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Absolutely! However, if you ask if Kajabi is the best platform to sell physical products on, then the answer is most likely going to be no.

On this blog post, Kajabi mentions that one of their employees sells shirts through the platform.

Kajabi is designed specifically for developing and selling digital products like courses and ebooks, but you can definitely sell physical products using the platform.

There is one major caveat though: Kajabi does not have any built-in shipping orders of physical products.

Can You Sell Physical Products in Kajabi


Fortunately though, through the Zapier app integration, you can connect any automated shipping software to send shipments when customers make purchases on your Kajabi site.

You can set up Zapier to connect a shipping application to automate shipping physical products.

What Kind of Products Can You Sell in Kajabi?

Kajabi is a platform designed for creating, marketing, and selling digital products.

What kinds of products are “digital products”, you ask?

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of products you can sell in Kajabi. 

  • Courses: Online courses are the bread and butter of Kajabi’s user base. Kajabi’s video and course creation tools are perfects geared towards making comprehensive classes for customers to take. You can create different course types at different price points. 
  • Ebooks: Ebooks are another fantastic product to sell using Kajabi. The best part is Kajabi gives you the tools to publish your writing to a wide audience.No more going through an online publisher; you can do it all yourself. 
  • How-to guides: Everybody likes learning things. Kajabi’s course creation modules are perfect for making tutorials and how-to instructional videos. There are also video and text options for tutorial lessons. 
  • Podcasts: Releasing a podcast is a good way to cultivate an online following. You can embed podcast playlists directly into your course modules for your audience and have special episodes and recording behind a membership gate. 
  • Music: DIY musicians are a perfect audience for Kajabi. Kajabi lets you control the sale and marketing of your music and cuts out the middleman of record labels. 
  • Photography: Kajabi is also the perfect platform to showcase your photography. Selling photos through your own website is a good idea as you don’t have to share your profits with marketplaces. 
  • Research & data: Marketers and business consultants can use kajabi to sell their unique research on the state of the industry. People will pay lots of money for professionally researched data.
  • Applications: Apps and software sales are a great idea for Kajabi. Kajabi is an excellent platform to host and market your custom software to likeminded tech geeks. 
  • Graphic arts bundles: Kajabi is a good platform to sell your work if you are a web designer. You can either sell your direct services or sell premade graphics packages for businesses to use in their materials. 
  • Webinars: Every online business can benefit from a webinar. Kajabi’s tools and hosting capabilities make it easy to set up pre-recorded or live webinars for your audiences.


Kajabi is virtually limitless in its versatility. No matter what kind of product you want to sell, your business can find a home using the Kajabi platform. Not only is Kajabi a platform for selling your products but it gives you the tools to market them and foster a community among your customer base.

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Samuel Fletcher
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