items on the list, you will get push notifications addressing the issue. 

Is There a Difference Between Pipelines and Funnels?

Some reviewers of Kajabi Pipelines consider the funnels found in other platforms to be a more sales-oriented and sophisticated approach to optimizing conversions.

It is objectively true that some platforms include multiple upsell and cross-sell options within their sales funnel functions. However, it is also undeniably true that these specific options are not currently available in Kajabi Pipelines. 

However, many users of both Pipelines and the funnels found on other platforms will rightly argue that these have similar functions and identical target markets.

Kajabi’s position is that Pipelines serve the same purpose as funnels by encouraging traffic to opt-in, eventually leading to conversion. 

How Many Pipelines Can You Build with Kajabi?

You can build up to 100 Pipelines on Kajabi’s top-tier plan.

However, our experts emphasize that it’s essential to have fewer well-managed Pipelines rather than more with inferior management.

So keep this thought in mind when selecting a Kajabi plan specifically for the number of Pipelines it includes. 

We’ve listed all the Kajabi plans below with the number of Pipelines allowed per plan:

  • The Basic plan allows you to have 3 Pipelines
  • The Growth plan allows you to have 15 Pipelines
  • The Pro plan allows you to have 100 Pipelines
  • Add Kajabi Access to any plan and double up the number of Pipelines.

Streamlining your Pipeline process is vital for a smooth online user experience, so be cautious when choosing how many Pipelines you may need.

Pipeline Templates in Kajabi

Using one of Kajabi’s templates to build a Pipeline makes it simple while ensuring the flow process remains professional. You can pick from the following template types:

Six different OVO Pipeline templates: For promoting freebies, selling online courses, facilitating webinar registrations, and selling physical products.

Freebie Pipeline
Freebie OVO
Coaching Campaign OVO Pipeline
Sales Page OVO
Product Launch OVO Pipeline
Product Launch OVO
Zoom Webinar OVO Pipeline
Zoom Webinar OVO
Free Book OVO Pipeline
Free Book OVO
Coaching Campaign OVO Pipeline
Coaching Campaign OVO

A simple sales page template: Perfect for sticking to sales and maximizing conversions

Sales Page to Check Out
Simple Sales Page Pipeline

A blank (custom) Pipeline template: For building your customized Pipeline

Blank Page

Kajabi Pipeline Stats & Analytics

The Pipeline builder also has a set of tools for reporting important metrics. Pipeline tracking tools available include:

  • Conversion rates – The total number of opt-ins divided by the total number of page views.
  • Total revenue – How much profit your Pipeline has generated.
  • Total number of views – The number of people that have visited your website.
  • Conversions – How many people have opted into your form through the Pipeline.
  • Sales – How many sales your Pipeline has generated.

These reporting tools are excellent for gathering actionable insight about your sales and marketing efforts. From the dashboard, you can track the most important bits of data and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. 

Bottom Line

By automating your sales and marketing functions with Kajabi Pipelines, you’re offering your users an online experience that’s simple and effective.

Of course, not everyone agrees with Kajabi labeling Pipelines as an advanced sales funnel. However, acknowledging that funnel solutions with even more advanced functionality exist, our in-house experts agree that Kajabi has optimized its sales and marketing Pipelines. 

With a range of Pipeline templates to pick from, your online business will benefit from both lead generation and sales capture.

And, building Kajabi Pipelines is simple too, which is the main thing you need to know when looking for a platform to match your marketing goals. 

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