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Pipelines are Kajabi’s take on sales funnels. The key innovation of these pipelines their synthesis of the automated parts of the marketing and sales process.

Kajabi pipelines blend the flow between pages to create sales and conversions. It’s a simple way to create attractive sales funnels for your customers.

We’re going to cover the basics of Kajabi Pipelines and what they can do for your business. 

Kajabi Pipelines & Funnels

Pipelines vs. Funnels What’s The Difference?

Most of the time, the terms ‘pipelines’ and ‘funnels’ are used interchangeably and have mostly the same meaning. However, many people differentiate between the two terms. The term “sales funnel” sometimes indicates a more direct focus on generating sales, while pipelines are a more simplified version that works for various marketing goals, like opt-ins and lead captures. 

Kajabi’s pipelines are more like a structure that bridges the gap between marketing and sales by presenting materials to customers in a logical flow. Pipelines are supposed to take a customer on a particular sales experience. 

Pipeline Templates in Kajabi

Kajabi pipelines use a templated design. Each of the template’s content is a series of pages and forms designed for some specific purpose. Along with these templates, Kajabi lets you create custom pipelines. Best selling author and marketer Brendon Buchard creates the Kajabi pipeline template copy.

Sign Up Page

OVO Freebie Pipeline

Freebie Pipeline

Although it will be explained elsewhere, “OVO” stands for opt-in, value, offer. This simple pipeline design is specifically for capturing email leads. The simple blueprint includes an opt-in form and a thank you page. Most people find success using this blueprint as a lead generator. You can also use the Freebie template to promote free materials, like free courses or ebooks. The best part is that the Freebie pipeline can let you automatically create email sequences for onboarding new contacts. 

Sales Page OVO Pipeline

Sales Page OVO Pipeline

This sales page pipeline is a perfect way to generate conversions. The opt-in, value, and offer structure is highly efficient at capturing sales by presenting value to your customers. The opt-in page starts off the chain, which leads to a thank you page after the sale is made. The sales page is very flexible and can also be used to capture leads. Here is an example: You could offer a free ebook for signing up for your course, then, on the thank-you page, allow customers to subscribe to the entire course. The flexible pipeline has a wide variety of applications.

Product Launch OVO

Product Launch OVO Pipeline

The product launch pipeline is specifically for showcasing products that have recently launched or will soon launch. The pipeline starts with an opt-in page that asks the customer for their email address. Once they give it, they get three sequential value pages, each with a different product that will launch within the coming days and weeks. The email sequence takes them through the value pages, each of which leads to a checkout page. 

For example, you can set up three video value pages and have them explain the different benefits of your products. Then each of them can lead to a conversion page. 

Zoom Webinar OVO

Zoom Webinar OVO Pipeline

The Zoom Webinar OVO pipeline is a powerful pipeline meant for building registration for webinar events. Here is how this blueprint works: It starts with a registration page that is just like an opt-in page, but to sign up for your webinar. Once students sign up, they get a confirmation page and will start receiving automatic reminder emails for the event. Once you provide the webinar (hosted through Zoom) and your sales pitch, they get led to a sales page. They also get emails with links to the sales page after the webinar. 

All parts of the Zoom Webinar OVO contain pre-made proven copy written by none other than Brendon Buchard. The main deal is that Kajabi provides the whole sequence for you, so you don’t have to waste time patching together pages and sequences manually. 

Free Book OVO

Free Book OVO Pipeline

If you use Kajabi to sell physical books, then this pipeline is a great option. This pipeline will present a free book to your audience, pending a shipping fee. The first page is an opt-in form that leads to a second checkout page where customers can enter their mailing and payment information. This pipeline serves the dual function of building your email list as well as automatically adding email addresses from these forms to your contacts list. After that, you can begin to push your main product.

Coaching Campaign OVO

Coaching Campaign OVO Pipeline

This pipeline blueprint is designed for promoting your coaching campaigns, whether online or offline. The first page is an opt-in form that basically functions as an application page for your training program. One they complete that, they will be added to an email list that will send your weekly coaching schedule to them. The final page in the blueprint is a thank you page, giving them more resources to take the next steps. This blueprint is a fantastic way for coaches and motivational speakers to grow their contact lists. 

Simple Sales Page

Sales Page to Check Out

This page is specifically for efficiently generating sales. It has a simple two-page setup, a sales page, and a checkout page. You can fully customize each page using the drag-and-drop editor, and you can set up email sequences with either the pre-built template copy or your own custom copy. This pipeline is a good choice if you want to stick to sales and have a simple yet logical sales funnel. 

Blank (Custom)

Blank Page

Kajabi also has a Blank pipeline template. The option lets you create a pipeline from scratch and fully customize it however you want. You can assemble a pipeline from existing pages or build entirely new pages from the ground up. If none of the existing pipeline templates are working for you, then the custom option is a great choice. 

Kajabi Pipeline Stats & Analytics

The pipeline builder also has a set of tools for reporting important metrics. Pipeline tracking tools available include:

  • Conversion rates – The total number of opt-ins divided by the total number of page views
  • Total revenue – How much profit your pipeline has generated
  • Total number of views – The number of people that have visited your website
  • Conversions – How many people have opted into your form through the pipeline
  • Sales – How many sales your pipeline has generated

These reporting tools are excellent for gathering actionable insight about your sales and marketing efforts. From the dashboard, you can track the most important bits of data and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. 

The Pipeline Checklist

Kajabi Pipelines also include the Pipeline Checklist, a tool that automatically tracks your progress customizing a pipeline. The Pipeline checklist makes sure that you have each piece of your pipeline properly customized before you publish it. That way, you can catch any mistakes in your copy or customization. 

Every time you customize and save a page, event, or sequence, it will be checked off in the checklist. Once all items on the checklist are ticked, you can click on Share Pipeline to copy the link and share it with your audience. If you still have unchecked items on the list, you will get push notifications addressing the issue. 

Bottom Line

Kajabi’s Pipelines are a powerful way to bridge the gap between the marketing and sales processes. Each pipeline directs customers down a logical flow of pages meant to derive some specific action. These pipelines include proven email copy from top marketers in the business and give you wide flexibility in your approach. Kajabi’s pipelines are one of the more unique features of the platform, and they are one of its strongest selling points.

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