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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

A Kajabi ghost offer is an offer without a Kajabi product attached to it. 

It is a means of collecting payment on Kajabi without granting access to a product created on your Kajabi account.

It is perfect for downloadable guides, e-books, templates, calls, meetings, live events, and other products and services that don’t need to be created as a product on Kajabi. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a Kajabi ghost offer to products or services not considered courses
  • Ghost offers allow you to use Kajabi’s features and benefits without wasting your product allowance
  • Ghost offers can save you from upgrading your Kajabi plan

Why Should I Use Ghost Offer on Kajabi?

A ghost offer allows you to collect payment and use all Kajabi’s features without using your product allowance. 

Benefits of Using Kajabi Ghost Offers

  • Use all Kajabi’s incredible features.

If you use Kajabi for your online business, it makes sense to sell all your other products on Kajabi, too. 

You can use a ghost offer to collect payment for products or services that are not products created on Kajabi.

This means you can use all Kajabi’s features, including Automations, building a landing page, adding tags, and everything else Kajabi offers (more information on this is below). 

The ghost offer can also sit with all of your other products on your website. This will create a seamless look on your website.

  • Sell more products without upgrading your plan. 

On Kajabi, your plan will determine the number of products you can create.

A ghost offer allows you to sell a product or service without using your product allowance. This can save you from having to upgrade your account. 

If you want to sell a downloadable file, call session, e-book, or other product or service that doesn’t need to be created on Kajabi, a ghost offer is a great way to do so without exceeding your product allowance. 

The Basic plan allows you to create three products, the Growth plan is 15 products, and the Pro plan is 100 products. The price difference between the plans is quite considerable. Using a ghost offer can save you from upgrading unnecessarily.

Basic PlanGrowth PlanPro Plan
Price$149/month or $119/month when paid annually$199/month or $159/month when paid annually$399/month or $319/month when paid annually
Product Allowance315100

Which Products Should I Use a Kajabi Ghost Offer For?

You could sell any product using a ghost offer. However, these are some of the most common options:

  • Calls, Meetings, and Coaching Sessions – Customers can schedule and purchase a call, session, or meeting with you. You can create a custom landing page with a calendar embed so your customer can book the session.
  • Downloadable Files and E-books – Use a landing page or email to deliver a downloadable file or e-book to your customer.

More information on how to add these to your ghost offer is in the next section.

How to Create a Ghost Offer on Kajabi

  1. Select the Sales tab, and then select Offers. 
  2. Click + New Offer.
How to Create a Ghost Offer on Kajabi
  1. Enter a title for your ghost offer.
  2. Leave the Product box empty.

This is what makes a ghost offer. A ghost offer is not connected to any product on Kajabi.

  1. Choose your payment type.

Now your offer has been created, but you need to edit it.

On Kajabi, when a customer makes a purchase, they are automatically sent to the account creation screen. This is built into the checkout.

The checkout screen was designed for digital products that require the customer to log in.

However, as this is a ghost offer, you need to remove the account creation on the checkout page.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click Checkout.
Click Checkout
  1. Select Extra Contact Info.
Select Extra Contact Info.
  1. Check the boxes Collect Name and Collect Password.
Collect Password.

Next, you need to change the Thank You page.

Kajabi automatically sends customers to the library page after they make their purchases. However, as this is a ghost offer, there will be nothing in the library for them to view.

So, you need to create a custom thank you page:

  1. Scroll down to the Post-Purchase section.
  2. Here, you can choose from either Custom Thank You Page or Existing Landing Page.
  • If you choose Existing Landing Page, create your landing page first, and then select it from the dropdown.
  • If you choose the Custom Thank You page, you can design the page here.
Custom Thank You page

We recommend choosing Existing Landing Page.

On this page, you can direct customers to check their inboxes for information about how to access their purchases.

For example, you could create a Thank You page that says something along the lines of the following:

“Thank you for your purchase. Everything you need to know about INSERT PRODUCT NAME will be sent to your inbox. It can take a minute or two to arrive, and check your spam folder if it’s not there.”

Alternatively, provide the link or information on this page.

We recommend asking your customers to check their emails. This is beneficial since it trains customers to open emails from you. This can be great for future email marketing campaigns, as your customers will know that your emails are trustworthy and contain valuable information.

It also means you can create one generic landing page for similar ghost offers. E.g., if you have several ghost offers for different e-books. You could create one landing page with “Everything you need to know about downloading your e-book will be sent to your inbox” and send all e-book purchases to this landing page.

This will save you from creating individual landing pages. However, if you want to create a different landing page for each ghost offer, you can do that too.

ghost offer
  1. Choose whether you want to send a post-purchase email.

We usually don’t send a post-purchase email here. Instead, we send the email through Kajabi’s Automations. This is because we want to create an email with details on how to access the purchased product.

The next option on the offer page is Automations.

This is how we choose to deliver ghost offers.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click + Add Automation.
  2. The When should be Offer Is Purchased.
  3. The Then should be Send an Email.
Add Automation
  1. Select To the Person.
  2. Build your email with details of retrieving the product, service, or content the customer has purchased.

You could build your email to deliver the product in two ways:

  1. Product Attached to the Email

This could include a link to the product, log-in details, a downloadable file, or however else you want to deliver your product.

If your product is a file, Kajabi allows you to upload files to your emails. To do this, click the Upload File icon and add your file.

  1. Landing Page Link in the Email

Alternatively, you could add a link in the email to a custom landing page.

On the page, you can add details of how the customer can access your product. You could also include a video explainer or embed a calendar that allows your customer to book a time slot with you.

This is because if you ever want to update the product or information on the ghost offer, it is easy to do so. The customer will always be able to go back to the page and access the most up-to-date information. This is not possible if you attach a downloadable file to the email. 

You can add upsells to your landing page relevant to the purchased product. For example, if your ghost offer is a downloadable e-book on plant-based meals for beginners, you might consider adding another e-book on 100 quick-and-easy plant-based meals as an upsell. This can be valuable for customers and increase your revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

A ghost offer allows you to collect payment for a service or product that isn’t one of your Kajabi products.

You can use a ghost offer on Kajabi to sell a product that hasn’t been created on Kajabi. This means that you can utilize all of the features of Kajabi, including Automations and tags, without using your product allowance.

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