Is There a Kajabi Theme Marketplace?

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A “marketplace” will normally be a location to buy and sell.

By that definition, there is no Kajabi theme marketplace.

However, you can easily source themes from Kajabi’s Theme Store (one-way, purchase only), and there are additional options to replicate the functionality of a marketplace. 


Is There a Kajabi Theme Marketplace?

If you want to use a Kajabi theme, you have some options.

First, you can head over to the Kajabi Theme library and pick a template as a starting point for your website. This option lets you select a Kajabi theme and customize it to suit your website design and content. 

The other option is to search for a website designer who can create a custom theme for your Kajabi website.

Freelancer sites such as Upwork, Dribble, or Fiverr are some of the best places to start searching for a freelancer who can help you. 

Kajabi Theme Marketplace: Internal Kajabi Themes

To get you started, check out which theme templates you can find on Kajabi Theme Store:

  • Streamlined Home: Creates a sleek appearance.
  • Kim: Contrasting background and lettering, creating a cohesive feel and look. 
  • Carl: Great for image inclusion with clean lines, balancing text, and graphics.
  • Emilia: Cursive fonts and attractive movements for easy user engagement,
  • Hopper: A clean and straightforward with bold header images and font that’s easy to read while encouraging visitor engagement.  
  • Serenity: Calm colors, soft contrast, and gentle movements ease your visitor from one page to the next while drawing them into your website. 
  • Rise: Bold and modern with sharp contrasts and consistency using intense colors and accents. 
  • Reach: Crisp and sharp images and text, creating a structured appearance and easy content navigation.
  • Kajabi Legacy Themes: Older themes that no longer receive updates from the Kajabi team. However, support is available if you choose one for your website. 
Is There a Kajabi Theme Marketplace?
Kajabi Legacy themes

Product Themes:

  • Momentum: Simple with minimal distractions.
  • Premier: Customizable for creating varied user experiences on your site.
  • Lagunita: Features an introduction video and library pages to showcase products.
  • Warren: Ideal for the use of large images. 
  • Taylor: Incorporates large pagination icons for quick and easy navigation.
  • Mist: Use for single-post products and downloads. It features simplistic designs and large accent images.
  • Next: Simple, minimalistic design
  • Classic: Updated, modern improvements on an original Kajabi theme.
  • Dive: Designed to support websites with small, simple online courses.
  • Derby: Specifically designed for online courses, it displays your course syllabus and supports large images and videos. 
  • Primo: A sleek and modern design with easy-to-use features for simple navigation
  • Slate: Designed to support graphics for robust online courses using large images. 

All Kajabi themes are highly customizable to align with your brand’s look and feel.

Kajabi product themes
Kajabi product theme store

Bottom Line

You won’t find an official Kajabi theme marketplace, but you can access all of the themes on the in-house Theme Store.

In addition, all Kajabi theme templates are customizable, making them a great starting point for creating a website that uniquely reflects your brand. At the same time, you get to create a user experience that’s simple, engaging, and professional. 

With so many Kajabi theme templates to pick from, it’s easy to get started with your online courses.

And, if you need some extra support to build your online course website, freelance custom creators can assist you. 

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