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Our team of experts has looked at a wide range of webinar options.

Based on this exhaustive research, it is notable that Kajabi has made exceptional tools to market your webinars.

These tools will allow you to schedule and create a webinar by integrating with your favorite platform, like Zoom.

You can also make use of the Zoom Webinar OVO Pipeline to remind users of the upcoming event and drive sales.

Kajabi Webinars

1. Broadcasting Webinars in Kajabi

All Kajabi plans allow users to promote webinars. Although Kajabi enables the broadcasting of these webinars, you cannot create webinars on Kajabi.

Instead, Kajabi maintains its focus on creating and improving marketing tools and hosting your content.

If you want to host a webinar on your Kajabi site, you must create it using your favorite platform (based on our extensive testing of webinar platforms, we recommend Zoom, EverWebinar, or WebinarJam).

You can then integrate the webinar you have created with your Kajabi site. From here, you can market and sell access to the webinar. 

2. Zoom Webinar OVO Pipeline

Kajabi has created a high-converting pipeline to host your Zoom webinar. The blueprint includes a registration page where customers can opt to receive regular information about the page. A registration confirmation page will allow you to thank the user for signing up for the webinar. 

Four automated emails will be sent out to customers to remind them of the event. Follow-up emails, linking to your site’s sales page, are sent to the user after the webinar has concluded.

Lastly, the pipeline will send the user over to the Offer Checkout page, where they can easily purchase a special offer.

Easily customize the blueprint by adding your site’s branding and required text to the indicated blank spaces.

3. Evergreen Webinar Capability

Saving recordings of webinars will give you the option to repeat them, creating evergreen webinars. You can even set the webinar to broadcast to new customers.

A live webinar is hosted and viewed in real-time. The Kajabi Zoom Webinar OVO pipeline is a perfect blueprint to host one of these live events. It will give you all the notifications and up-selling capabilities, as discussed in the previous section.

You can set a live webinar to repeat. This repeat function will enable you to create evergreen live webinars. 

4. Beautiful Event Countdown Timers to Promote Webinars

Kajabi helps you create event countdown timers, showing days, hours, and minutes left before a specified webinar. They look great and are fully customizable to your brand’s needs. Link the countdown to any of your existing webinars (standard or evergreen) or even to a live event.

Place the event countdown timer on any of your site’s webpages or include it in a marketing email. 

Bottom Line

Although Kajabi doesn’t help you create webinars natively, it integrates well with Zoom.

Since our experts agree that Zoom is one of the most appealing webinar platforms available, this functionality counts in Kajabi’s favor.

Zoom Webinar OVO Pipeline is a great tool to set up all marketing-related actions for your webinar quickly.

This blueprint will also provide you with all the tools to set up regular and live evergreen events.

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Samuel Fletcher
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