How I Used the Kajabi Shopify Integration to Level-Up My Offers

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Kajabi is a fantastic platform—so as long as you are selling digital products.

Therefore, I was thrilled to learn there is a way to sell physical and digital products from the same web page. And all it takes is the Shopify buy button.

Key Takeaways:

  • Add a buy button for single products or entire collections
  • Use the Shopify Buy Button Channel app for no extra cost
  • Buy buttons are dynamically updated as you edit them in Shopify

What Is the Kajabi Shopify Integration For?

What Is the Kajabi Shopify Integration For?

The Kajabi Shopify integration creates an easy and seamless way for your customers to purchase physical products.

By combining your digital Kajabi courses and offers with the capability to also sell physical products, you can level up your sales opportunities and generate an additional revenue stream.

I love this capability because it has created an extra flow of traffic to my Shopify store.

Generating traffic is something I don’t put enough time into, so leveraging my existing Kajabi audience has been a game-changer for me. 

What’s more is that I’ve been able to target specific products I know my Kajabi students will appreciate and find valuable alongside their course content.

course content

Wait, I Can’t Sell Physical Products Directly on Kajabi?

Wait, I Can’t Sell Physical Products Directly on Kajabi?

Kajabi excels in creating and selling digital products, and although you technically can use Kajabi to sell a physical product, it wasn’t designed for that purpose. So, you’ll face limitations from the platform in this regard.

For example, Kajabi lacks the detailed features that a dedicated e-commerce platform like Shopify has. 

You won’t find any inventory, shipping, or cataloging tools on Kajabi, so if you want to sell a high volume of products or a wide variety, the management will quickly become intolerable!

How Does the Kajabi Shopify Integration Work?

How Does the Kajabi Shopify Integration Work?

The Kajabi Shopify integration works by adding “buy buttons” to your Kajabi pages. 

You can do this by using a specific Shopify app designed for this purpose and adding the custom code into Kajabi. Once added, your Shopify product listings will appear listed on your website, and customers can purchase directly without going to your Shopify store.

This integration provides a seamless shopping experience and prevents them from being diverted to a separate website where they might get distracted from their original purchase.

How I Set Up the Shopify Buy Button on Kajabi (Step By Step)

How I Set Up the Shopify Buy Button on Kajabi (Step By Step)

Step 1: I like to make things easy for myself, so to find the right app fast, I logged into my Shopify account and typed “buy button” into the search bar along the top. 

buy button

Step 2: Then, I clicked to install it on my Shopify account.

Shopify account

Step 3: Once the app was installed, I then clicked to create my buy button.

app was installed

Step 4: I wanted to add a product and a collection buy button, so I started with the product button.

product and a collection

Creating this was easy. I just scrolled through my list of products and selected the one I wanted.

list of products

Step 5: Before I added the button to my Kajabi product, I needed to customize it slightly by changing the button’s color and font. The left-hand menu contains all the options to do this, so it was a super-quick process.

Kajabi product

Step 6: One important thing I also needed to customize was the action that performs when people click the buy button. 

You get the choice of:

  • Add product to cart
  • Direct to checkout
  • Open product details

In this case, I want it to go directly to checkout because I’m only adding a single product.

Open product details

Step 7: Next, all that was left for me to do on Shopify was to copy the buy button code that the system generated. I did that and then hopped over to my Kajabi account.

hopped over to my Kajabi account

Step 8: Once in my Kajabi account, I navigated to the Websites > Pages section and then opened the specific web page where I wanted to add the buy button. In this case, it was the “Products” page that Kajabi auto-generates when you create offers inside the platform. 

After opening the editing screen, I clicked on the page location where I wanted to add the button. Then, I selected “Add content” from the left-hand menu that appeared.

Add content

Step 9: I then clicked to add the custom code element to my page. It adds the element in the section you initially click on, so after it appeared, I needed to click on it to open up the editing options.

custom code element

Step 10: After pasting my code in the box provided, my shiny new buy button appeared!

my shiny new buy button

Step 11: Initially, the buy button looked messy, so I had to play around with the customization options in the left-hand menu. I added a border and changed the spacing so it aligned with the course offer displayed next to it.

Once that was done, the next job was to add a collection to the page.

customization options

Step 12: I went back into Shopify and created a new buy button. The difference was that I picked the “Collection” option and chose which one I wanted to create a button for.


Step 13: When customizing the buy button, I selected “Add product to cart” as the action option.

Since the collection option displays multiple products, sending a customer straight to checkout the moment they select one doesn’t make sense. Choosing the “Add product to cart” means customers can add as many products as they like.

Add product to cart

Step 14: Back in Kajabi, I opened my web page and selected “Add section.” Then, I chose the “Custom code” option.

Custom code

Step 15: Next, in the same way as before, I added my custom code, and boom! All my products appeared on the page, ready to be bought.

Examples of the Kajabi Shopify Integration

JJ Smith

JJ is a nutritionist and weight-loss expert. She uses Kajabi for her website and for selling numerous courses, and she has added the Shopify buy button to sell her health supplements.

Kajabi for her website

Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker is a podcaster and media personality. She has courses available on her Kajabi website and has used the Shopify buy button to sell a variety of different products.

media personality

She has used the “Collections” option to add separate product listings for apparel, books, and homeware.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need Zapier to integrate Kajabi with Shopify, and you can add the buy button to Kajabi using a Shopify app. However, you can use Zapier to send additional information between the two platforms.

The Kajabi Shopify integration enhances the buyer experience by removing the need for the buyer to jump between two different platforms.

The Kajabi Shopify integration allows you to sell whatever you want, provided it doesn’t violate Shopify’s prohibited store list. For example, you can’t use Shopify to sell financial services, alcohol, counterfeit goods, gambling products, etc.


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